Quintessa and the magic of The Obetrix

Quintessa Abernathy isn't a normal average fifteen year old girl, in fact she is a wizard, who whole family are wizards. Her family are wealthy and happy, but there is always something in the way, for example, The Obetrix, a special gem passed through many families, but then Quintessa's uncle is consumed with greediness for the power that the gem holds. Will she be able to survive the sudden throw into adulthood


1. Chapter 1

Quintessa Abernathy was no average girl. In fact, she wasn’t normal. She was far from normal, she was in fact a wizard, at the age of six, she had discovered her powers and promised herself that she was harm no one. She was afraid, her parents didn’t know about her power until she turned ten, and she had shown them. But to her surprise, they only congratulated her. It had all clicked in her mind when her parents had explained to her that they were like her, but they were too afraid to show any of their powers to her, just in case she turned out to be non-magic. Word had spread across her family and she had watched in awe as her relatives revealed their true selves.  Her eight cousins were exactly like her. Quintessa belonged to a big family who were named the Abernathy’s; a family who consists of wizards of different ages. Quintessa’s father, Sobian Abernathy was a wealthy man who had one sister, Jewel, and one brother, Calais. Together the three had battled onwards with the loss of their parents and good friends. Everything was going fine… That was until The Obetrix was in need of another family. The Obetrix is a small gem that possess so much power, that once a wizard consumes it, they will become powerful and hold the key to immortality. The Obetrix is promised to a family until that generation dies out, and it’s the gem itself chooses another family to be taken care of. In 1968 a family was chosen by the gem, and now carry the gem until their family dies out, and that family was the Abernathy family. But of course, there was usually one family member who would be consumed with greed and anger, wanting to take the power of the gem and become immortal. The Abernathy’s had gone through just that, with their eldest son, Calais. Not gaining the amount of love and support as his brother, Sobian and his sister Jewel. Calais shunned his parents and never spoke to his sibling again. Sobian, his brother, was the first to realize that there was something changing his eldest brother. But once the gem has the greed consuming the victim, you can’t do anything to bring them back.

“How was school?” Quintessa’s mother asked as she plated the food, Quintessa sighed and slouched down into her chair, “we have more homework!” she complained in annoyance and her mother laughed, “don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be able to get around it, and besides, If you have any trouble just ask me and I’ll help you” she replied. Restorious walked into the dining room with a coke in his hand, “mum, Sam asked if I could hang out with him tomorrow… It’s Saturday right?” He asked, but his mother shook her head, “Resty, we can’t, I forgot to tell you that we’re meeting up with the family tomorrow”.

“That’s okay, I’ll tell him another time” he said with a smile and joined Quintessa at the table, “so I heard you had homework. What do you need to work on this time?” He asked and Quintessa waved him off, “I’ll tell you after dinner, I wanna eat” she growled. Restorious was the oldest of the four kids, at the age of twenty two; he was working, but still didn’t have enough money to buy him a new house, recently the sale prices had gone up, restricting him from buying or renting. But he loved staying with his sisters, sure they had fights, but they were never angry with each other for long. “I’m taking it nothing exciting happened at work?” Their mum asked, cocking her eyebrow at him, “nah, just some lousy customers, who only wanted to have a certain item lower, and get this, they tried to compare our sales with another store. That really pissed me off” he growled, “well that’s business, a lot of people do that, and even I’ve done” his mother confessed with a smile on her face. Restorious laughed at his mother’s confession, “wow… I’m taking it, dad did it as well” he replied and laughed even harder when his mother nodded in agreement, “how on earth did he get his car then?” She said with a shrug. Quintessa could only sneak in a smirk. Her two sisters had arrived from coming out of their bedrooms, they didn’t talk much, especially Pandora, and she was always on her phone of on the computer, whilst Lamia was reading books all day long. All three girls didn’t have jobs yet, but Quintessa was the only one who was really interested in a job. Pandora was on nineteen and she’d even got a lecture about being lazy, Lamia was seventeen and still got a lecture, but Quintessa was able to dodge it all. “When’s dad coming home?” Pandora asked. Her wavy brown hair was placed into a ponytail that stopped at her waist line; she was dressed in a nice blue dress that went down to her knees. “Your father should be here by now, I don’t know what’s taking so long” their mother said as she looked at the clock, Lamia was dressed in nice denim short with a tank top, and her brown hair was out, making her look like a gangster. “Did you even have any homework?” Quintessa asked Lamia, who shook her head and smiled, “you’re lying, you haven’t had homework for ages, there must be something that the teachers giving you” she scowled. Lamia laughed, “I know, in that class we learn nothing, absolutely nothing and that’s why I’m loving it” Lamia smiled, “or perhaps they are teaching something, and you’re just not giving a damn about it” Quintessa corrected. Her sister gave her the unforgivable finger before turning away from her. Outside, Quintessa could see the sun slowly dip lower in the sky; Gravenville was the place with the best sunsets, they would even have people from other places come around and take photos. Restorious wiggled his fingers and sparkles appeared, catching the girls’ attention, “whoa, where did you learn that?” Quintessa laughed as she tried to catch the glittering orbs, “oh some friend of mine taught me it, you know it’s real easy to use it on the goblins that work for you, because they love shiny things” he replied, shooting another load of sparkles into the air. “Alright Resty, that’s enough, we need to eat, your father just has to –“she was cut off when the door burst open, revealing a very flustered and agitated man. He stormed inside and threw his coat on the coat hanger. “Fucking asshole” he said sharply, “Sobian, your language!” Their mother said in a stern tone, their father looked up to see his four kids at the table, all looking nervous. “Sorry kids, daddy’s been having some trouble at work” he said through clenched teeth, it scared Quin and the others to see their father like this. “Honey we’ll talk after dinner when the kids have gone to bed” their mother glared at them when Lamia groaned. It always happened, they would have to go to bed real early whenever he was pissed, and their mother made sure that they were asleep by checking on them, so Quintessa couldn’t do her homework.
They sat in silence as they all ate, it was Restorious who spoke up, “I learn a new spell dad” he said, but Quintessa could hear how shaky his voice was, and sometimes it was hard to speak to their father. Their father looked up from the paper and smiled, “oh really, and what spell did you learn?”

