Baby Doll - h.s

My junior year was finally here and planning for university was my only goal. But goals change and sometimes you meet new people who bring suprises. Some good, some bad and some end up in the court room.


2. .2

It was another boring school day. It was finally recess and my double period of Stage 3 math was over. I was the only junior in that class all the rest were seniors and I did not enjoy it one bit except for the fact that it was with Dylan.

Dylan and I walked over to his group of friends for recess, his friends weren't the worst of sorts but they were definitely not my people. Dylan's friends were athlete's and kids that planned to go to Universities, where as my friends were musicians and wanted to travel around the world to look at art galleries and museums. His friends went out to massive parties and got so drunk that they couldn't walk whereas my friends would only have small get togethers and smoke a bit here and there. We were apart of two different worlds but somehow we came together.

I was listening to Ara tell a story about what she did over the break but I wasn't really paying attention because it simply didn't interest me. I was pulled away from the conversation when I heard my name.

"Anastasia," I looked up and saw Mr.Styles standing there. I mentally shot myself but physically got up and followed him to his English classroom that was empty. He closed the door and sat on one of the desks looking at me.

"Guess we are going to be seeing a lot more of each other." I laughed sitting on the desk next to him.

"Your mother called me and she told me that you explained to her what happened, she said she wouldn't say anything but if I were to do anything of the sort again I should call her if I think there is a problem."

"Of course she did." I laughed jumping off the desk. "She is just so controlling."

"You should respect her she is just trying to look after you." He said standing up and walking towards me. "She is your mother after all, I mean she should be worried if your teacher is trying to seduce you." His hands were firmly held behind his back and his voice seemed to have a slightly deeper tone. He was more intimidating than anything in that moment.

"Well she has no reason to be worried does she?" I gulped as he took another step towards me. I had only known Mr.Styles for two days but the tension was thick and some how we had a slight connection.

"No reason at all," He looked down at me scanning every single one of my facial features as if he was trying to figure out how I felt about it. "Tell me, Anastasia, how old are you?"

"Seventeen." I told him which was true. I had turned seventeen during the break. "What about you, Mr.Styles?"

"I'm twenty-four." My eyes widened a bit as I realised we were seven years apart. But it didnt matter I told myself. It would never matter because I had a boyfriend.

We stood there for a moment just staring at each other. Not moving not doing anything except staring with such intensity that I thought I was about to run out of the classroom. But I couldn't. I was grounded where I stood. Luckily for me the bell went pulling both of us out of the trans we were in. I cleared my throat and walked passed him to take a seat in the classroom seeing as I had English.

"What's up with you?" Kobe asked as he took his usual seat next to me.

"Nothing just a little tense." I say giving him an awkward smile. He just shrugged it off and got out his books as Veronica took a seat next to me.

"Hey can I come to yours after school today? My mum is gonna be home late and I don't have a key."

"Course Ronni, I need someone to keep me company anyway." I smiled at her Illinois out my black hardcover writing book. Soon the entire class was seated and Mr.Styles started the lesson.

"Okay class so today we are starting our novel study task." He said as he picked up a cardboard box that I assumed was holding the book we would be studying. "The book you will be studying for this task - My Booky Wook by Russel Brand. At the end of this unit you will have written a chapter about your life that you would put into an Auto Biography should you ever write one."

I loved writing, but writing about myself? That I hated. Despised even. My dream was to become a writer, publish novels of stories that become world reknown. Not for my autobiography.

"You will also be writing it based on Russel Brand's autobiography. It mainly consists of bad habits and addictions but it's written in a comedic way so you will be doing the same." He explained as he started handing out a copy to everyone. "Today you will read chapter 1 and write down different autobiographical conventions and examples from the novel."

I spent the whole lesson avoiding Mr.Styles' stare as I read the book and jotted down as much information as I could. The class was silent and the whole time he kept his eyes focussed on me from where he sat at his desk. At one point I was biting my pen and I looked over at him, he shifted uncomfortably at his desk seeming frustrated with himself. Finally the class came to an end and it was time for geography which I decided to skip.

Instead I walked out to the tree on the very far side of the school and pulled out a cigarette. I sat down on the grass pulling my sweater over my hands as it was a pretty chilly day. I loved living in England because it was always cold and I loved the cold. Winter was my favourite time of the year, cosy sweaters and thick blankets. I took a puff of my cigarette and immediately felt relief. I heard giggling coming from a girl and my head snapped into the direction it was coming from. I saw a boy and a girl head towards the tree. I stood up but hid my small figure behind the tree.

"Ugh babe." I knew that exact voice. I wish I hadn't but I did.

"You know I'm getting tired of all this sneaking around." Lesley. I stood there for a moment thinking about what I was going to do. A single tear slipped down my cheek but I wiped it away not wanting to waste my tears on him.

"Dylan?" I asked choking on my tears as I saw him kiss Lesley. All those months, my virginity, everything was a waste. I saw the horrified look on his face and he was shocked. I turned and ran away, he called out my name but I refused to listen. When did that even happen? He was supposed to be away all holidays. I didn't really care, he betrayed me and I was done with him. I ran into the only place I knew was empty and quiet. The theatre. I barged in and sat on the edge of the stage with my knees huddled into my chest. I let the tears roll down my face because I really didn't give a damn. I tried so hard to be the best girlfriend but it seems that I clearly wasn't good enough. I gave my all to him simply for him to throw it in my face.

