Songs, love and Twins

This is a sequel to truth or dare about Selena and Sally's life after the game of truth or dare hope you guys like it and read truth or dare first or you might not understand some of it .


5. shopping for the ball

sally's pov 


I started to walk into the dress store and tried on a nice red lace trim dress and it didn't fit so I tried a lace short dress and it had blue and a pattern of Ruffles that fit perfectly and then I peeped up " I want this dress . How much is it ? " the store clerk replied " 156.45 " I then said " well I guess I will take it !?!" And then I heard the store door bell ring as Selena entered the store and picked up a nice dark red and rifle dress and tried it on and then went to the shoe par t and grabbed a pair of heels that were black with some diamonds in a star partern on each shoe and then I yelled " you always have to shop at the same place and almost the same dress !!" And she said " no I just like to shop here do you have a problem with this ?!?" And I scearmed " YES !" And I quickly bought my dress and pair of shoes and walked out red as a tomato and heard her buy her dress and I thought wait why does she need a fancy dress the school does not have a dance and the only ball is tomorrow night I yelled with frustration at the thought she might be coming to same ball  as me and my perfect Logan and he is mine and mine only and she will never have him again he is mine I guess you could say that I am over protective but I decided to call him and when he picked up he said " hi honey " and I replied " hi I need to say form now on if you see a girl not family but if it is a cousin yes but you must stay three feet away from them okay ?!? Bye " and i quickly ended the call and stared driving home 

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