“Well, we use it on the goblins, it’s just to mess around with them –“.

“You were messing around with the goblins at your work, why?”

“Dad, it was just a joke, we probably won’t do it again, but it looks really cool –“.

“Oh Restorious, you’re what? Twenty two and you’re playing games, Jesus, hasn’t your mother –“he stopped when their mother placed her hand on his shoulder and Restorious threw down his cutlery, scaring the girls as she got up to leave. “You’re not going anywhere, sit back down –“.

“Fuck you” was all Restorious said before running out of the room, leaving the family shocked, the girls watched as their father went to get up to chase after him, but their mother tightened her grip, muttering something along the lines of “it’s not worth it” and he sat back down in anger. Lamia nudged Quintessa who looked at her, exchanging a fearful face. These nights weren’t something that the girls really enjoyed, and they were so afraid that their father would get worse.
They finally finished their dinner and were dismissed, leaving their mother and father alone. Quintessa shared a room with her two sisters, but Restorious was next door. They had waited to see if their mother had come up to check on them, but to their surprise nothing happened. “Do you think we should listen in on what they’re saying?” Lamia asked with curiosity, “yeah and get caught, no thank you” Pandora said with a smirk as she turned back to her phone. But Quintessa wanted to find out what had pissed off her father do much, “I’ll go with you, come on before we miss anything important” Quintessa said as she pulled Lamia along with her and out into the hall. They had reached the dining room, but hid around the corner so that they could hear but could not be seen, their parent’s voices could be heard. “I mean, I just don’t know what to do with him, he called me up asking about The Obetrix!” Their father said, “What’s The Obetrix?” Lamia whispered, but was silenced by Quintessa’s hand, they listened for further detail. “Honey, I really want to help, but we have a problem, we have four kids, and I don’t anything to happen to them, I’d be so lost if they were taken from me” their mother desperate voice could be heard, but their father sounded worse. “He’s going insane, and he wants the gem, by god he might kill someone in order to get his hands on it” he replied, “as long as the kids are safe, I’ll help you… Where is the stone?”

“It’s in the basement, but it’s locked away, if I can just keep quiet then, everything will be fine” their father replied with a sigh. The girls soon knew that they’ve heard enough and went back upstairs to share story to Pandora who shut off her phone in order to listen, “so you’re saying that “The Obetrix” is down in the basement, rotting away?” Pandora asked, cocking an eyebrow at them, “yeah, and apparently uncle Calais is after it, he’s been after it for ages and he might kill someone in order to get to it”.

