Quintessa and the magic of The Obetrix

Quintessa Abernathy isn't a normal average fifteen year old girl, in fact she is a wizard, who whole family are wizards. Her family are wealthy and happy, but there is always something in the way, for example, The Obetrix, a special gem passed through many families, but then Quintessa's uncle is consumed with greediness for the power that the gem holds. Will she be able to survive the sudden throw into adulthood


2. Chapter 2

Aunty Jewel was a lovely young woman; she looked like their father, but with blonde hair and more feminine looking. She wore a casual top with jeans, and she had curled her hair. Her beautiful face was now creased with a frown as Sobian explained what had happened. “Calais hurt you?” She was shocked as she examined the cut on her brother’s nose, “it’s alright, and I’m fine… We need to keep the kids safe, because he might think that they’re hiding it from him, and since he didn’t hesitate to hurt me and Bruce, then I don’t think he’ll go any easy on them”.

“Sobian, why didn’t you report him?” aunty Jewel asked with concern, “you know I can’t do that, I’ve been looking after him –“.

“Sobian, that was years ago, I know you’re trying to protect him, but he’s chosen his path!” She raised her voice, catching the children’s attention. Quintessa could see the anger that lit up in her auntie’s face and her father backed away, “Jewel, please… I will report him later, but we must see if we can change him!” He was fighting this argument, but he knew that he wasn’t going to win. Aunty Jewel shook her head, “you can leave the children with me, but until you’ve reported him, you’re not coming back here” she said. Quintessa felt a tug on her shirt and she turned to find Restorious trying to get her attention, “what?” Quintessa said, rather rudely, but her brother ignored the tension, “wanna have a look around, you’re not gonna get anything out of watching your dad and aunty fight” he whispered with a smirk. Quintessa rolled her eyes and followed her big brother without a sound. Aunty Jewel’s house was massive; the Blazewood manor was the kid’s favourite place to go to. Lamia loved it because of the huge library that they have, and there was free Wi-Fi for Pandora, who was sitting in the lounge area on her phone. “She’s gonna get square eyes soon” Lamia laughed as she followed Restorious and Quintessa through the house, “you tell her that, but I don’t think that’ll stop her” Quintessa said. They all stopped in front of a huge polished wooden door, “wonder what inside” Lamia said, but Restorious had beaten her to it as he pushed the door open, revealing a huge study room, it was empty, but it had been used quite often because there were papers on scattered over the desk that sat in the far corner. “Have you seen uncle Dorian?” Restorious asked, uncle Dorian was aunty Jewel’s husband, they had been together for many years now, and have children, but they were all boarding. “I haven’t seen him since we first entered an hour ago” Quintessa replied as she looked up at the huge library in front of her, “I wonder if he studies law?” She asked as she grabbed one of the books. To her surprise it wasn’t about law, it was in fact, nursery rhymes and old stories. “I see you took an interest with my study already” a voice was heard from the door and all three kids spun around in shock, only to see their uncle who was leaning against the door frame with a casual smirk, “we’re sorry, um, dad and aunty Jewel were fighting, so we had to find something else to do” Lamia said with a sorrowful look, but he shook his head, and smiled, “that’s fine, as long as you don’t break anything, I don’t have anything to hide” he replied as he went over to his desk to sort out the papers that were scattered out, “I didn’t have time to clean up, I hadn’t realize that you were stopping by”.

“That’s okay, we kind of made the decision to go this morning” Restorious said with a shrug, Dorian Blazewood was a tall man who loved style, he never really cut his hair so it reached his shoulder, framing a very smooth tanned face. He continued to correct his papers, “so you guys are no longer in school?” he asked, “we’re still going, but next week’s our last week and then we’re on holidays until next year” Lamia replied. “Oh is that so, so how’s public school been for you?” He said as he sacked the papers up, “well it’s really good, I really enjoy it” Quintessa answered. Dorian smiled as he placed the papers into one of the storage trays, “I’m sorry I didn’t get the kids out of the school, you would’ve had fun with them” he apologised, but the kids all shook their heads, “don’t be silly, we’re fine without them” Quintessa laughed. Dorian raked his fingers through his hair and smiled. “So, did he hurt you?” He asked with concern, Quintessa knew that he was asking about uncle Calais and she shook her head, “no, he brought out his hand, but he didn’t hurt us” she replied, “oh that’s good… I don’t know why he’s trying to protect him… Well I understand that he’s your father’s brother, but still” he looked worried, “as long as he doesn’t hurt anyone, then we’re fine”. Suddenly there was a huge crash, and a few screams, the kids were about to rush out to see what he commotion was about, but Dorian stopped them, “I don’t want you to get hurt, so stay here and don’t make a sound”.

“You know who’s making the commotion?” Lamia asked, “I have a feeling I know who it is” he said before motioning them to stay hidden and rushed out.

“So you’d think you’d get help from little sister huh?” Dorian could hear the voice as he grew nearer to the room that Sobian and Jewel was in, “Calais, stop, you’re being silly –“.

“How am I being silly, I want that gem now!” Calais yelled and Dorian burst into the room, his wand at the ready, startling his older brother in law, “what the fuck are you doing here?” He sneered at Dorian, “that should be said to you, this is my home, what business do you have here?” Dorian said calmly as she trained his eyes on the enraged wizard. “Stay out of this; you have no clue what I’m looking for!” Calais sneered, turning back to Jewel, Dorian had nicked her enough time to grab her wand, and Sobian replicated her, “please Calais, don’t do this… We’ll talk about it” she pleaded, but he shook his head in anger, “you’re pathetic, mummy and daddy’s little girl, why don’t you grow up –“.

