1. Hopeless

Chapter 1, Hopeless

I looked back at my old house for the final time….  I wish I could afford to keep you….. I walked across the  rain-filled streets broke, homeless, and with no self-confidence. … what am I supposed to do now? I thought to myself. I have already screwed up my life enough, no family, no money, no home, how can this get any worse, or better for that matter? I looked down in a puddle at my reflection, Hair wet and messy, face covered in dirt, a wreck of my former self. How did I manage to make this happen? I used to be the girl who was pretty and nice and now I am like this. what… did I do? I kicked at tiny pebble which rolled down the sidewalk into the road.

 As I watched it roll down the road I saw something glimmer in a puddle, I went over to pick it up. It was a diamond earring! I could make my money back if i kept up my luck like this.. but that was seemingly impossible. I looked through a window of a hotel and noticed an expensive looking pot adorned with depictions of chinese style dragons…  Now only if I could grab it…. No.. what am I thinking? But.. if, if I could just get that and sell it i would almost have $500 I need to get it I just NEED to get it…..

I felt someone poke me on the shoulder, “What are you staring at, are you okay”?

 “Oh umm yeah, I’m fine.. Sorry about that.”

I looked back at where the man was standing, he was gone… was he just in my head?

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