The List

Emily Fields has been shy all her life. She's hated presentations and anything that has given her acknowledgement or attention. When bold and elegant Michelle Ryan sends her a note with a list to do before the summer ends, will Emily complete it with a little help from her new friends or will she stay in her shell and sent it back?


1. The List

    "Iden, right?" I played with my sleeve as she did it again, asking out the ones I like. I could like freaking baby Jesus and the slut would ask him out. Rebecca the bitch, my what I call friend. I always followed her like a lost puppy. But I guess I had no choice." Okay, I'll call you later." She waved her fingers and smiled  sweetly at him, only to turn around and frown.I quickly straightened up my posture, making sure my shirt was tucked in neatly. " I don't see how you like him, he's a slob, but he is pretty smart . Maybe I'll get him to do my homework." She devilish smiled probably thinking she was a genius. I held me head down looking at my watch waiting for school to end . Rebecca normally gets picked up and I don't have to see her at all from the rest of my some what good summer. ...4...3...2...1...RIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNG. "Aww, I didn't get to hug you and say goodbye," she pouted. I rolled my eyes and walked out. Finally, freedom. I'm free, but I have nothing to do again this  summer. As, walk out signing I make eye contact with Michelle Ryan. I stare at her not pay at how long I stared. I finally looked away not knowing if she was still staring, but I was hoping she wouldn't. I walked home with Marcel  Styles the smartest kid in 9th grade, Liam Panye the class president, and  Piper Locart the cheerleader. " Since Rebbeca isn't here anymore, I think we should have a official movie night with Emily included,"Piper chirped shaking her pom poms . " I guess...Wait are my pom poms in there? Piper can you check?" "  I can," Liam quickly opened the backpack and announced in his speech voice that my pom poms were in my backpack as well as a note. " Let me see!," Piper charged at the paper Liam was holding had got quieter than I  ever heard her. " Are you going to do this, this summer?" "What is that?" I asked. " A list of fun things to do this summer, are you going to do them?!"  " Should I ?" I looked at Marcel  and Liam," I know Piper says yes what about you two?" " I think it will be fun.." Marcel was now looking at the paper with Piper. "Li-li how about you?" Please say yes...." Okay,we can start tomorrow or today it's up to you." " Maybe we can start tomor-" " Today I already know how to do number 13!" Piper jumped on Liam's back and said "Off  to the store for pizza!"

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