“That same thing should be said to you Calais!” She shot back with such ferocity to shock the eldest. “You think that mum and dad never loved you, you never let them into our life, and so what were they mean to do?” She spat back, Calais’s face grew red with anger, “fuck you” was all he said before turning his wand to Sobian, who froze, “you… I knew you were lying about the stone, and I’m not afraid to hurt you, what I did before was only a slice of it, next time, if I catch you with the stone, I’m gonna kill you” he said in a low voice, his blood shot eyes said everything. In with that he vanished out of the room, “oh god Sobian, you’re protecting that!” She yelled, turning all forces onto Sobian, who backed away, “alright, alright, he wasn’t bad before, I’m starting to think otherwise” he pleaded.  But Dorian could see that he still wanted to help him, “Jewel that enough” Dorian spoke up, catching his wife’s attention, “let him be… We’ve all had a shock, and the kids are alright, they’re in my study, I told them to hide” he nodded at Sobian. All three sat down on the couches, “you’ve gotta head home and get the gem Sobian, for all we know he might be at your house and trying to find it!” Jewel said and Sobian nodded, “I know… Well I’ll be seeing you soon hopefully” he smiled before getting up to fetch the kids.
“Can you hear that?” Lamia asked in fear, “yeah, they’re footsteps, stay close to me” Restorious said as he pushed pas the girls, “don’t move”. The kids watched as the door swung open, only to reveal their father and they let out a breath of relief, “what happened out there?” Restorious as his father, “uncle Calais decided it was time to meet his sister” their father said with a smile, “we’ve gotta head back, just on case”. Their mother had joined his side, “we’ll be reporting him when we get him okay” she gently placed her hand on Sobian’s shoulder

When they arrived home, the family were glad that the house wasn’t broken into, “kids, I want you to stay upstairs for a bit whilst we call the police” their father said with a stern tone. Quintessa joined Lamia’s side and went to their room; Pandora was nowhere to be seen, “did she come home with us?” Lamia joked, “No, maybe she’s in the rest room again” Quintessa said. Twenty minutes had gone by until the girls were feeling a little restless of their sister’s disappearance, suddenly Pandora burst into the room, “oh… How long have you been up here?” she asked with a smile, “Twenty minutes to be exact” Quintessa replied “what were you doing?” she asked with curiosity, “Oh I was in the restroom”.

“Really? Well I have to admit the food in the café wasn’t all the amazing… I’m taking it you were on your phone?” Quintessa replied as she leaned back on the bed, her sister looked flustered, “oh, did David text you back?” Quintessa had remembered that David was Pandora’s ex-boyfriend, but he still texted her as if they were still together. But the problem was, he was non-magic and Pandora had to keep her powers secret even from him. Quintessa knew that they would last long, it was too dangerous, and she hadn’t even told her parents about her relationship with them. Quintessa didn’t say a word because Pandora was still young and was learning right from wrong. Pandora looked up from her phone and Quintessa could see the sorrow, “he did, but… I really think I should try and erase his mind of me… He won’t stop texting me”.

“Well, that shows that he cares for you”.

“Yes, but, he non magic, and it’s dangerous” she groaned, Quintessa sighed, love could be very difficult. She looked up at the ceiling, “do you wonder how uncle Calais’s kids handle him?” Lamia said, yes surprisingly, Calais Abernathy married and they had children, five children. But unfortunately Aunty Rose had passé don after giving birth to Balthazar, the youngest of the five, all five kids were now in their late twenties and moved into different homes. “Yeah… I wonder how they’re doing, if they even talk to him” she replied. The kids spent a few hours in their rooms, Restorious would come in, bored out of his brain, since the internet doesn’t help at all, “wanna play some games or something?” He as desperate to be occupied, but all three girls didn’t speak, so he sat down next to Quintessa, “to think that they should just give it away” he said, Quintessa pushed her hair behind her ears, “yeah, but remember they said to us that it finds its own family, so the only way we could get rid of it is by killing every member of the Abernathy family and ourselves, then it’ll go away” she said shrugged. Restorious rolled his eyes at her, “I hope aunty Jewel’s alright… He must have been rambling on about the stupid gem” he replied, Quintessa put her hair up in a ponytail, “do you think we’ll be able to go out?” She asked but Pandora looked up, “I heard mum and dad talking about us when I returned from the rest room, and they said that were to keep their eyes on us… So I’m thinking that we’ll be allowed out, but only if they’re with us”. Quintessa grabbed one of her books, she hadn’t touched her homework since Friday night, and her mind had been racing. “I wish that he could forget about the stupid gem” Pandora spoke up, “well he isn’t forgetting about it, that’s for sure”.

“I wanna hang out with my friends… I’ll go ask mum and dad” Pandora replied, leaving the room. Quintessa felt a little sad that she wasn’t able to keep the company that her sister wanted.
Pandora found her parents in the living room, “mum, dad, can I go to my friend’s house?” Pandora asked in a pleading tone, but they shook their heads, her mother speaking up, “we can’t risk it right now” she replied, but Pandora had stomped up the stairs and back to her siblings, “this is pissing me off… You know what, forget it, I’ll just go –“.

“What! You can’t just leave!” Restorious said, jumping up from the bed, “yes I can, I don’t wanna be cooped up anymore!” Pandora raised her voice, but he shook his head, “you’re thinking about yourself Pan, it’s dangerous, what if he comes to your friend’s house, what’re they mean to do?” He fought back, but Pandora shook her head, “I can’t handle this, I wanna leave!”

“Yeah, well don’t we all!” Lamia had jumped in, Pandora shook her head and apparated out of the room, “shit, this is bad!” Restorious said, “We have to find her before our parents find out that she’s gone!” Quintessa knew that it was gonna take some time, Pan was friends with almost everyone in the town, whose house did she go to this time?

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