Lilliann likes Luke, and they could probably be together if... her brother wasn't Michael Clifford, him and Luke hate each other, Michael doesn't know about her little crush.


3. I'm such a mum

Annie's POV:

The bell rang and my next class was history, I have that class with Luke, Calum and Haley. "You ready?" Luke asked walking out of the class room "Uh, you wanna wait for Hal and Cal?" I asked "Sure" so we waited until it was almost time for the bell to ring "Come on, we better go" Luke said "Okay" just as we walked into class the late bell rang "Where do you think they are?" I asked Luke sitting down "I don't know" he shrugged "I'm worried, it's not like Haley to be late, she's too much of a good girl" I said nervously "It's okay, she's with Calum, he'll keep her safe" he tried to calm me down "I know but-" I was cut off by the door shutting and two people laughing, those two people just happened to be Haley and Cal. They walked over to us, Haley sat down in her usual spot next to me, and Calum sat next to Luke, "Why were you late?" I asked sounding like a mum again "Me and Cal got pizza" "You ditched?!" I whispered yelled "Yep" "I can't believe it" "Why? You're always telling me to take more risks" she whispered sounding kinda annoyed "I can't believe the first time you ditch, it's not with me, it's with... him" I looked at Calum "Sorry" they whispered together "Did you at least bring me a slice?" "Yeah, your favorite" Haley whispered handing me a slice of Hawaiian pizza "We brought a slice for both of you" she handed another slice to Luke "Thanks" "You're welcome" "Okay class, quiet down" the teacher said. The next 3 classes dragged on, and I got more and more excited about my surprise and finally school was over. "You coming Haley?" I asked walking towards the door "No, Cal said he'd walk me home" "Oh, have fun" I teased her "Shut up" she said and walked off with Calum. I laughed as I walked out the door


Authors note:

Sorry bout the lame titles, I can't think of anything, I have more done, but I'm staying the night at a friends so I'll post it tomorrow hopefully. later guys

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