Baby Doll - h.s

My junior year was finally here and planning for university was my only goal. But goals change and sometimes you meet new people who bring suprises. Some good, some bad and some end up in the court room.


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"Are you sure?" He asked me as he was hovering above me with an unsure look spread across his face. I nodded blushing graciously as I tugged on his shirt, I became suddenly shy realising how kinky I was being. I had only had sex three times with Dylan and that was it, we did other stuff but not a lot of sex. We were always passionate never kinky, sometimes lustfull. "Hey, you don't have to do this I can just pleasure you if you don't want to go that far."

"No, Mr.Styles I want to." I assured him slightly pulling up his shirt which he pulled off and revealed his long arms and torso covered in ink. I placed my hand on his chest slightly tracing my fingers all over his tattoos. I was fascinated. He placed his hand over the top of mine leading it down to his pants. I feel my heart start to race as I reach the band of his pants. I undid the button skilfully and unzipped his jeans. He sat up to his knees allowing me to pull down his jeans which left me giggling because they were so tight I was struggling. He was in his boxers but I still had my shirt on along with my bra.

"May I?" He ask holding the hem of my shirt as we are both on our knees. I lifted my hands over my head and he peeled it off undressing me as if I was a little girl. He was just as fascinated by the ink covering my ribs as I was by his. He dragged his hand along the pile of flowers that were inked right underneath my breasts. He looked down at me and pulled my chin up to meet my eyes. All of my thoughts were completely wiped from my mind when he placed a sweet soft kiss on my lips. He crept closer deepening the kiss we shared. His hands were on my bare back and unclasped my bra. He took the straps and slowly pulled it off of me body leaving me in my full glory. Our chests pressed together I hesitantly pulled down his boxers and I felt him against my stomach as he was still kissing me.

We were both completely naked and it made me feel a touch uncomfortable but I trusted him. I trusted the man who taught me English and drama. I trusted the man that was seven years older than me. Everything about us was wrong. "Anastasia," He said seriously as he looked at me. "This is going to change everything."

"I know." I said slightly embarrassed not wanting to look him in the eye.

"But I promise you I'll make sure nothing happens to you." He assured me and I nodded biting my lip slightly worried about the fact that I was about to have sex with my teacher. He laid me down pushing all of my hair out of my face. he reached over to one of the stands and pulled out a small silver package. He ripped it open revealing pink tinted condom. He rolled it on and I could simply just watch in anticipation. Then he pumped himself a few times to make sure he was good to go. "Tell me if it hurts, babydoll."

He left a sloppy kiss on my forehead and positioned himself at my entrance. I grabbed the sheets when he pressed himself inside of me, he was definitely bigger than Dyaln no doubt. "Anastasia tell me if it hurts." His voice was coarse as he slowly pushed further. I gripped onto his arm digging my nails into his skin as he held my body careful not to hurt me. Adjusting to him was extremely hard and painful but slightly pleasurable at the same time.

"Ugh Harry!" I moaned loudly as he was finally fully inside of me. The pain was almost unbearable but as he started to thrust it turned into pleasure.

"Fuck babygirl you are so tight." He groaned trying to keep his moans at a reasonable level but mine were escaping my mouth unwilling.

"Oh! God!" I yelp as he thrusts into me fairly quickly. He gripped my hips aggressively and it was sure to leave bruises.

"Babygirl, can you do some thing for me?" He asked stopping his thrusts but still stayed inside me.

"Whatever you want daddy just don't stop." I begged as I propped myself up in my elbows and swirling my hips so the sensation wouldn't stop. I saw Harry's eyes flutter closed and I knew I had figured out his weakness. He grabbed my hips making them stop and he leaned closer to me so that his lips were by my ear.

"I want you to get on top and fuck me like the naughty girl you are." He instructed harshly then pulling out of me. I got onto my knees kissing him forcefully and pumping him at the same time.

"Lay down." I whisper in his ear and he simply follows my instructions. I ripped the flat sheet off of the bed walked over to the right side grabbing his arm. I tied one end to his wrist and I could hear him groaning. Since the couch was in the middle of the room I swung the sheet around the back and tied his left wrist up as I was sitting on his chest dripping onto him. "You like the view don't you daddy." I pointed out as I saw him staring at me.

"Fuck I love it."He admitted and both of his arms yanked as he tried to reach for me and I laughed but I could tell he was frustrated. I moved up so that my knees were at his arm pits and he had a perfect view of my ladyness. I gripped onto the back of the couch as he craned his neck and started licking making me squirm. Soon I thought it was my turn and I pulled away sliding down him until I reached his member. I teased him by taking it in my hands and rubbing it against myself but not sitting down. He groaned and tried to use his arms again but failed miserably.

"Daddy are you getting frustrated with me?" I asked as I stopped and pouted at him.

"I'm getting very frustrated because you are a very naughty girl that deserve to be spanked." He growled at me making me giggle. I decided to dtop teasing him because I was craving sex just as much as he was. I lowered myself onto him swirling my hips as much as I could. From there it didn't take him long to finish and I untied him from the bed breathlessly collapsing next to him.

"I just fucked my teacher." I told myself out loud.

"I just fucked a student." Harry said to himself with both of us laying there naked in realisation of what we just did. "That was fucking amazing." he added as he took off the condom and threw it in the bin. "Holy shit I am so sorry."

I was confused as to what he was apologising about but then I looked down and I saw the bruises were already forming on my hips and inbetween my thighs. I ran my things over the areas that were starting to go purple as he sat next to me and do the same. "It's okay I bruise easy that's all." I told him truthfully.

"Well I'm the only one who is allowed to do that to you." He said quietly kissing each of my hip bones. I smiled at the man infront of me running my hands through his curls.

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