Songs, love and Twins

This is a sequel to truth or dare about Selena and Sally's life after the game of truth or dare hope you guys like it and read truth or dare first or you might not understand some of it .


6. getting ready for the ball

sally's pov


I slipped on my dress and said " oh crap my shoes don't fit and I snuck into selena's room and took her black heels I was going to take her shoes that she bought at the same store as my and she walked out of the bathroom in her dress and walked into her room and started to apply her makeup and then I heard a knock on the door and thought logan and ran and opened the door to find ...  todd standing in a nice black tux holding flowers and I said " todd I have a dateb already" and he said back " I am selena's date to a ball and we plan to kiss in full moonlight " and I looked shocked he hadn't come for me all guys come to me ? and I walked on upstairs and told selena " your date is here " with a bored look on my face and she said " thanks I will see you there " and I stood thinking I knew she was going to the same ball as me and logan and I ran downstairs  to find logan talking to todd and selena and he told me " hey we are going to drive together . alright " with a nervous look on his face  and I just nodded my head and we all got into the car and drove along

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