Songs, love and Twins

This is a sequel to truth or dare about Selena and Sally's life after the game of truth or dare hope you guys like it and read truth or dare first or you might not understand some of it .


7. at the ball

selena's pov


I walked to the car and slightly touched his hand and he stared at me and I gave him a smirk and sally gave me a death glare and I slid into the car and we laughed about how sally had to sit in the front with the driver because there wasn't enough room in the back and then todd held my hand and the door opened and we stepped out and sally grabbed logan's arm quickly and she pulled him three feet away from me


sally's pov


I grabbed logan's arm quickly and plled him three feet away from selena and whispered " three feet remember?" and he nodded  his head and I kissed him passonitly in front of selena and she then said " well let's go on in and dance the night away "  and we walked inside and todd and selena went on and slow danced and itold logan " I have to go to bathroom . be right back " and I walked off .


logan's pov


I watch as selena and logan danced even though I knew that I was here with the girl of my dreams and that I was dating her as well then I looked at selena's face and saw her smiling and laughing and I walked to her and said " may I have this dance ? " and she looked at todd and he nodded his head and said " go on I'll dance with sally when she comes out " and he walked off and stood by the punch table were we were before and I put my hand on her wasit and her hands on my sholder and we danced to one song and we danced to another that's when things went wrong sally walked in one my handson selena's waist and her hands on my sholder


sally's pov


I walked out of the bathroom and saw selena and logan dancing and then I pulled them apart and selena looked  at me and said ...





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