I heard the door open and I quickly crawled behind the curtains. I could see Mr.Styles enter and then he saw my bag sitting in the middle of the stage. He went up to my bag and examined it. He picked up the nametag and sighed. "Anastasia." He climbed onto the stage looking in the opposite direction. I took that as a chance to hide behind the side stage curtains. "It's lunch time." Had I really been in there that long? The curtain next to me was pulled away to reveal Mr.Styles looking down on me. He quickly took a seat next to me where my legs dangled off the stage but his feet sat firmly on the floor. "Look at me." I turned to face him with my puffy red eyes and tear stained face. His features were soft and he looked almost sad.

"I know it's stupid to cry over a boy, usually I wouldn't." I told him looking down bring quite disappointed in my life. He sat about a rulers length away sympathising me.

"He broke your heart it's okay." I looked at how he gripped the stage with his hands and awkwardly shuffled not knowing what to do.

"I know-I know you're not supposed to but, can I?" I asked as I pulled myself closer to him tugging on his shirt to signal I wanted a hug. That's all I needed and he was the only person there to give me one.

"You know I am really not supposed to." He said wrapping his arms around my shoulders rubbing my head in order to comfort me. He was good at comforting and I didn't think he'd ever have to do it again.

"Thank you." I whispered clinging onto him. It was awkward but comfortable hugging a man that taught me English.

"Come on let's get you cleaned up." He stood up and walked over to his desk leaving me to follow. He took a baby wipe in one hand and my chin in the other. He wiped the mascara stains around my eyes and he wiped my red nose. "You are only seventeen, you have your whole life ahead of you. You can go find someone ten times better than that douche bag." I laughed at the way he described Dylan because it really made me feel a lot better.

"Thank you." I smiled at him as he threw the wipes in the bin and put his hair into a bun.

"Have you chosen a character to audition for yet?" He asked picking up his copy of the script. I had chosen Juliet but I doubted my luck of getting it but I thought I would still try.

"I was thinking of trying out for Juliet but I wasn't sure yet." I said as I pulled out my script out of my bag. It had a few of juliets lines highlighted for the audition piece I wanted to do. I handed it to Mr.Styles to have a look at. He briefly looked at it and handed it back to me.

"Classical balcony scene, I like it." He stated leaning on his desk and folded his arms across his chest. His biceps were prominent and his dimples were on full show as he smiled with delight. I started to blush slightly from simply being in his prescence. He clearly noticed as his smile turned into a cocky smirk, he reached out and pulled me towards him tugging on my sweater. He placed one hand on my my neck and it traveled up to my jaw, his thumb slowly caressed my bottom lip. We both stopped in sudden realisation of our situation. We didn't move but we were frozen in an awkward situation. "What are you doing to me." He asked more to himself than to me. The bell went and I simply walked away from his grasp and took a seat with my script in hand. Soon everyone entered the class and we began the class auditions. There were about thirty of us in the class and nineteen characters so eleven of us wouldn't act at all. I really did not want to be one of those eleven.

The class dragged on and I did my 5 minute audition piece and Mr. Styles said that we would only get to know who is what character at the end of the week. Everyone rushed out of class at the end except me. I had a free period. "Don't you have a class to get to?"

"Uh, no actually."

"Well neither do I." He whispered to himself but just loud enough for me to hear. We both continued to pack up our things but neither of us left the room. I enjoyed his company but he was a teacher and it was just a bit awkward. I wanted to get out of the awkwardness so I looked around for something to do, a piano. There was a grand piano on stage for when we do musicals and I completely forgot it was there. I walked up to it and sat down. I threw my bag onto the floor and my fingers lightly brushed over the beautiful piano. I started to play white blood by Oh Wonder.

"I'm ready to go, I'm ready to go

Can't do it alone, can't do it alone

I'm ready to run through the heat of the sun

Can't do it alone, can't do it alone." I started to sing softly along with the notes. I was extremely focused on what I was doing trying so hard not to stuff up in front of Mr.Styles. He stood I front of the stage in the floor simply watching me as I sang softly out of tune and played the piano. Right before I finished the song he was sat next to me on the piano chair. I played the last note staring at him.

"I need you right here with me." I finished off. It was one of the few songs I knew how to play. Mr.Styles took it upon himself to take his turn on the piano. He started playing an unfamiliar song but I was intregued.

"I figured it out

I figured it out from black and white

Seconds and hours

Maybe they had to take some time." I was stunned when his voice came out angelic and soft. I was mesmerised within seconds of the song. He carried the notes out swiftly echoing through the room. It was absolute bliss. I could've sat there al day and listened to him sing. He finished of the beautiful song the same way I did staring directly into each other's eyes.

"Who's song was that?" I asked curious to know the original artist.

"Uh, I - uh - actually write it with a few guys I'm in a band with." He scratched the back of his neck chuckling as if he was slightly embarrassed.

"It was beautiful."

"Well Saturday nights we perform at the Old English Pub." He said trailing his fingers along the top of the piano. "I know I'm your teacher and we really shou-"

"I'll be there." I smiled lightly at him. I knew I shouldn't have said that but I wanted to see him live and plenty of people would be there it wouldn't matter.

"These violent delights will have violent ends." He preached Shakespeare as he tuck some of my hair behind my ear. I knew he was right. It was only two days and we were already caught up in a mess.

"I think I'm going to head home early." I stated picking up my bag and he sat on the stage as I jumped off. "Goodbye, Mr.Styles."

"Goodbye Anastasia."

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