The in between

This is not for you. This is not for me. This is for no one.
Yours truly.


2. Chpt 2

Dear no one,

I have no one. The one who I thought would always be there has disappeared. My best friend hates me. My other best friend wants to do nothing more than insult me. I have no more. I feel alone and depressed. I want something to take my mind off of it. Blasting "Colors" by Halsey is helping but not enough to silence this screaming loud void. I wanna scream. I wanna run. I want him to come back. I want to be happy. But my life is not a fairy tale. Breathe he would tell me. Don't be scared. Watch your show focus on one thing. I want him. No. I need him. Hes not there though. I should move on I should go but I can't. Something keeps this fragile almost broken girl hanging on. He will let me dangle as long as I want. I doubt he'll be there to catch me this time.


Yours Truly



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