Baby Doll - h.s

My junior year was finally here and planning for university was my only goal. But goals change and sometimes you meet new people who bring suprises. Some good, some bad and some end up in the court room.


1. .1

My feet were dragging against the polished concrete floor whilst freshman chased around trying to be on time for their first classes. I, however, had just started my junior year and I had been through two full years with that school and being late was the least of my problems. I had gotten my new time table in form and I was scheduled to have stage 3 english at that time. I shuffled over to E3 where I realised the class was still piling into. I slipped into the class with all the other late comers and took a seat in the second last row. I glanced over to Kobe who was sitting next to me and looked completely bored out of his mind.

"Don't look too excited over there." I laughed and he just sighed propping his elbows onto the desk.

"School. Sucks." He breathed clearly already tired of the building we had only been in for about an hour.

"Only two more years."

Our conversation was disrupted when a -what looked like a senior- boy walked in wearing a button up shirt that had the sleeves rolled up. He was carrying a bag over his shoulder and papers in his hand. He walked with purpose and strength as he put down his bag at the teachers desk and walked up to the board.

"Morning class." His biceps flexed visibly through his shirt as he wrote on the white board. He looked far too young and attractive to be a teacher with his long curly hair and tall figure. He must have been at least over six feet tall, I was only five foot three. He steeped away from the board to reveal his name Mr.Styles. "Alright class I'm sure you've all noticed I am new here." His voice was deep and crisp as he talked calmly and every single girl in the class was staring at him with googly eyes including me. He was a masterpiece. "So let me tell you a little bit about myself. I teach Junior Stage 3 English as well as Junior Drama for this year. I came from London here to Manchester after I finished my degree and now I'm here passing on all that I have learnt in my years. I will not tolerate disrespect or interruptions. Any questions?"

"Are you single?" There's always one. That time it just happened to be Veronica. If I had to use one word to describe her it would be fucked. She was my best friend but she was always doing the craziest things.

There were snickers throughout the class even one from Mr.Styles. "What is your name?" He asked still slightly amused by her remark.

"Veronica. But call me Ronni." She batted her eyelashes and flashed her teeth trying her best to seduce the man but her gracious attempts had failed.

"Veronica." He started looking straight at her. "I am your teacher and from here on out I will also not tolerate students trying to seduce me or flirtatiously catch my attention." Everyone was shocked at how demanding he sounded and how loud his voice went. "I suggest you make your way to the Principles office immediately and you can explain to him why you felt the need to address a teacher in a sexual manner."

She opened her mouth to reply but I shot her a glare and she knew that it was a bad idea. She threw her bag on her back and marched out of the classroom quickly before she would retaliate.

"Anyone else have any questions?" He asked returning to a more calm tone. The class fell silent and no one dared to ask another question, he over reacted a bit in sending her to the office. He was an attractive teacher who wasn't going to make a joke? Well his personality just crossed him right off my Kiss List.

My Kiss List is pretty much anyone I find attractive enough to date or to kiss. I never write it down it's just a mental list that I have going a lot of the time. Ronni is the only person who knows who is on it because she is the only person I truly trust.

The first two periods flew by and it was finally recess so I could speak Ronni about what happened after she didn't return to English. I walked towards the regular bench where we had sat since freshman year. It was located at the very back of the school where teachers didn't parol around trying to give out detentions for no reasons. There were only five or six of us that hung around there but I liked it.

"Yo Anastasia!" I smiled as I saw Zac sitting on the bench with his Saxaphone in his hands and Lila sitting next to him. Zac was a jazz enthusiast and a damn good Saxaphone player. He took music and played in the school band which sounds pretty lame but that's the only way he gets stay in music class. He's got a pretty bad reputation but they said they would let him have a clean slate if he joined the band because our school band well and truly sucked. Lila was his sweet girlfriend and best friend who encouraged him to do Saxaphone Saturday at the local bar.

"Zac! Lila! It's been way too long." I said as I joined them on the bench and putting my bag aside. Zac started jamming out some songs on his saxaphone as we waited for the others. Finally Ronni came and she didn't look too happy. "What happened in English?"

"Principle Banner gave me after school detention and called my parents." She looked pretty bummed out with her arms crossed over her chest like a little kid who just got denied ice cream.

"Nobody can take a joke these days." I rolled my eyes as a pulled a packet of cigarettes out of my pocket along with a clear lighter. Ronni just grunted in frustration as I pulled the baby pink coloured cigarette in between my lips. "That teacher is sexy as hell but he needs to settle down." My voice was muffled as I fiddled with the lighter and kept the cigarette in my mouth. There wasn't much wind but just enough to blow out the spark. I was getting frustrated and everyone else was in their own conversation except for Zac who was still playing. All of a sudden it went silent and the only sound I was hearing was the light gusts of find and the flick of the lighter.

