Baby Doll - h.s

My junior year was finally here and planning for university was my only goal. But goals change and sometimes you meet new people who bring suprises. Some good, some bad and some end up in the court room.


6. .6

I twirled my fork around in the spaghetti gathering a heap on my fork. I took a bite of the delicious meal as my gaze was fixed on Harry who was sitting across from me. He only had a small dinning table which seemed to fit because he was the only one who would eat dinner there. It was a small wooden square table that would usually be comfortable for two people but due to his height our knees would collide every now and then. It also didn't help that I was very restless, I adjusted in my seat and swayed my legs to the other side hitting his knee once again.

"Anastasia, sit still." He instructed as he looked at me with an expression that I couldn't quite decipher. I mumbled a quick sorry and returned to eating as my leg bounced up and down.

"I'm just really restless tonight." I explained as I took the last bite from my plate but Mr.Styles had already finished.

"And why is that?" He asks with a very light smirk making its way to his lips.

"I don't know it usually only happens when I'm stressed and sometimes when I'm nervous." I explained blushing more than I had hoped to. He chuckled as he grabbed both of our plates and returned them to the kitchen where he put them in the dish washer.

I got and awkwardly stood in the room not knowing what to do. He saw my anxious actions and walked over to me after he turned on the dishwasher. I tried not to blush when his hand crept up to my cheek and caressed it slowly with the tips of his fingers. His long hair hanging in front of his face as he looked down at me. "Tell me Anastasia," He started as his finger explored my jawline. "Did you enjoy what I did to you before?"

"When you did what exactly?" I said softly quite intimidated by him.

"When I grabbed you by the throat and pushed you against the cupboard." He said as if it were nothing out of the ordinary. My breathe was caught in my throat and I couldn't quite put together the words to answer his question. I didn't realise how long I had actually said nothing for but it must have been at two minutes. "Shall I refresh your memory?"

He started to walk towards me and I stumbled backwards and hit the wall which made his sly grin bigger than it was before. He was stood infront of me with his hands placed by either side of me on the wall. "You had sauce on your mouth." He started as he brought his hand to my face mimicking the exact actions he did as before. I bit on his thumb which he immediately used to pull us into a kiss but much more aggressively and impatient. Our lips collided roughly wanting more and more. "Then I teased you." He whispered almost out of breath as he bit my lip. His lips hovered over mine making me feel the same amount of tension as a I felt before if not more. I reached my lips out towards him and he pinned me against the wall with his hand on my neck. "Just like that."

"I loved it." I whispered which caused him to instantly reconnect our lips. My crave for him was not yet satisfied as I wanted more. He manage to grab both of my hands off of his neck and pinned them above my head whilst his spare hand roamed my body. He squeezed my bum a few times but nothing more, I could tell he wanted my consent. He gave me time to breath when he started kissing my neck which caused me to let out a few moans.

"Touch me." I growled into his ear. He hesitated 1for a moment but he pulled back and looked at me with lustfull eyes. His fingers traced over my collarbones and over the top of my shirt. He squeezed my breasts lightly and moved down to my jeans. He hovered for a moment then slid his hand over the top of my jeans. in between my legs which made my body jolt in pleasure. "More."

He carried me over to his couch bed once again and threw me down. He was quick at unbuttoning my jeans and sliding them down my legs. I blushed morbidly as I realised my teacher standing above me whilst I was in my underwear. He climbed on top of me and instantly spread my legs with his hands. He ran two fingers over my panties and I shivered at the feeling gripping his sheets in my hands. "Oh babydoll I'm going to make you feel so good."

He dived down and started kissing my inner thighs lightly as he made his way down. I could feel myself soaking for him and he could probably see it too. He pulled down my under wear and I was on full display to him with my legs spread the way the were. "Ugh babygirl." He groaned as he gripped my inner thigh. I was shocked when he bent down and placed a sloppy kiss right on my sweet spot. I gripped onto his hand and he chuckled lowly at the effect he was having on me. He started to smoothly slide his fingers up and down me which resulted in me getting more turned on than I already was. "You're already wet babydoll."

"Daddy please." I begged, I honestly do not know what came over me when I decided to call him daddy. He seemed to be just as frustrated as I was and he slipped his middle finger in side of me cause me to moan very loudly. He slowly pulled it back out teasing me fully. He did the same thing about four or five times clearly enjoying the reaction he was getting from me. He then started to pump in an out finally giving me a sense of relief. "More daddy."

He obeyed and started using two fingers, I watched him as he but his bottom lip watching everything j was doing very carefully. I craved ever inch of him inside of me and I had to feel him. "More!" I begged almost yelling at him from pleasure. He pushed three fingers in but I pulled him closer to me by his shirt as he was still pumping me. "No daddy," I said to him softly as I rubbed the bulge over his jeans. "More."

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