Daddy Direction

"Please Daddy, can you just take the day off?" I know it was unrealistic to ask to him that, but I really wanted to spend the day with him, cuddle, and watch Netflix.
"Baby Girl, you know I love you, but I have to record, and the album is coming out soon. Can I make it up to you tomorrow?" He asked. He gave those eyes that meant that he wanted to do more than just watch Netflix .
"I love you too! It's fine babe, really, go have fun recording." I half smiled.


4. His "apartment"




Chapter 4

His "Apartment"






    The drive over to Niall's place goes by very shortly. We chat about everything from the biggest events that have taken place in our lives to the tiniest details that others might not find important. We tell stories of our childhood, and talk about our big goals for future. 

 "We're at my place" He says wit a nervous smile, curious as to what I would think about his "apartment" as he told me earlier. I put quotes around apartment because his "apartment" is the size of my house back home. 

  "It's so beautiful Niall, it's definitely an "apartment", so what do you do to afford such a nice place? " I ask him while looking at his features in the moonlight.  

 "Well..." He says as if he's nervous to tell me what he does.

  "I... uh... I'm in a band. We haven't blown up fully in the States yet, but we're trying to." He picks at the skin around his fingernails never looking at me. Instead of continuing this really awkward conversation I just say,

 "that's really cool!" I smile at him, and play with his hair that's behind his ear. He gives me an awkward smile, and turns off his car. 

 "Thanks, so are yo ready to go into my house Baby Girl?" He asked me with a smirk on his face. 

 I grin back him "I've never been ready for anything else more in my life Daddy!" 

 He opens my door for me, and grabs my hand. As were walking my phone rings 

    Are you okay?? I have heard from you all night. I thought the convention was over a while ago!🤔" 


   I'm fine!! Remember that blonde haired boy?? Well I'm going inside of his house right now!!😎😍 👅


    GET IT GURL!!! I love you! Remember to use protection, and that I've seen 50 Shades of Grey!!! 


    lol I wiilllll! It's not like that yet... Love you more!!

I lock my phone screen to see Niall staring at me with his baby blues. 

"What?" I ask him

"Nothing Baby Girl. I can tell you care for your best friends. Don't you?" He smiles at me while unlocking the door. 

"I really do" I say with a smile. 

   We get inside, and it's beautiful! The house is covered of pictures of funny photos of his family, and what looks like to the band he said that he was in earlier. I'm taken away with how beautifully decorated everything is. 

He walks up behind me, puts his hands around my waist, and whispers in my ear, "Follow me Baby Girl." 

He takes me upstairs and into his room. He lays me down on his bed gently, and while he's slowly taking my dress my dress off he says, "You know Baby Girl, from the moment I caught you looking me. I wanted to know more about you. I wanted to know every little detail of your life, and what led us to be in the exact same room at the exact same time. What haunts you. What terrifies you. Everything." His blue eyes locking into my brown eyes. 

No one has ever said something like that to me. I feel like everyone just wants whats on the outside, but not on the inside. Not him. Not Niall. I could already tell that he was going to turn my world upside down. 



I know, I know. Shortest. chapter. ever. I'm kinda stuck right now to be completely honest, but a filler chapter is better than no chapter. I promise to update 3 more times before Monday!((: I love y'all so much!! 

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