The in between

This is not for you. This is not for me. This is for no one.
Yours truly.


10. Chpt 10

Dear no one,

I talked to the one who I thought I lost yesterday. It was only for a few minutes but it felt nice. It also felt wrong. I feel like such an outsider when it comes to him and I just wish we could be friends again. But it's been almost a year and I'm losing hope. I think I'm on the downhill slide of this long battle. 


When you can't breathe their are certain thoughts that run through your head. 1. Why can I not breathe? 2. When will I breathe again? 3. Am I dying? After these entail thoughts run through your head you start to freak. You roll around gasping. Reaching for air. I kept my eyes closed the entire time and I don't know how long that was but it felt as if time stood still. 


Yours Truly



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