"Joan & Vera" Wentworth Prison

Wentworth Prison has many dynamics, one such enigma is the wonderfully complex relationship between Governor & Deputy Governor, Joan Ferguson & Vera Bennett... Such strong women, with such deep seated secrets, that they can only share with one another, but at the right timing & with the right energies to make any friendship let alone relationship work...


1. "A Gentle Love"

Wentworth ~ Joan & Vera...  It had been a long week at Wentworth Correctional Centre and Friday was proving to be no easier. It was overcast and humid but a storm was brewing both inside and out! The inmates were bitching at each other and so to were the officers and Joan Ferguson the Governor was growing increasingly impatient with them all. She sat at her pristine desk staring at her monitor which captured the images from the numerous CCTV cameras dotted about the place and not for the first time that week she noticed Vera Bennett snapping at yet another inmate. She wondered what the hell had got into her deputy, in the short few months she had been Governor at Wentworth she had never seen Vera act in such a manner. She wasn’t aware of any incidents that could have overly upset Vera and she was aware of everything that went on inside her prison! The morning bore on, made up with pointless phone calls and report reading before the Governor decided to visit the staff room just before lunch was due to be called for the prisoners. Upon entering she found herself face to face with Fletcher and Jackson who were sitting at the table drinking their cups of coffee.  Within seconds Vera burst in and yelled at Fletch that ‘’he should be in his position’’ for the lunch and he had ‘’no right to be sat on his arse drinking cups of coffee’’. Vera was just turning to leave when the Governor called after her, ‘’see me in my office after lunch Ms Bennett’’ to which Vera replied ‘’of course Governor’’. Shortly after 2pm the tap came to the Governor’s door and in strode Vera. ‘’Close the door please Ms Bennett and take a seat’’ the Governor requested in an even tone and Vera done as she was instructed. ‘’Now Ms Bennett is everything OK’’ enquired the Governor to which Vera replied ‘’Yes, of course Governor’’. Joan, trying to keep her emotions intact tried again with a simple ‘’are you sure’’ and again the reply she faced was a simple, short ‘’yes’’. They sat there looking at each other before the Governor broke the ice, ‘’Vera, Vera, Vera, I expect my officers to lie to me but not my deputy, I thought better of you than that now please tell me what is wrong’’, ‘’Nothing is wrong Governor’’ came Vera’s reply before the silence settled upon them once again.  ‘’You have not been yourself for two whole weeks now Vera’’ said Joan once again breaking the silence, ‘’You have snapped at every person in this prison apart from me and you have become very emotional on times and still you have the audacity to sit there and tell me there is nothing wrong, well quite frankly Ms Bennett I do not believe you’’. ‘’I am very sorry Governor, will there be anything else’’ replied Vera as she made to stand up and leave to which Joan responded by telling her ‘’go home Vera, sort yourself out and I will see you on Monday morning’’ and with that Vera was gone. Joan Ferguson found herself lost in thought most of the afternoon and each time she snapped back into reality she realised her thoughts had been with her deputy, Vera Bennett. Something was wrong, she was sure of it, had someone said or done something to Vera, was she growing tired of the job? Joan did not know but decided she had to do something before things escalated further and she found her hands full of trouble. 6pm finally inched around and Joan picked up her things, locked her office and while bidding good evening to her guards she informed them if they needed her this evening she would be available on her cell phone only. Once she was sat in the car she went over her options and not for the first time that day. Should she really call in on Ms Bennett to make sure she really was OK or should she just leave things alone and see how the land laid on Monday?  Joan Ferguson decided she would not rest if she did not double check on her deputy and within ten minutes she was parked in Vera’s driveway. There was a dim light shining in the bedroom if she remembered the layout correctly and knowing her attention to detail she did remember correctly! The tapping at the door startled Vera, she wasn’t expecting anybody, rarely did she receive visitors and even more rarely after 6pm on a Friday evening and wearing her comfy PJ’s she certainly wasn’t dressed to receive anyone! ‘’Governor, is everything OK?’’ was Vera’s startled response to seeing Joan Ferguson on the other side of the door. ‘’I don’t know Vera, that is what I am here to find out, may I come in and speak with you?’’ came the reply. ‘’Y-yes, of course Governor, please do, I am so sorry’’ Vera replied stepping f for Joan to enter.  