Is it Worth?

He broke her..
And now she is trying to get over him.
But he isn't over her


3. 2nd. Chapter

    ZACARIAS SYNSVINKEL: I just finished my school. And now you might wonder: does he go to School!? No i'm on my College year. I'm in the second year and there's almost 1 and a half year to I'm done and I'm Following  my dreams...being an superstar or somthing kinda. I want to play a guitarist and I want to sing...sing to people and make them happy with my voice and my texts...I actually make my own songs...I love writing the texts's a bonus.. Another bonus is...That my ex girlfriend goes here too...she has a room near me actuelly..Rosalie...yeah..but I don't think she thinks about me like I think about her...she might hate me..but it's my fault..I shouldn't have done it..I was stupid..and I broke's my fault that..she is like she is now... A broken girl..   You might wonder who I am? Am I right?  I think name is Zacarias..and I'm 17.. A year older then her ... The reality is that I'm not over her..I haven't even been really in love with a girl since she left me..or I left her's a long story and I think if people found out..I wouldn't be that popular as I am now...they would hate me..and that's why nobody knows..only my best friends Matthew knows... I'm glad to say Welcome.. To my popular but secret fully life.. Hold on because this is going to be a fast start.. And if you don't know you real friends.. You are going to know them now.. The ones you thought were your real friends... They were fake..   Message:  Hey guys so..I'm kinda nervous about this story bc I d know if anyone actuelly read it..    
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