“What’s the point of keeping it then, if he’s gonna kill someone, might as well give him what he want” Pandora responded with a shrug. “Are you serious, no way, they should have him locked up!” Lamia said, suddenly the door to their room opened, and the girls jumped off their beds, taking out their wands and pointing them to the intruder. But it was only Restorious, “whoa, cool it girls, it’s only me… You guys were talking about something that was really interesting to me, pray tell” he said with a smile. Quintessa could see that he had been crying earlier on, his eyes were red. She watched as he sat down next to Pandora, “we overheard mum and dad talking about this gem that called The Obetrix, and apparently it’s down in the basement”.

“Yeah, and?”

“Well, uncle Calais is after it and I think that’s what really pissed dad off” Lamia said. Restorious scratched his chin, “I’m not sure whether to believe that or not… But hey, what is there to believe, you guys are really good story tellers –“.

“We’re serious Resty, that’s what they were talking about, now stop being stupid!” Quintessa snapped, surprising Restorious, “alright, alright, I believe you, Jesus; I can’t believe you actually eavesdropped on mum and dad… You won’t tell them will you?” He added on and the girls shook their heads, “nope, they’ll rip our heads off, see we’re not meant to know, that’s why they sent us up here”.

“Uh yeah I know that” Restorious rolled his eyes in annoyance, “so are you gonna go looking for the gem?” Pandora asked mischievously. “What, of course not, we’re not going near it, we don’t even know what it’s gonna do!” Quintessa said but then Restorious got their attention, “hey, you know what I’ll do, I’ll use our library and try and see if there’s anything on such a stone”.

“Oh yeah, that a good idea, then we’ll know what we’re dealing with” Lamia replied with a smile, Restorious chuckled, “but, I can’t do it tonight, I’m too tired –“.

“Are you okay? I mean what happened at the dinner table… That was priceless” Quintessa said and Restorious laughed, “yeah I’m fine, I know I’m acting a little but silly for my age, but hey what’re you meant to do when you’ve got nothing to do” he said as she raked his fingers through his hair. “I wanna sleep, get out of here” Pandora playfully pushed him off the bed, “alright, goodnight you three” he chuckled, leaving the girls alone. Quintessa looked back at Pandora, “you’re not seriously thinking of looking for the gem are you?” She said, her sister got dressed into her pyjamas, “I don’t know, I’m not really the one to look for things” she relied before getting under the covers. Lamia and Quintessa did the same, “why does dad even talk to uncle Calais if he’s having such a hard time being even with him?” Lamia asked, and that was one question Quintessa and Pandora couldn’t answer.


When Quintessa has woken up, Pandora and Lamia were not in their beds, but there was a huge racket outside, quickly she grabbed her dressing gown and rushed out into the hall to hear her father screaming out curse words from another language that couldn’t decipher. She found Lamia, Restorious, Pandora and their mother standing at the door, frozen in fear. Quietly she peeked past her sister and saw her father standing at the gate, and in front of him, two heads taller was uncle Calais. His hair was shaggy and unkempt, as if he didn’t have time to brush it. “You’re gonna tell me where that fucking gem is, or you’re gonna lose your family!” All five family members gasped as their father grabbed a hold of uncle Calais’s shirt collar, “don’t you fucking threaten me mate, no matter what you do, and you’re not going near my family or that gem!” Their father spat, to Quintessa it had happened so fast. She saw her mother rush forward to help her father who was now in the clutches of uncle Calais, who had him in a headlock. Restorious spotted Quintessa and grabbed onto her, so that she couldn’t see what was happening, and he pulled the girls inside. “What’s happening, why is uncle Calais hurting dad?” Quintessa yelled, trying to catch Restorious’s attention, but he didn’t say a word, and neither did her sisters, who were silent as they moved into the sofa, they sat down silently. Restorious looking out the window, “he was after the gem Quin” Lamia spoke up, “really, oh god… Have mum and dad called the police?”

“No… I don’t think so” Restorious said with a sigh, “they want to protect him, but if I was them I’d send him in”. Pandora glared at him, “so you’re saying that if I did something so bad, and I came to you, you’d give me in?” She snapped, Restorious looked at her and sat on the sofa opposite them, “if it’s the only way, then yes, I would give you in”. Pandora looked away in anger, Quintessa heard the front door open violently and the four kids jumped up in fear as their uncle came in, “where the fuck is it?” He yelled, Restorious moved in front of his sisters, hiding them from the enraged man, “We don’t know what you’re talking about” he replied calmly. The girls screamed when their uncle grabbed a vase that was sitting on the mantel piece and threw it across the room and hit the wall with a earth shattering crash, “you fucking know what I’m talking about, the gem, the fucking Obetrix!” He screamed, taking a few steps towards them and Restorious pushed the girls back a few steps, “If I find out you’re lying –“.

