Heart Murmurings


1. Pages For Pamela

Never have I felt so much for someone I’ve not had the honour of meeting before, suffice to say that I know them in the sense of actually being able to spend enough time with them to make such a claim. I’ve never had that with anyone biologically related let alone, spiritually connected & to clarify this as best I can… I believe all of us are in some way connected to one another, we affect those around us without even knowing it at the time. I call it Kinetic energy some folks call it spirituality or connecting with your souls, like in Soulmates. It may seem wrong to some, self serving & I guess in a way it could well be… But next time your thinking of someone you care about, even if they are now flying the heavens & their journey is no longer in this world & you get the sense that they are their beside you or sending you a message remember before you were born you connected with life to be the person you are today. We are all connected not by blood alone, but by a spiritual force & it is what gives electricity to our nerves, our feelings are animated by the same electricity within our souls & our hearts beat to the gamma neurones & creb cycle we allow our invisible energy paths to relate to others. It’s like walking up to a corner & knowing that someone is going to be there, a crossroad & knowing the outcome, it’s as instinctive as breathing but not as physical… It’s the same sensation you feel when a loved one visits you from the angelic realm to soothe you, let you know they are okay… It is what we have when we are conceived & what we have when we are free from our vehicles in this life & what we take with us to beyond. It is pure.
It is Love…
Love has no laws…
& no physics can explain… Those of us who may have issues with physical connections tend to have stronger spiritual ones… Often we are more aware of them as well… ❤️❤️❤️

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