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Kelsey Conner was a normal teenage girl. Hint the term, was. Liam and Hayden try to convince her about what she is. When they do, something horrible is coming. Is Kelsey ready?


1. My Spot

Something awful happened to me awhile ago. By awhile ago I mean, two days ago. I was bitten by an animal. But it healed in a snap of a finger. Hayden keeps telling me that I'm gonna turn into some...what's it called...werewolf. I don't believe her.

I heard a beep sound, came from my phone. It read, missed call. "Huh, didn't hear it." I whisper to myself. It was an unknown number in my phone. I knit my eyebrows. I click the notification to recall whoever this is.

The person on the other line picks up. "Hello?" Said the person. Sounds like Liam. "Liam?"

"Yea, can you meet me at your spot." He asks talking about my place where I always go in the woods.

"Sure, but, how do you know about my spot?"

"Can't answer that sorry gotta go. Phones breaking-" then he ends the call.

Me and Liam aren't really that close. Hayden and Liam are going through a lot of things, that doesn't include me. They won't tell me. I grab my carry on, backpack. I mostly just have extra chargers, just in case one fails. "Mom, I'm going on a walk!" I yell walking out the front door. She doesn't answer, means she doesn't really care.

I get in my car and put the key into the ignition. It makes the start up noise and I pull out.


It's not necessarily a parking lot, so I just park near the grass on the side of the road. I grab my things and start striding in through the trees. My spot is the cliff, where you can see all of beacon hills.

When get there I see Liam sitting down talking with a guy, I have no clue of. I've seen him around school though. "Liam?" I walk slowly towards him. "Hey, Kels." He smiles. "Kels? What's going on?" I ask putting my hand on my hip. I grabs my hand, sitting me on a rock. "What?" I start to get aggressive.

"Scott?" Liam turns to, I'm guessing Scott. "You might not believe-" Scott starts. "Really with this werewolf crap, again? I school tomorrow, and it's getting dark." I say slinging my bag. "Wait." Scott puts his hand on my shoulder. I looked at his face, I noticed his eyes turn red. Like bright red. "Y-your e-eyes. T-They're red?" I slowly sat on the rock. "Liam, show her yours." Scott told Liam. Liam's eyes turn to a golden yellow. "Your eyes are gonna look just like his."

"When exactly?" I ask shaken up a bit. "I don't know? Whenever, you get angry, something like that." Liam tells me. "Awesome." I nervously chuckle. "They're a few things I have to fill you in on though. But tomorrow, you need to get home."

"Don't have to tell me twice. Bye guys." I start jogging back to my car. I get in and start the engine.

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