Lilliann likes Luke, and they could probably be together if... her brother wasn't Michael Clifford, him and Luke hate each other, Michael doesn't know about her little crush.


7. Back to the pound

I only live a couple blocks from Haley, so they got here pretty fast. As I was walking down the stairs, the front door opened, "How'd you get in? The door was locked" I asked confused "You gave me a key remember?" she said like it was obvious "No" "Well you did, what's the emergency?" "Come on, let's go" "Where are we going?" "The pound" "Ooh, are you getting a dog?" "No, a cat" "Oh, cat's are alright I guess" "Is Calum outside still?" "Yeah" "Tell him to drive us" "Hey, he's our friend not our driver" she said defensively "You're just saying that cause you like him, but please tell him, he only listens to you" "Fine" she said and we walked out the door. "Can you drive us to the pound?" Haley asked "Ooh, you getting a dog?" "I asked the same thing, she said no" "Oh, well I guess I could" he said and we got in the car "What was your surprise?" Hal asked "Oh, Mikey got me a cat" I smiled "And you want another one?!" Calum asked "This ones for Mikey, it's an early birthday gift" "Oh"


We got to the pound and I walked up to the lady that helped us earlier, "You're back" "Yep, still got that cat?" "Yes" "I'd like to buy it now please" "I'll go get it" she said "We're gonna go look at the dogs" Haley said and they took off, the lady gave me the cat "That'll be $50" "The things I do for my brother" I whispered to the kitten and handed the lady the money.


Haley and Calum came back smiling like idiots, "What's up with you guys?" I asked "We're getting a dog" she said excitedly "Really?! What kind?" "Jack Russel Terrier" "Really?" "Yeah, I didn't get anything for Haley on her birthday, and I've been saving up to buy myself a dog anyways" "Oh" they payed for the dog and we left.


Authors note:

okay so me and Mikey are born in the same month so that kinda fits why Cal said he's getting a dog for my birthday 

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