Is it Worth?

He broke her..
And now she is trying to get over him.
But he isn't over her


4. 3rd. Chapter


MORGAN: *DING DING DING* 7 Am...not my favorite time..ugh. I open my eyes and look around. It's so dark here, maybe I should open the window...but then the rain would come inside. As you may know now, I have classes today..yeah..I'm on this collage for music and other stuffs. We learn and we play music..I kinda have a sing talent..but no one actuelly knows..just my teacher oops.    I open the door to the class. Mathematics... I actuelly like math..,I kinda like every lessons we have..yeah call we nerdy but I'm very focused on my lessons. I goes over to my chair and sits. I look around but already now I can see that  he looks at me. I let my eyes look at him but as fast as I look at him I look away. I  hate him. Everything he did to was all fake...  



ZACARIAS: *DING DING DING* Finally..math class is all done. I smiles to my friends and some girls that starres at me. I have a great feeling in myself. Today she finally looked at me..which  she haven't in years( not really In Years) I goes out of the class and see Rosalie...I look around and goes over to her..I lay my hand over her should "Rose..." I look at her while she is...



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