Love is Love

This is me, if you don't like it don't comment. Simply e-mail me


7. letters to send, letters to be forgotten

 i wanted to let you know that you are loved and always will be. I don't ever want you to hurt yourself again. Because it hurts when you hurt. And you are the most beautiful person in the world that i will EVER love and you are the reason i'm here today.. Even if it gets hard for me I still find a way to stay strong, most of the time that "one thing" is you . And i know that you don't feel the same. But I will not be able to live with myself if i never tell you how I really feel. And I know that I'm setting myself up for rejection, but I will because you need to know that you are Beautiful and loved.. and I do not have one clue on why anyone would tell you any different, but it's a lie if they do... this is everything that i cannot say in person because i'm too shy or there's too many people... and i'm not saying this to make you feel bad i'm just done with the bullshit i keep on telling myself, and i need to be honest. and if i'm being honest then i will tell you that i am numb, i haven't felt a thing since we said our last goodbyes, and when i gave you the necklace as soon as i turned around i started missing your face and i wanted to turn around and never ever leave your side, but i know that you don't feel the same, and that's okay i guess because you don't deserve me,  you deserve so much more than this.

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