“If we knew, then we would’ve told you!” Quintessa yelled, but that was a complete mistake, because now her uncle attention was on her, “oh is that right?” Suddenly he whipped out his wand, pointing it straight at Quintessa, who whimpered in fear. Restorious had his wand out and was now pointing it at his uncle, “Don’t you fucking hurt her!” He snarled and his uncle smirked and put away his wand, “you’re like your father”. At that moment their parents came rushing in, their father was nursing a bleeding nose and their mother had a cut above her eyebrow, their wands were out, “get the fuck out of my house!” Their mother screamed, uncle Calais turned to her, “I will find that gem, no matter what you do, I’ll get that fucking gem, just you wait!” And with that he disappeared from the room. It was silent, Quintessa stared at her parents who had lowered their wands, “oh god” Restorious said softly, but loud enough for the girls to hear. “Kids, we need to talk” their father had broken the silence, Quintessa sat down with her siblings as her parents sat in the opposite sofa. They looked very uncomfortable, “we weren’t planning on telling you any of this, but it looks like we have no choice” he continued, “I have a feeling he came in here to ask for the gem? Well we call it The Obetrix; it passes through many families for many generations. The gem was introduced to our family when the last family it once belonged to died out”.

“So we’re like its hosts in a way, but is doesn’t possess our bodies?” Pandora asked and her mother nodded, continuing on with the story, “the gem was introduced to your father’s family a year before he was yet to be born. It seems that the last family had died out, so we were the next “hosts”.

“So what’s this gotta do with uncle Calais, it doesn’t sound special” Lamia said, but their father shook his head, “the gem holds great power, and it also can give whoever opens the gem immortality” he said as he nursed his bleeding nose, “so that’s why uncle Calais’s was after it, he wanted to be immortal” Quintessa said, the pieces were fitting in nicely, Restorious spoke up, “but why does he want such power?”

“He was never treated right by our parents, I could see it myself and I stayed by his side, but our parents believed that I was better than him and tried to keep me away from him. My sister and I were torn about the situation we were in. But we battled on without him, sure I’d turn around and ask him if he needed help, but he began getting colder and colder, and now since the gem had been introduced to the family and he had learned of its powers, he wanted it all, so that he could be noticed” their father finished, “so what’re we gonna do?” Restorious asked and their parents sighed at the same time, “we have to get the gem and hide it somewhere else, because I have a feeling he knows it’s here” their mother replied. “Should be talk to aunty Jewel?” Lamia asked, “yes, we are, she knows what’s going on, and hopefully she can help us” their father said. Their mother clapped her hands together and smiled, “whelp, who want to eat out today, unfortunately all the stress has made me forget what we’re having for breakfast” she said, the kids went upstairs to get changed, “oh god, it thought we were going to die” Lamia said as she took her pyjama’s on and slipped on another tank top, “well we’re fine, and no one got hurt… Well mum and dad did, but still” Pandora said. “But what’s gonna happen, Resty said that they won’t turn him in though” Lamia said. Pandora sighed, “well I think they’re gonna destroy it”.

“We found out more than we needed, I guess Resty doesn’t have to search it up in the library for us” Quintessa said with a smile. Lamia laughed, but only for a second, “Well I hope he doesn’t come back”. They found Restorious and their parents waiting at the front door, “is everyone ready?” Their mother said with a smile. The family held hands and closed their eyes. Apparating was horrible if you had experience, but once you’ve done it a couple of times it’s a wonderful feeling. Quintessa could feel the air whip around her, as her body was whirled around as it was transported to one place to another, still holding tightly onto her sister’s hand, she waited until the air stopped moving around her and only a gentle breeze hit her. Opening her eyes she could see a little café to their right, the usual café they go to whenever they didn’t have anything to eat. They grabbed a table and sat down, “dad?” Quintessa grabbed her dad’s attention, “yes honey?”

“Is uncle Calais gonna come back?” She asked and she could see his face go pale, “I have no doubt that he will return, he knows we’ve got the gem” he said sadly. He looked around, making sure they weren’t being watched, “we’ll go to aunty Jewel after this” their mother said. 

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