The doctor and his tardis

The doctor and his tardis this is for the drawing contest


1. The tardis

The doctor paced back and fourth in his tardis asking himself why he could not get his tardis to fly to get Amy and Rory back from time he ran around looking for something to help him and he straightened his bow tie and whispered " bow ties are cool " and laughed  and muttered something to the tardis and he started up the engine and the were flying though time and the tardis made her whooshing sound and they landed back in time and he raced out of the tardis knocking on every door till Amy and Rory came out of a house and Amy ran towards the doctor and Rory said " you can't ever leave us can you ? " and walked to the doctor they laughed in the tardis and the doctor asked " so where do you want to go ?" And Amy stared at him Amy and Rory had adopted a little boy and named him Peter and Amy told all this to the doctor and he ran out of the tardis and ran to the backside Amy and Rory ran out of the tardis to find the doctor that had finally came back to them and the doctor stepped inside and started the tardis and he flew away as he was flying away Amy dropped to the ground and cried and Rory paced not knowing what to do when they stepped inside they found a note from the doctor explaining why he left again and he was off to let them live their own life not having to ran away with him everyday he comes and that the doctor wouldn't bother them again and they looked to the sky and saw the doctor fly away once more 

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