2. Out of luck

Chapter 2 Out of luck

I continued down the streets thinking about what I will do Where will I live…. there is no where….  I wandered the streets until I found an alley way, surprisingly clean and no one was there, so I decided to wander over there and rest for the night. I took off my cap and set it out, y’know in case anyone would give charity for me, I laid down to rest.


When I woke my hat was gone, Some stranger probably stole it, great. Now I don’t even have my only hat, not to mention my brother gave it to me before he passed away. It was special to me. I remember, he was the last family member alive with me, always there for me, always caring. Having an older brother is special, we had a 10 year difference but we were close. He was coming home from a hard day's work. He had been driving, and someone was texting across the road from him and the light turned red, and as normal he went forward but the person kept going and hit him head on. A few days earlier he had given me a hat for my birthday His birthday was coming soon I had a gift picked out for him-something to remind him of our childhood, a sculpture of a lego I made with depictions of our memories together painted on its surface. He had died instantly in the crash and the person who caused it was never charged for taking his life, the only life I could still relate to. I placed the sculpture on his grave, and thinking about it now tears me up. The sculpture was stolen on his birthday, sometimes I like to think he came back to take it… Even though I know that is not true, it hurts to think that someone could take something so special.

I shivered and the tears on my face were starting to freeze. Providence had a bad winter this year and this was the aftermath, the coldest rains ever.

I Put my hand in my pocket and felt the earring prick my hand, (I forgot it was in there)

“OH COME ON!!¨I yelled at myself so loudly that people walking by looked at me. Someone generously came and gave me a bandage for my bleeding hand.

“Th-thank you…” I said but they were already leaving.

I Wiped off the bloody earring with my sleeve and got up, and though my back hurt I got up without too much pain. I pulled aside a stranger and asked them if they knew where the pawn shop was.

“Oh it’s just down the street” they pointed to an old brick building.

“Thank you”

“At least it isn’t a mile away with my recent luck” I murmured to myself.

As I trotted over I noticed a Sign, Fairly large that said


It was Sunday, I jinxed myself great…

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