Warriors: The Vengeance

A Kit of Oakclan named Nightkit is a beautiful she-kit. She has big blue eyes. Although she has a long way to go before she is an Apprentice, she can't get over the fear she feels about what she would be facing as an Apprentice and Warrior. But just a few weeks after she becomes Apprentice, Oakclan gets raided and an ancient vengeance is unraveled. Does Nightpaw have what it takes to stop a huge battle that could destroy the Clans? And will she get over her fears?


3. 2: All By Myself!

NightKit was lying in the middle of the Camp field, soaking some moonlight, causing the white flecks on her fur to sparkle. She sighed, not able to sleep.

Bored since she was the only one awake, she decided to explore some of the area outside the Clan Camp. She quietly slipped through the entrance, then sneaked down the soft soil path. 

When she reached the end of the path, she padded over to a bush with berries that she was fed when she was sick. They not only healed her, but they tasted really good.

She happily bit into a berry, chewing happily, then swallowed. 

She was about to eat another when she heard rustling from a thick bush a few feet away. 

Uh oh, NightKit thought. She backed up a little, arching her back to make herself appear bigger. Of course, she knew it wouldn't do much. She was only a tiny Kit.

A big, brown cat appeared, with huge paws. He bared his teeth. "A little Kit, huh? Time for dinner."

NightKit mewled in fear, then shot off back towards the path. As her paws hit the soft dirt, she streaked down it, then reached the entrance.

She ran into Camp yowling: "MRROWWW!!!"

FoxFur, a Warrior, saw NighKit. He ran to her, and she hid behind him. "What is it?", he asked the tiny Kit.

She trembled, saying,"A huge cat was chasing me. I was outside Camp exploring, because I couldn't sleep, and he appeared."

FoxFur sighed. "Well, I have two things to say. One: You should never be going outside camp alone if you're a Kit or young Apprentice. Two: any other cats you see that are not part of our Clan should not be shown fear, as they will only feel confident and attack. Let those be your first lessons of your Clan life."

FoxFur picked up the little Kit by the scruff of her neck, then carried her to the Nursery. He set her down next to NightKit's mother, HollyLeaf, who had been searching for the Kit. As HollyLeaf curled around the Kit, NightKit settled next to her.

FoxFur gave the Kit a lick between her ears, then left the Nursery, likely going to the Warriors Den to inform the others about the big brown enemy cat, and to sleep.




NightKit woke to her mother licking her head, trying to wake her up. NightKit scrambled away, not wanting to be licked. 

Nightkit shook her fur out, and followed her mother outside. Eaglekit was sleeping in the corner of the Nursery. Hollyleaf decided to let him be.

As Hollyleaf went over to the fresh kill pile, looking for a suitable meal, Nightkit noticed a mouse sneaking through the tall grass in the corner of Camp. 

Nightkit quietly snuck towards it, then crouched, stalking the rodent. She was just a foot away and...


She jumped on the mouse, then swiftly bit its spine like she saw the older Clan Cats do. Once Nightkit was sure the mouse was dead, she happily carried it in her jaws towards Snowstar. who was laying in the grass in front of his den, the Leader's Den. She pawed at his tail, and he looked up at her, his ears twitching with sleepiness. 

"Snowstar! Snowstar! I caught prey all by myself!" Nightkit dropped the mouse next to his head, beaming happily.

Snowstar heaved himself to his feet, shaking his fur out. He looked at the mouse for a moment.

"Great work, Nightkit. You are a step ahead of the other Kits. The others have never even caught an ant."

Snowstar was thoughtful, flicking his whiskers, his tail twitching. "You know, it is only a few days until you become Aprrentice."

Nightkit's eyes widened. "No! It- it can't be!" Fear builds up inside her stomach.

Snowstar looked confused. "You are scared?"

Nightkit shakes her head quickly. "No. I am just excited."

I can't let anyone know I am scared. I am supposed to want to fight for my Clan. I can't show I am scared.

Snowstar nods. "Well, good. I need to go get the morning Border Patrol ready." He picks the mouse up in his jaws, then pads over to the Kill Pile, dropping it and starting to gather some cats for the Patrol.

Nighkit sighs and shakes her head. Too close. I am too scared.





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