Lilliann likes Luke, and they could probably be together if... her brother wasn't Michael Clifford, him and Luke hate each other, Michael doesn't know about her little crush.


4. My suprise

As I walked down the stairs Michael's car pulled up, "Ready to go?" he asked "Yep" I said getting into the car, as I was buckling up Aleshia came up to Michael's window, "Where you going?" she asked "Away from you" I snapped "Watch it" she snapped right back "Hey, don't talk to her like that" Michael said defensively "You stand up for her and not me?" she sounded hurt "Well I am his sister" I said "Whatever, you picking me up tonight?" she said ignoring me "No" Michael snapped and drove off.

"So you ready for your surprise?" he asked as if none of the stuff that just happened didn't really happen "Yeah" I said getting excited again "Good, but you can't see, so put this over your eyes" he handed me a shirt "Is this your gym shirt?" "Yeah, so?" "Gross" I said sounding like a girly girl "Just hurry up" he sounded kinda annoyed "Okay, but people are gonna think you kidnapped me or something" I partly laughed "So put your head down" he said "Seriously?" "Yes" "Ugh" I groaned, so for the rest of the ride I had my head in my lap "Okay, we're here, but you still can't look" "I guess you're going to help me then" "yeah" he helped out of the car and into a building. It smelt awful, and I heard dogs barking, "Are we at the pound?" "Just wait" we walked some more and finally stopped "Okay, you can look" I took the blind fold off and saw all the kittens "Pick one out" "Really?!" "Really" "Thank you!" I hugged him and he laughed. I looked at the kittens until I saw one in the corner "That one" I said pointing to a striped, blue eyed, orangish face kitten. "You sure? I like this one" Michael said pointing to a black one "I'm sure" "Okay, we'll take this one" he told one of the workers "That's the runt of the litter, you sure you want it?" she asked "I'm sure" I said kinda annoyed "Okay" she grabbed the kitten, I looked over at Michael and he was still looking at that black cat "Can you save that one for me?" I asked the lady quietly so he couldn't hear "Sure" she said "You ready to go?" I said a little more loudly "Huh? Oh yeah" he said, he payed, and we left


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