Baby Doll - h.s

My junior year was finally here and planning for university was my only goal. But goals change and sometimes you meet new people who bring suprises. Some good, some bad and some end up in the court room.


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As always I had English first up on a Monday morning with Mr.Styles. Yesterday we agreed that we would keep our distance at school because neither of us wanted it to end in a bad situation. I was trying to pay attention in class but all I saw was Mr.Styles lips and I couldn't hear the words that was coming out of his mouth. That was until I realised he was saying my name.

"Ms.Pearce are you paying attention?" He asked in a serious tone and I noticed a few people were staring at me and some girls were giggling. I just sat there like a deer that had been hit by car not knowing what to say or where to go. "What did I just ask you?"

"I-I don't know Sir." I felt quite embarrassed that he suddenly called me out on the spot.

"Right I guess I will see you in detention at lunch then." He barked and continued with the lesson. It felt horrible that he treated me just like every other student. I paid attention to the rest of the lesson on how to write auto biographies. Soon enough it hit lunchtime and lucky for me right before lunch I had math with Dylan but I ignored him the whole lesson so I was glad I had to hurry to detention because I couldn't spend another minute in there with him. I passed Lesley in the hall and she looked down right scared of the glares I was giving her.

I walked into Mr.Styles class and he was sitting at his desk as if he was waiting for me. I took a seat and he got up and slowly made his way over to my desk. "You know baby doll," His hand lifted my chin to look up at him. "You will have to start paying more attention in my class or I'll have to start punishing you." He warned me as his index finger traveled down my neck and into my shirt in between my breasts. It was clear he was expecting any other detention students.

"What sorts of punishments Mr.Styles?" I asked as innocently as possible.

"All sorts of punishments baby doll." He whispered into my ear and bit on the lobe of my ear making me grab the desk.

"Not at school Mr.Styles." I reminded him as I stood up out of my chair.

"Fine. My place. Tonight." He insisted with a sly smirk playing on his lips. "I'll see you then baby doll." He chuckled as he opened the door and smacked my ass on the way out. He was going to get us in so much trouble one day. I walked out to my usual spot and sat with my friends.

"How was detention with Mr.Hottie?" Ronni asked as she wiggled her eyebrows and I just laughed.

"Horrible he gave me a lecture on how I should 'listen in class' and how I 'have so much potential'." I lied straight through my teeth knowing that I couldn't tell them what really happened.

"It's a shame he's an ass really." Teddie said as she was reading her book. Teddie was pretty quiet and loved books but she was a great friend too. After school I headed home and put an extra pair of clothes in my school bag. I changed out of my school clothes to make sure no one noticed, I simply threw on a pair of high waisted mom jeans and a long sleeve loose black shirt with my brown timberlands. Mr.Styles arranged to pick me up at the end of my street and my mother wasn't home as usual so I left a note saying that I was at Ronnis because we were practising for a school project. I headed out the door and walked to the end of the street where Mr.Styles was surely waiting in his very new-looking Mercedes Benz Suv, which I must say looked pretty sexy. When I got in I was greeted with a red velvety interior and it looked absolutely stunning.

"It was a gift from my parents." He explained as he gave me a kiss in the cheek.

"It's a really really nice car." I said in awe as I looked at the car.

"I'll let you drive it sometime." He winked and I just blushed at how much of a gentleman he was. It was only a fifteen minute drive to his apartment and it consisted of us seeing along to the radio and laughing at our own stupidity.

"Which floor?" I asked as we got to the elevator.

"Seven." He answered as he entered and I pressed the seven button that lit up. We arrived onto the floor with no interruptions and he easily opened his door with his keys and it revealed a beautiful cosy looking apartment that had plants growing almost everywhere.

"Clearly someone has a secret hobby." I laughed I lightly touched the pot of the pant hanging next to the door.

"I like the fresh air." He said as he stepped in and took a deep breath making me like him even more. He grabbed my bag and put it on the kitchen counter and then picked me up by the waist. I laughed as he threw me into the light grey couch that was folded out into a bed. "Welcome to my home babydoll." His voice was deep and lustful as he crawled on top of me and started to kiss my neck.

"Mr.Styles." I moaned softly which made him stop immediately and look at me.

"You have got to stop saying my name like that otherwise I'll get overwhelmed whenever you say my name in class." He chuckled shaking his head.

"Well then I need a nickname for you." I laughed tracing different patterns on his chest trying to think of one. I definitely could not call him Harry because that could confuse things.

"Well you can call me anything you'd like babydoll." He smiled as his hands caressed my cheeks and my lips. I bit softly onto his thumb which clearly turned him on as he pulled our faces together into a heated kissing session.

"Whatever you say daddy." I whispered into his ear and I felt him freeze completely not moving a single muscle. Did I go to far with the whole nickname thing? I though I did but my thoughts were soon corrected when he immediately ripped off his white Tshirt and made his way under mine slipping off just as quickly.

"You cannot expect to call me daddy without me taking your clothes off afterwards babydoll."

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