Is it Worth?

He broke her..
And now she is trying to get over him.
But he isn't over her


2. 1st. Chapter

Morgan;   I walked past the café  and saw some old ladies. They looked like they had been somthing like friends since..forever.. That's what I never will see in my own life..and now you can ask why? The reason is..I don't have any friends and I never had..or I had some..but they were and fake..I found out after they broke my heart and guess what? They left me when I needed them most.    I'm an 16 years old girl...My name is Rosalie Morgan, but that's not a part of me, Rosalie is a part of my life that I'm over..The part when I was with  him.. I'm all over it..or I try to act like I am....Anyways you can call me Morgan or just morg.. I Don't care..all I care about it wishing you good luck..because right walked into my messy world..It's now you have to ask it worth it?   And when you first are in..  There is no way out.




 Message:  Hi guys sorry but I can't put a picture of Rosalie in, I'm so sorry Btw I'm also sorry for my grammar fails

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