Video Games | | m.c

When you sit around for so long, it's strange to have emotion again. Everyone knew it was just a phase I was going through, sitting at my desk, or on my beanbag, doing nothing but hitting buttons on a controller thinking I'm doing something constructive. But, someone can always just move in and shut everything down, the only feeling left is the heartbeat in your fingertips or your eyes burning from the computer screen. That's what happens when you play video games.


2. O N E


Video Games | | m.c

Chapter One


Michael's POV


"You're joking, right? No... you have to go around the barrier, stupid, and there's no way you're getting through without at least an army," I say into my headset.

People are so fucking stupid. I think to myself

"Well, we can always knock it down," He chuckles. I saw his character move across the screen with a pickaxe and began to beat away at the cement wall.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" I say hitting my hand on top of my desk almost making my headset fall off.

"Tearing down this piece of crap. Michael, it already takes up to much room, and there's no use in it if it's just in the way when were trying to start battling!"

"Yeah, but that's the only thing keeping us from being attacked,"

"Well, too late now," He says still beating on the wall.

I take a deep breath and rub my eyes because of the irritation from staring at a computer screen. Hitting and clicking buttons have become a thing of mine for the past six years of my life. I've worked my way up to the top of seven leaderboards, not to mention being ranked first every year when all online games join with each other and everyone battles against one another trying to rank higher than the last. It's like taking every piece of candy you've ever loved and put it all in one big bowl. I've picked up tips from other players and have gotten cheats online so just by doing those things have kept me at the top for three years. 

I sit back in my chair watching my screen. 

42% of Life

Running low on water

New challenge requested

Notifications continue popping up until I heard my mum calling my name.

"Michael, can you come up here for a second?" My mum says from upstairs.

I take off my headset and exiting my room walking to the stairs and taking them by two. Once I made it to the top of the steps, I turn making it to the kitchen seeing my mum.

"Mum," I say when I see her standing in the front of the window.

"Michael, come over here and look. Neighbours are moving in across from us,"

Sure enough, when I make it to the window, there was a massive U-Haul truck sitting on the street with the door wide open full of stuff in the back.

"Go ask if they need help," She tells me hitting my shoulder.

She can't be serious.

"You can go do that," I say turning to her. "and it looks like they're fine moving it by themselves."

"Michael," she says scolding me. "the least you can do is ask."

And somehow she got me to go. I walk out from our screen door, making my way across the street to the neighbours house. I peek inside the U-Haul truck seeing boxes and bags and furniture of all sorts until my eyes land on a girl peeking her head out from the mass of boxes.




Author's Note

Crappy end but I ran out of ideas 




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