Once inside Joan stood in the hallway waiting for Vera to say something but when nothing came she turned to Vera and asked if she was resting in the bedroom and if so to ‘’go back and rest’’ while she made them a pot of coffee… ‘’she would join her in there shortly’’.  sat on her bed wondering what was wrong, had she done something, she knew she wasn’t herself at the moment but she couldn’t help that but would it lead to her being given a written warning or even dismissal? She needed this job, it was her life, without it she had nothing left. Joan entered the room and placed the tray onto the bed while placing the chair that had been sat in the corner or the room by the side of the bed. ‘’Now Vera, I am here as a friend not as your Governor or boss but your friend so please stop looking so nervous’’ said Joan. ‘’I am concerned about you and your behaviour these past two weeks and I just want to know what is wrong, how can I help you if you won’t let me in’’ continued Joan. ‘’I-I’m sorry Governor, I don’t mean to behave like this, a few days and everything will be back to normal’’ came Vera’s reply. ‘’Vera, what do you mean a few days and everything will be fine? Are you ill? If you do not tell me what is wrong I will be forced to bring a doctor to you, you are my friend and if you are ill then I will make sure you receive the help you need’’ continued Joan. ‘’I-I j-just have a bad case of PMS that is all, I will be fine in a few days’’ came Vera’s reply to which Joan bit back ‘’do you take me for a fool Vera? Incase it has escaped your notice I too am female and go through this and it does not last two weeks.’’ ‘’But Governor, I am… late’’ responded Vera. Joan sat looking at Vera for what seemed like an eternity before asking ‘’are you… pregnant?’’ ‘’No, of course not’’ came Vera’s reply but Joan continued ‘’no protection is 100% safe, are you positive you could not be… pregnant Vera?’’  Vera sat looking at this woman in front of her and she seemed to be seeing her in a new light, gone were those fierce looking eyes and tightly pulled back bun and in their place she found warm, soft eyes and soft lips which were crowned by beautiful thick flowing hair. ‘’I am 100% positive that I am not pregnant Governor’’ came Vera’s reply but Joan continued on asking ‘’how can you be so sure Vera?’’… ‘’Because, I haven’t slept with anybody since Fletch, in fact he was my first and I think that is why it went so terribly wrong’’ whispered Vera. Joan Ferguson sat there looking at her deputy through a new set of eyes. She always knew that Vera was timid and even weak on times but now the woman sat in front of her was something else, she was, in Joan’s eyes … pure! ‘’I am sorry Vera, I had no idea, forgive me, please, I didn’t mean to pry I was simply concerned about you’’ said Joan. ‘’It is quite alright Governor, you weren’t to know how uneducated I am in these matters’’ was all Vera could think of to say. ‘’Do not call yourself uneducated Vera, you are, simply… pure’’ shot back Joan, annoyed with Vera for putting herself down once again. Joan Ferguson had disliked Matthew Fletcher on sight but right now her loathing for him was burning her inside but she mustn’t let it show, she would deal with Fletcher in her own time… and way! Her main concern now was for this beautiful timid creature sitting in front of her.  ‘’Do you suffer like this very often?’’ she asked but Vera’s vague answer of ‘’sometimes’’ showed her she wasn’t comfortable or used to talking about such matters but that wasn’t going to stop Joan pressing on.  ‘’Vera, this is natural, we all go through it at some point, it is nothing to be ashamed of, surely you know this’’ insisted Joan. Vera didn’t know it, thanks to her Mother, these issues were merely dealt with, never explained so all she could do was shrug her shoulders and try her very best to hold back her tears… the last thing she wanted was for her Governor to see how pathetically weak she really was! ‘’Will you be totally honest with me Vera?’’ asked the Governor, ‘’Y-yes, of course I will’’ answered Vera not knowing what to expect any longer. ‘’Vera, do you know how to control your body?’’ Joan gently asked… ‘’Control, what do you mean control?’’ came the confused reply. ‘’Well, sometimes we can force our bodies into doing something or even stop them from doing something… can you do that?’’ the Governor asked again. Vera was lost and confused about this conversation and didn’t know the answer so again she just shrugged her shoulders as a way of replying.  Doing her best to keep her voice calm and neutral Joan tried a different approach… ‘’Vera, do you know you can do certain… things that will result in your menses arriving?’’ ‘’What things?’’ demanded Vera. ‘’Having relations usually helps a lot of women’’ replied Joan but a confused looking Vera seemed to just be repeating what she was hearing before finally asking ‘’what do you mean having relations?’’