Daddy Direction

"Please Daddy, can you just take the day off?" I know it was unrealistic to ask to him that, but I really wanted to spend the day with him, cuddle, and watch Netflix.
"Baby Girl, you know I love you, but I have to record, and the album is coming out soon. Can I make it up to you tomorrow?" He asked. He gave those eyes that meant that he wanted to do more than just watch Netflix .
"I love you too! It's fine babe, really, go have fun recording." I half smiled.


2. The Convention

"I left Kaitlyn's house around 4:45, and went to pick up Megan for the convention. I finally pull up to her house, and send her a quick text

Hey girl! I'm here, and readyyyyy! Are youuuuu?☺️ 

Yesssss! Give me 5 more minutes lol 


Alrighty girl! Hurry up! I'm starving!


I'm coming out now And me tooooo! Mcdonalds? It's cheap!


Sounds perfect! You know me so well!

As soon as I locked my phone Megan walked out of the house in this beautiful navy dress with a sparkly grey headband.  

"Megan you look HOT! You are definitely getting laid tonight my friend" I said with a smirk. I loved teasing her, she made it so easy.

"Ummm.. I'm not sure how Chris would feel about that." 

"Who said anything about it not being him?" I was just teasing her, and she started blushing. 

"Whatever let's just go to McDonalds already!" She said looking at the road

"Okay! McDonalds here we come!" I was way to excited for this night to happen

After 2 double cheeseburgers, an almost stain on my dress, and 1 mcflurry later we were off to the convention

I park as close as possible, but we still have to walk about 3 blocks to get to the doors. 5:45 It's about to start! We walk to the front of the building only to run into a line as long as this dick! Just kidding, but the line was super long, and I just couldn't keep my excitement contained.

"Save my spot would you?" I asked Megan.

"yeah, sure, but why?" She responded

But before I could answer her I already left her in the dust (not literally of course) and I just wanted to see the front of the line. As I went up there the door opened up for a few moments, and when I looked in it there was the most attractive man I've ever seem. Sure he had a mask on, but his blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes that popped against his black mask, and physique was all I needed to see. I had to find him again throughout the night even if I have to miss the whole thing to find him. I was in my own little world when Megan interrupted my thoughts.

" Hey! The line's moving! Come on." She yelled at me. 

" Okay coming, but I have to tell you something." I said to her in a high pitched voice

"Oh no, high pitched voice who is this "cute" boy. " She asked.

" Just the cutest boy you've ever laid your eyes on" I said proudly

"Well did you at least talk to him?" Megan asked flatly.

"No because he was in the convention already, but he's the first person I'm going to find once I can get in."  I said to her. I'm determined to find him.

" Good luck, I don't think I want to go to this anymore. Chris just called, and he wants to see me in my dress. Girl do I have to go?" She was begging me not to drag her to it. 

" no, you don't. It's completely fine" I say as happily as I can. 

" Thanks girl! I'll see you later?" 

"Yeah, definitely! And Megan remember what I said about getting some?" I was teasing her

" I guess you're right girl! I'll text you later" she said winking at me as Chris pulled up in his car.

" You better!" I said loudly. I guess I'll tackle this convention solo. I didn't have problem with it because now that means more time to find him. My thoughts were interrupted by the line moving. I let out a little squeak as I entered through the door! The first thing I do is head towards the stairs when a security guy stopped me. 

" I'm sorry ma'am, but vendors and performers only." He didn't even look at me.

"I'm just looking for someone that I saw go up here earlier." I tried to give him puppy dog eyes, but he would never look at me

"Ma'am if you want to stay for the night I suggest that you leave." He said, finally looking at me.

"Okay, but Is there any way that I could go up there at some point?" I asked him, practically begging

" Fine. My shift is over in 2 hours, come then, but this can only happen if you give me your phone number pretty lady." Smooth. If I wanted to find him, I'll do it, and I must say that the security guard was pretty cute too!

" I can definitely do that for you!" I said blushing.

" Can I know your name please?" He asked me actually looking me.

"Abby, and can I ask you yours please?" 

" Dylan. It's nice to meet you Abby. See you in 2 hours. Now go enjoy yourself." He said smiling at me.

"Okay Dylan. It's nice to meet you too! See you soon!" I said smiling back at him 

I left Dylan, and went into the main room of the night, and when I went in there was so many toys, gadgets, and rope there. I was in a sexual paradise. Everything I've always dreamed of owning was right in front of me. Handcuffs that didn't hurt, baby girl collars, a demonstration of how to use rope in a sexy way. I bought the cutest collar ever! It was light pink, and white ruffles around that had baby girl in a heart written on it, and I bought some handcuffs, not sure when or where these will ever be used on me, but I though, hey, why not give it a shot. 

I walked to the other room, and in there was Doms and Subs doing suspensions, and that's when I saw him. He was on stage, not performing anything, but watching as if he were their boss. He checked over every rope, and suspension just to make sure it was okay and safe. I never watched the actual performance, but I just looked at him. He seemed like a good Dom, and maybe he would be my Daddy one day. I tried not to think that, because nothing will ever happen between us. I mean, he's so attractive, and caring, and I'm me. Just your typical looking girl.  I checked my phone, and I had 5 minutes to meet what his name? Dylan. I think, to let me upstairs. At this point I don't know if I want to go upstairs or not, but something told me that I should. When I looked up from my phone our eyes met, and I've never been turned on that much on my entire life. I never wanted our eyes to part, but if I wanted to go upstairs I better leave. So iron out my phone, and left the room, but when I turned around to look at him one last time, he was gone.

" Hey dylan!" I said to him

" Hey beautiful" He said to me causing me to blush. 

"So here's my phone number, so you can text me sometime okay." I said to him, giving him a genuine smile.

"Thank you so much, I'll text you some time, and Abby don't do anything too crazy up there okay?" 

" I pinky promise" I said to him.

We hooked pinkies and we went our separate ways. I hurried up the stairs when I saw him.This was the closet we've been together all night I was so nervous to say anything to him, when he interrupted my thoughts. 

"I saw you staring at me downstairs." he serif in a low husky voice, but there was a hint of an accent.

" I'm sorry, it's just that I've never seen anyone that seems to care for people in stunts like you." I actually meant that, and I left out the part where he's also really cute.  

" Do you want to get out of here? Maybe we could to this nice restaurant down the street or something. Nobody has ever noticed that in me." He said a little bit louder than when I first met him. 

" Yes, I would absolutely love that." I said trying not to sound too happy, but I assumed I couldn't because he chuckled at my response.

 "Let's go Baby girl. " And with my heart pumping a thousand beat per minute we left.  





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