Daddy Direction

"Please Daddy, can you just take the day off?" I know it was unrealistic to ask to him that, but I really wanted to spend the day with him, cuddle, and watch Netflix.
"Baby Girl, you know I love you, but I have to record, and the album is coming out soon. Can I make it up to you tomorrow?" He asked. He gave those eyes that meant that he wanted to do more than just watch Netflix .
"I love you too! It's fine babe, really, go have fun recording." I half smiled.


1. Getting ready for the convention

"Please Megan, you have to go with me! You go with me to everything!" I was talking to my best friend, on the phone, and I just wanted her to go with me.

"Abby, I love you, I really do, but you know how I feel about that type of stuff. I'm not vanilla, but I'm definitely not as into BDSM as you are."

She was definitely right about that, but it still didn't mean that she won't have fun. "Seeeee even more reason to go! It's going to be a great night! Wink wink." 

​"ughhhhh fine, I'll go to the stupid BDSM convention with you, but don't expect me to do any of the stunts." 

"I'm not! Pinky promise! I love you so freaking much!" I really did outside of my family I only love like three people including her!

"Love you too Dude! What time should I be ready?" 

"I'll pick you up at 7! See you later alligator"

"Later tater" 

And with our usual way to end conversations I hung up the phone. I'm so excited about this convention it's going to be great! My friend who went last year said that it was like a Tumblr BDSM blog in real life, and since I have a BDSM Tumblr blog, why not go to the convention? I know it's cheesy to think this, but what if I meet my dream person there or something?! That would be awesome! My thoughts we interrupted.

"Abbbbyyyy, are you coming with us?" That was my roommate Marcie, she doesn't know about the convention tonight, because every time I try to talk to her about BDSM she freaks out, and says that I need Jesus. So I'm just not going to talk to her about it.

" I can't, I have a -uh- thing with Megan tonight." I curse at myself for being a horrible liar, but I was telling the truth, not the full truth, but the truth nonetheless. 

"What thing? You tell me everything! Tell mee... Pleeeeease."

"Fine." A take a deep breath, "I'm going to a Convention tonight with Megan." Still not the full truth, but it's more of the truth.

​"What convention? Why didn't I know about, and why wasn't I invited?"

She's not going to stop until I tell, so I might as well tell her.

"It's a BDSM convention, and I'm forcing Megan to go with me tonight." I sigh, at least now I can tell her everything about even if she isn't going to listen. 

"Abby, you need Jesus. Well, I'm going to lunch with Olivia, I'll see you tonight then. Bye girl! Go to church." She says while laughing.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll go tomorrow, or in a month or two." I say laughing too. I love her so much, I'm so glad that we got paired up together! Now It's time to figure out what to wear to this convention. 

 As I met up with Kaitlyn for lunch We talked about the convention of course! She actually went last year, and gave me her tickets because she got called into work at the last minute. "Kaitlyn, what should I wear to this convention? I have no idea!" I begged her for the answer. 

" Why don't you wear what I wore last year! I have it in my closet just collecting dust, and you know we're the same size." That was tempting, but I kinda wanted to buy a new dress, but with the convention starting in like 5 hours there was no time for that. 

​" Yesssss, thank you so freaking much! This is why you're one of my best friends!" I yelled loudly causing the whole restaurant to look at me. I looked own at the table grabbing a chip. 

" No problem girl! That's what best friends are for!" We finished our Mexican food, and We decided to meet up at her place. 

" Here you go girl I hope you like it!" I was roughly 4 inches taller than her so if it was short on her it will be hella short on me. Kaitlyn interrupted my thoughts...

"Go try it in now! I wanna see what it looks like on youuuu" She said like a 5 year old. 

"fine fine fine, I'm going to change into right now" I rolled my eyes at her playfully 

"yayyyyy! It's gonna look so hot on you" I went into her room, and put on the dress. It was perfect for my body, almost as if it was made for me. I put on the heels and I almost couldn't keep my hands off of myself! I looked that hot! I went to the living room to see Kaitlyn on her phone. I cleared my throat, and she turned around.

" Oh my gosh that looks so freaking hot on you! you're making me lesbian Abby, and I can't handle it!" She said jokingly. 

I laughed at her. " It looks perfect. Thanks for letting me wear it, I really appreciate it."

" No problem girl! Do you just wanna finish getting dressed here, and just leave for the convention?" 

"YESSSS That sounds absolutely perfect! Can you do my makeup? No one does it better than youuuuuu" It was the honest truth. I've never done my makeup as good as she did her makeup. 

"Yes! Are you kidding me? You didn't even have to ask! Alright, so where should we begin?" She had her working face on. Oh boy, I'm in for a treat. 

5 hours, and a tired Kaitlyn later I was ready to head out. 

​" Bye Kaitlyn! Thanks for all of the help you've given me tonight." She really is an awesome friend! I couldn't imagine my like without her. 

" Waiiiiiiit, we have to take a selfie!" 

"Duhhhh." She pulled out her phone, and we took the selfie

"Have fun tonight, don't do anything I wouldn't do" She said with a wink. 

"I'll try not to" I said winking back tonight was going to be fun! 



​HIIIII! I'm Roseeee, and this is my first story ever! I hope y'all enjoy the first chapter! Pleeaaasseee comment and all that jazz about what should I fix about my writing! Loveeeee y'all! 







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