. Joan sat back and wondered if this woman in front of her could really be so pure, surely if her Mother didn’t have the guts to cover this topic with her daughter then there was schooling, surely she was taught about this through the education system… After a few minutes of silent thinking Joan turned to Vera and took hold of her hand ‘’Vera, I’m trying to spell this out for you but I don’t seem to be doing a very good job so I’m going to come right out and ask you’’. Startled by the physical contact Vera whispered ‘’You can ask me anything Governor, anything at all’’. Joan could see the physical touch had shocked Vera but she pressed on, ‘’Will you answer me truthfully Vera?’’ ‘’Of course, I promise’’ replied Vera. It was now or never for Joan so she bit the bullet and continued, ‘’Vera darling, have you ever experienced an orgasm?’’ After what seemed an eternity Vera gave an embarrassed ‘’No’’ and dipped her head slightly but Joan took her free hand and placed it gently under Vera’s chin to lift her face up once more so they were looking directly at each other before gently asking ‘’have you ever masturbated?’’ ‘’N-no Governor, my Mother would not have liked me to be doing things like that’’ came the timid reply. ‘’Vera, please stop calling me that, my name is Joan and I thought we were friends so please no more of this Governor while we are outside work OK’’ Joan coaxed while trying to bite back the hatred she was feeling for this woman’s Mother. Joan was now sat completely facing Vera and one of Vera’s hands were between both of her’s and she decided it was time this beautiful woman learn’t a few things about her own body. ‘’Vera may I explain one or two things to you please?’’ she quietly asked and an eager to please Vera responded at once with a simple ‘’yes’’. Joan tried to find the right words but she wasn’t talking to a child so she put it out straight on the line, ‘’Vera, masturbation is perfectly natural, every human being will at some point in their life masturbate, be it for pleasure or purpose and before today I would have doubted very much that I had ever met a person who had not at some point masturbated’’. ‘’It is widely believed that an orgasm can induce our menses if they are running a little off schedule and of course an orgasm is a wonderful natural painkiller so you see you just need to learn how to use your body to help you’’ continued Joan but she could see Vera was looking confused so she slowed right down and waited for Vera’s trail of thought to catch up with her. After a few silent moments the inevitable question came, ‘’G-gover, sorry Joan, I mean, do you masturbate?’’ whispered Vera. ‘’When needs must I do indeed Vera, like I said it is perfectly natural and harmless’’ the Governor replied before they both sat in what seemed to be an awkward silence.  After a few minutes Vera declared that she ‘’didn’t think she could do it even if she knew what to do’’. Joan once again tried to explain ‘’masturbation is a journey of self exploration, it is where we learn what we like, do not like and what we love, it is a never ending journey where nothing is right or wrong’’ but she could see Vera was still very unsure on this subject. Joan knew this was it, time to push her deputy to her very limit and if she didn’t do it now then it would never happen. ‘’Vera, do you trust me?’’ she asked and before Vera could answer she said ‘’really trust me 100%?’’ ‘’yes Joan, for some reason I do’’ came Vera’s rapid reply. ‘’Then will you allow me to help you Vera?’’ Joan quietly asked, ‘’help me with what?’’ responded Vera, ‘’help to open your eyes to a whole new world Vera, a world that I hope will help you on your way to self discovery and also bring us closer together if that is what you would like’’ replied Joan. ‘’I think I would be very grateful for your help Joan’’ responded Vera. Joan moved from her chair and sat at the side of Vera and gently placed her hand on Vera’s face and slowly caressed the woman’s lips with her thumb, ‘’you are safe with me darling, I will always protect you and never hurt you’’ she whispered into Vera’s ear before placing a very light kiss onto Vera’s cheek.  Joan sensed Vera tensing but continued to whisper calming words to her, reassuring her everything was OK and they could stop if she wanted to but Vera slowly began to relax until they were laying curled up next to each other. Ever so slowly Joan began to gently rub her hand up and down Vera’s back all the while still calmly whispering away sweet nothings in between the gentle kisses she was placing on the woman’s cheek. ‘’Are you OK my sweet darling, do you want us to stop?’’ asked Joan but Vera confirmed she was ‘’OK’’ and ‘’no’’ she did not want Joan to stop. Joan brought her hand up to caress the side of Vera’s face and then it happened… their lips brushed against each other and suddenly they were staring into each other’s eyes and Joan asked one final time ‘’do you want this Vera, do you want me?’’ ‘’yes I want you Joan, I want you to teach me, I want you more than anything I have ever wanted in my life’’ replied Vera and that is all it took! Joan moved in and pressed her lips against Vera’s in one fluid motion. Vera was a little startled but didn’t pull away and when Joan’s tongue gently pressed against her lips she parted them. Joan’s tongue slowly but greedily explored the sweet cavern. Vera could feel Joan’s tongue as it caressed her cheeks and searched the corners out and it felt awakening and wonderful and she felt a wonderful twitch in her groin area. The kiss was filled with so much passion yet it remained so tender. The kiss continued for some time until Joan had explored every millimeter of Vera’s mouth several times over. Vera had began to kiss back with increased boldness until her tongue finally darted into Joan’s mouth. The kiss which has been so gentle had now heated up and their tongues were doing battle against each other.  Joan eventually broke the kiss and began to nuzzle and lick Vera’s neck causing her to moan softly. Joan kissed along the straining muscle that stood out in Vera’s neck and then began to tongue the hollow where her collarbones met. Joan then flattened her tongue and ran it all the way up Vera’s neck, flicking it as she moved over Vera’s chin.  Their eyes locked again and Joan returned to Vera’s lips and as they kissed Joan began to undo the buttons on vera’s pajama top. Once it was open she broke the kiss to explore the newly exposed skin which caused Vera to let out a gentle moan and arch her body upwards. ‘’Oh, you like that do you?’’ enquired Joan to which Vera replied ‘’Yesssss’’.  Joan felt the soft mounds of Vera’s breasts beneath her and the tiny points of her erect nipples but suppressed the desire to feel those beautiful mounds that her chest rested on and returned to Vera’s lips and kissed her deeply once again. Joan had never seen such perfect breasts, they were beautifully sculpted and flawless. She pressed her face between the beautiful orbs and began to tenderly kiss the silky skin at the bottom of the valley between them. Her hands began to lightly trace along the outside but Vera winced, ‘’what’s wrong, have I hurt you baby?’’ a worried Joan asked but Vera tried to brush it off saying ‘’they are just tender due to the hormones’’ but Joan now eased off. In fear of causing her lover any further pain Joan simple placed one very gentle, tender kiss on each erect nipple before slowly trailing butterfly kisses down Vera’s tummy.  When Joan’s hands reached the waistband of Vera’s pajama bottoms Vera didn’t need any encouragement to lift her bottom off the bed so Joan could slip them off. Joan was now kneeling and she began to kiss the inside of Vera’s thighs and Vera responded by spreading her legs wide for her lover. Joan’s touch felt like a blowtorch to Vera, everywhere she touched sent hot waves of pleasure through her.  Joan slowly traced her finger along Vera’s slit and was pleased to see drops of moisture glistening in the dim light. Ever so gently Joan slowly worked her finger into Vera’s hot, moist core which caused Vera to gasp in delight. She slowly worked it back and forth going a little deeper each time until it was in as far as it would go. Vera’s hips were now gently rocking in time with Joan’s movements so Joan gently slipped in a second finger which caused Vera to squeal in delight. Joan could feel Vera becoming wetter on each thrust and wondered if this woman would turn out to be a squirter but she wouldn’t push her that far… well not tonight anyway! Soon her fingers were replaced with her tongue and this is when Vera become totally unstuck! Vera tangled her hand in her lover’s hair and pulled her face tighter to her pussy. She humped her pussy against Joan’s face gasping each time Joan’s nose or tongue came into contact with her throbbing clit. Joan managed to clasp hold of Vera’s pulsing clit and sucked on it gently before flicking it with her soft tongue. Vera felt something building in her tummy, was this an orgasm? It felt wonderful and she never wanted it to end. ‘’Let go Vera, enjoy, allow it to come, don’t fight it, let me please you baby’’ she heard Joan mumble and with that Vera’s pussy started to spasm and she let out an almighty howl. Pure bliss shot through her, every nerve in her body was tingling and her hips were thrashing about wildly but Joan stayed with her gently lapping at her twitching clit until it was totally spent. The tingling in her pussy and the aching of her nipples felt wonderful! By the time Joan had kissed her way back up her lover’s body she found tears rolling down Vera’s cheeks, ‘’hey, what is wrong, did I hurt you?’’ a concerned Joan asked but all Vera could manage was a simple ‘’no, I’m just so happy’’. Joan took Vera into her arms and kissed her forehead, ‘’I hope I didn’t disappoint you’’ asked Joan, ‘’you could never disappoint me, you have given me my world this evening and now it is my turn to give you yours’’ came Vera’s reply. ‘’Tonight is all about you Vera, I can and will wait if you will allow me to’’ replied Joan, ‘’I never want you to leave me Joan, promise me you won’t ever leave me’’ said Vera, ‘’I promise’’ replied Joan, ‘’now snuggle in close and go to sleep and hopefully by morning we would have finally showed that body of yours who the real boss is’’… 
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