Baby Doll - h.s

My junior year was finally here and planning for university was my only goal. But goals change and sometimes you meet new people who bring suprises. Some good, some bad and some end up in the court room.


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I was pinned to the sheets with his knee in between my legs and his hands gripped my wrists tightly as he was painting my neck with kisses. My fists were clenched tightly mimicking my eyes whilst my back arched as I craved more of his touch. Our actions spoke for us as he started to lift my shirt to reveal my pale stomach. He undid the button of my jeans but I found myself redoing it straight after we heard a wild knock at the door. Mr.Styles jumped at the noise and straightened out his shirt as he went to the door .

He opened the door to reveal one of the brown haired boys from the pub. He was shorter than Mr.Styles but of course that wasn't hard. "Harold you're not busy are you because-" He stopped mid sentence after he pushed past Harry and saw me sitting in the edge of the sofa bed. He stood dead still in his tracks with a questioning face and turned to Mr.Styles who had closed the door behind him. "And you are?"

"Anastasia." I replied with a soft smile not knowing what else to say.

"This is Louis he is in the band of course." Mr.Styles explained as he walked over to Louis. He seemed to be thinking extremely hard as if he was trying to remember something, as if he was trying to remember me.

"That can't be right ..." He whispered to himself. Then Harry suddenly look just as confused as I was. "Harry why, if I may ask, do you have a seventeen year old in your apartment?" How did he know how old I was?

"Do you know each other?" Harry asked why'd eyed. I shook my head but Louis nodded and that just made the situation all the more confusing.

"Really Harry? She's a student! And don't give me that age is just a number crap. You. Are. A. Teacher." Louis scowled at Harry but did not blame it at all on me.

"Wait, can you first explain how you know me?" I asked quietly interrupting. Mr.Styles didn't know what to do he was simply stood frozen in his spot.

"Okay fine," He sighed. "You were thirteen years old, I was twenty three. You'd never met me before that day, my father he died. He was your father too. He left me when I was young to look after my other sisters and he started I new family. I hated him for it and we never spoke, then he died. You were crying you're eyes out at his grave whilst everyone else had left or were busy with something else. You'd loved that man because he raised you and I hated him because he didn't." It all clicked. He was the boy in the suit who had came over and hugged me, we must have talked for at least an hour that day but after that I never saw him again.

"You are step siblings?" Mr.Styles asked gripping onto his hair trying to make sense of the situation. Everything happened in the space of three minutes and Mr.Styles nor I could process what just happened.

"What was I interrupting - ?" Louis asked in sudden realistation, his eyes wide and his mouth hung open.

"No you were not its not like tha-"

"She is as red a tomato you cannot lie." He looked over at me as I was blushing furiously but avoided their gazes.

"Leave Anastasia alone." Mr.Styles ordered, quite sternly I might add. "Promise me you will not say anything." He said as he escorted Louis to the door.

"I won't but just remember she is my step sister and your student. I'll look out for her." Louis stated harshly as he left. Mr styles took a moment and stood at the door not really knowing what to say. I felt bad because of the whole situation. It shouldn't have happened, I shouldn't have been in his apartment. But I was. That was all that kept me there is because I was already there and it had already happened. I knew that there was no point in just leaving, we both wanted me to be there in his apartment.

I stood up with all the courage I had and walked towards him. He seemed confused as to why I was standing in front of him, his eyebrows furrowed and his hands dug into his pockets. "I like you Harry," I blurted out and he lifted his eyebrows clearly surprised. "I like you a lot."

I lifted myself and planted my lips on his whilst at the same time wrapping my arms around his neck. He almost melted at the gesture and proceeded to wrap his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him, he was much taller so I was forced to stand on his feet. Mine were small compared to his and had no effect.

He smiled and pulled away as he looked down at me. "I like you a lot too." He admitted as he started walking slowly with me still on his feet. I giggled as I held on tight until he reached the couch. He gently dropped me and returned to crawl over me leaving sweet playful kisses along my jaw and every inch of my face. "How about I cook some dinner?" He offered as I stopped giggling. I smiled and simply nodded at his gesture. He made his way to the kitchen and I watched as he swiftly grabbed a cook book and flipped open to a marked page. He scanned the page tapping with his finger over the ingredients.

Intregued, I strutted over to his small kitchen and took my bag off of the counter placing it on the floor. I hoisted myself up sitting on the counter on the spot furthest away from the oven and where he would be making the food. I watch him curiously as he is still in the fridge grabbing a variety of ingredients and failing miserably at holding them all. He manages to get the vegetables over to the bench and I simply laugh as he tries to stop the onions from rolling off. He just shakes his head with a grin as he begins to chop the onions and tomatoes in a chopping bored. "Open the cupboard behind your head and grab me a tin of tomatoes please love."

I obeyed as a I awkwardly reached to find a tin. I placed it next to the chopping board for him to use. After chopping an onion he gets out a large pot and fills it with water which immediately goes on the stove, I glanced over at the book and realised he was planning on spaghetti bolognese. Good thing I loved pasta.

After he made the sauce the pasta still needed a few minutes so he grabbed a spoon and scooped some out of the pan. He walked over to me slowly blowing on the sauce, "Taste." he intructed. I opened my mouth and spoon fed me some of the sauce.

"It's perfect." I smile, he returns the smile and I lick the edges of my lips to make sure I have no excess sauce that was making me look foolish. He stared with such concentration at my lips and I watched his bright green eyes turn a shade emerald I had never seen in anyone's eyes.

"You missed some." He said, his eyes still fixed on my lips. He reaches up to my face and wipes the corner of my mouth with his thumb, which then traveled to my bottom lip pulling at it slightly. I trapped his thumb between my teeth and lightly sucked on it which made him freeze. He stepped closer causing me to spread my legs do that he could stand in between them. He spare hand gliding up my thigh and his face stern. He latched his hand into my jaw pulling my face towards his letting his thumb sneak out so that he could kiss me. His lips were warm and soft, he pulled us closer by having one arm pull my waist and the other under my knee pulling my leg up and around his hips.

I found myself responding quickly to his actions by wrapping my hands around his neck. I sucked in air as I felt socked when he gripped his teeth onto my bottom lip. After a few seconds he let go making me want him more. His lips continued to hover above mine slightly touching but not allowing me to fully kiss him. I was getting sick of his game and tried to lunge my lips towards his. He reacted instantly letting go of my waist and grabbing my neck to hold me back. He pressed me against the cupboard with a low chuckle escaping his lips that was directed toward my attempts. "I have to finish cooking dinner babydoll."

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