The List

Emily Fields has been shy all her life. She's hated presentations and anything that has given her acknowledgement or attention. When bold and elegant Michelle Ryan sends her a note with a list to do before the summer ends, will Emily complete it with a little help from her new friends or will she stay in her shell and sent it back?


2. Things to do before summer is over

1. Get your drivers license 

2. And just drive around 

3.Throw a huge party

4.Take a night swim in a pool full of glow sticks 

5.Get a tattoo 

6. Get your fourth and fifth ear piercing 

7. Go ghost hunting and place bets on who will freak out first

8.Choose a friend and learn to speak a foreign language 

9. Jump off of Floer Cliff ( DONT tell your mom)

10. Go to a bonfire and kiss someone in the kissing corner

11. Make out with a nerd

12.Let go of your expectations 

13. Make out with someone who you don't know ( add a friend)

14.Go camping with your two friends (girls only) 

15. Get a summer job and make friends 

16. Adopt a kitten and puppy 

17.Sing a song at the bar

18.Make a dress 

19. Wear it to my party( Carol lane 1298 June 15)

20. Go to Forevermore and buy a black strapless dress 

21. Wear it to the 1920's theme party

22.Go skating and ask for Marie

23.Use the money from you job and use it for has as you drive to California 

24. Run to the woods and wait for Nina

25. Wait for something in the mail

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