Video Games | | m.c

When you sit around for so long, it's strange to have emotion again. Everyone knew it was just a phase I was going through, sitting at my desk, or on my beanbag, doing nothing but hitting buttons on a controller thinking I'm doing something constructive. But, someone can always just move in and shut everything down, the only feeling left is the heartbeat in your fingertips or your eyes burning from the computer screen. That's what happens when you play video games.


1. P R O L O G U E


Video Games | | m.c




"Michael, you can't you can't stay inside and play video games all

day," she crosses her arms over her chest and sticks her tongue

against inside her cheek, a deep scowl on her face.


"Oh yeah?" I try and push her buttons. "Watch me," then walk over to

my bean bag and pick up a controller.



Author's Note

New book!! YAY!!

Hopefully, I can keep up with this one



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