Songs, love and Twins

This is a sequel to truth or dare about Selena and Sally's life after the game of truth or dare hope you guys like it and read truth or dare first or you might not understand some of it .


3. School

.sally's pov.  

I ran into to school to find my locker covered in flowers and Logan standing by my locker with his eyes closed I walked up to him quietly and kissed him lightly on his lips and he opened his eyes and whispered " hi Sally " and I said " hi I will see you in third period " and I walked off and glanced at my sister 

Selena's pov. 

I looked at Logan and Sally together and walked and Todd looked at me and I walked up to him and said " will you please be my boyfriend?" And he replied " yes of course , and is this to make someone jealous because if so then I don't want to do this and fall in love again and then get my  heart broken again " while holding my hands  I replied " yes I really do want to date you " and we walked off holding hands and he had asked me to the romantic ball that Sally and Logan were going to so I of course I said yes and we walked to first period holding hands .


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