Lilliann likes Luke, and they could probably be together if... her brother wasn't Michael Clifford, him and Luke hate each other, Michael doesn't know about her little crush.


14. Eventually

I walked out of the changing room, and saw Luke sitting on that bench, I walked over to him, "Jack said he'd be here in a bit" he told me, "Okay" I sat next to him, we sat in silence for a minute then I said, "Thanks" "What for?" "Today" "Oh, you're welcome" he smiled, we talked a little more before Jack's car pulled up, "Have fun?" he asked "Yeah" Luke said as we got in the car, "So am I taking you home?" Jack asked me, I looked at Luke worried, "Not exactly" he answered for me, "Can you take me to my friend Haley's?" I asked "Sure" so I gave him directions to her house, "Bye Lilliann" Luke said "You know you can call me Annie" "I know, but I like Lilliann better" "Well I don't" I mumbled "Okay, thanks, bye" I said louder "Bye" he said and I walked up the drive way...


Haley's mum answered the door, "Hello" she said "Uh hi, is Haley home?" I asked "Yeah, she's in her room" she said moving out of the door way motioning for me to come in, I walked in and her brother ran past with this other little boy, "Hi" her brother said "Hi" I replied and he kept playing, I walked down to her room, "Hey" I said shutting the door behind me "You have fun?" she asked "Yeah, I guess" "What'd you guys do?" "Uh, we got ice cream and went to the beach" "Cool" "I guess" "What's wrong?" "Nothing" "Tell me please" "I guess it's just that I had fun, and I can't tell Mikey, and if we hang out again I can't tell him and I'd at least like to tell my own brother I had fun hanging out with the guy I like" I flopped down on her bed, "I know, and that's why you should tell Michael you like Luke, maybe he'll understand and be okay with it" "Maybe" I repeated sighing "If you're scared to, I'll tell him" "No, I'll tell him... eventually"

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