Warriors: The Vengeance

A Kit of Oakclan named Nightkit is a beautiful she-kit. She has big blue eyes. Although she has a long way to go before she is an Apprentice, she can't get over the fear she feels about what she would be facing as an Apprentice and Warrior. But just a few weeks after she becomes Apprentice, Oakclan gets raided and an ancient vengeance is unraveled. Does Nightpaw have what it takes to stop a huge battle that could destroy the Clans? And will she get over her fears?


2. 1: The Chase

Nightkit woke up to her litter mate, Eaglekit, shaking her with his bronze paws. 

Nightkit swatted at him, then rolled over, yawning and smacking her lips. "Let me alone," she said. "I'm trying to sleep."

Eaglekit mewled in annoyance, and pounced on Nightkit. "Mrroowwwrrr!!! Come and play, Nightkit!" 

As Eaglekit landed on her, she kicked him off, then scrambled to her feet. She was wide awake now.

"Oh, you're gonna get it now," she growled playfully. She ran at her brother, who mewled and ran out, Nightkit close behind.

Eaglekit suddenly changed his course, turning ad running left. Nightkit was so busy watching him, that she ran right into a huge mass of fur.

It was Snowstar.

He smiled. "Nightkit, what are you doing running around out here?"

Nighkit bowed at the Clan Leader. "Uh, I was chasing Eaglekit. We were playing."

Snowstar looked at where Eaglekit had disappeared. He chuckled softly before turning back to face Nightkit. 

"Well, it looks like he is long gone. Anyways, I need to gather a Border Patrol. See you later, little one." He licks the top of her head, then pads off towards the Camp Entrance.

Sighing, Nightkit pads to the Elder's Den to visit Brownleaf, an elderly she-cat. Nightkit loves hearing Brownleaf's stories from when she was Warrior.

When Nightkit walks in the Elder's Den, Brownleaf looks up from licking her paws and a happy look brightens her face. Nighkit happily pads over to the elderly she-cat.

As she snuggles next to Brownleaf, Nightkit lookes up with wide, eager eyes. "Brownleaf, will you tell me the story about the border battle again?", she mews.

Brownleaf chuckles. "Yes, I will", she says. "I know it is your favorite because of the flowers."

Brownleaf clears her throat. 

"Well, it started as..."



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