I felt that something wasn't right so I looked up only for my eyes to meet with the gorgeous ones of Mr.Styles. Buzzkill.

"Anastasia." He barked with strict eyes and his hands behind his back like I was about to be interrogated. "Let's take a walk." I sighed heavily and put away my cigarettes with hesitation. I got up and followed shortly behind him.

"Look I know exa-"

"No you don't." He cut me off quite abruptly resulting in me giving him a questioning look. "I'm not going to tell not to smoke and that it's bad for you."

"You're not?" I asked urging him to go on.

"I am only simply going to tell you to not smoke at school."

"That's it?"

"Well unless you would like to join Veronica in after school detention on Friday afternoon." He stopped and looked at me with one eyebrow raised. I simply shook my head and walked away from him. I was walking in the other direction of the bench but I just had to go somewhere else.

"Babe." I felt two arms wrap around me as I was rummaging in my locker. I turned around only to find my eyes connect with a pair of blue ones of my boyfriend.

"Dylan!" I yelped wrapping my arms around his neck. "You weren't supposed to be back until Wednesday!"

"I wanted to suprise you." He laughed giving me a soft kiss. It had been a while since I had last seen him. Over the break he had gone to see family in Alaska, a completely different continent.

"Well you definitely nailed the suprise." I smiled holding onto his hands. Dylan and I had been dating for about eight and a half months and we were thoroughly fond of each other. He was vice captain of the footbal team and I was the top theatre student. We were two completely different people but some how we just clicked.

"I'm so happy to see you." He smiled leaning against the lockers as I locked mine. His eyes were twinkling and his smirk was mesmerising. Everything about Dylan made me tick, from the way he laughed to the veins in his arms when he's angry.

We were interupted by the bell so I had to head of to my other classes. We said our goodbyes and parted again until lunch time which of I spent with him and then caught up with Ronni and the gang with a smoke. I was dreading sixth because I knew I had had Drama with Mr.Styles. I warmed up to him after he didn't get me detention for smoking but I did much prefer Ms.Moore from last year but she decided to take a year off for pregnancy leave.

I was on my way to fifth period. Well I was actually fifteen minutes late but geography was not my strong suit so I sat in the toilet avoiding the class. I decided I had to go so I walked out of the white tiled room only to be greeted with Mr.Styles in the hall. He was looking down at a file so I simply turned away from him but walked in the same direction as him. I rushed hoping he wouldn't see me but clearly I was wrong.

"Anastasia," I stopped dead in my tracks slowly turing around to face him. He was stood about two metres away directly in front of me with the most unreadable expression I have ever seen."I think you're geography class is the other way love." His voice was surprisingly calm and quiet but his eyes burned into my mind. I just started walking towards my class as he watched me just as I passed him. "Oh and Anastasia?" He made me stop and turn around so I was looking at the back of his head.

"Yes?" I asked knowing that he was probably going to give me a punishment if some sort.

"You'd better not be late to my class." After that I marched into my geography class making up a random excuse to why I was late and sat through the whole lesson dreading the lesson that was following.

I trotted up to the giant doors that led into the theatre room that was redone about a year ago. The walls were painted pitch black and all the chairs were still intact and gum free surprisingly. I walked down the carpeted steps towards the group near the front of the stage. "Okay class so as the new Drama teacher I was told to simply pick a play study it and put on a bloody good performance at the end of the school year." Mr.Styles said very enthusiastically which took me by suprise. "So for this year I decided on a classic that you are going to hate me for!"

"Romeo and Juliet." The whole class simultaneously groaned, except for me. I loved Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet was my favourite. I had been waiting to do it for two years now and finally the chance has come. Scripts were handed out across the room that were our copies to keep. Mr.Styles told us to pick three characters to audition for and if we didn't want to act we had to put down another role. "Let's start with a quick warm up game, it's the start of term I don't want to bore you all to death. I'm going to need a volunteer to start us off." I raised my hand first as I always do in drama warm ups because drama is my favourite class.

"What game?" I asked with my hand still raised. No one else bothered because they knew I would always start.

"Alphabetic Improvisation." He smirked jumping into the stage. "Some one give us a scenario?" I followed him and hailed myself into the stage as everyone watched.

"You're at the library." Someone yelled out and Mr.Styles just nodded his head.

"Any idea what are some good books?" Mr.Styles started off getting right into it.

"Books?" I questioned quickly but he responded even quicker.

"Certainly that is what I said."

"Dragons and Dungeons might interest you."

"Even though that sounds good I'm not a dragon person."

"Fair enough, John Green books instead."

"Good choice, great author."

"He had plenty of great novels"

"Is he your favourite author?"

"J.K Rowling is my favourite actually."

"Kids read J.K Rowling books."

"Let me tell you her books are amazing."

"Most people would disagree."

"Not if you ask me."

"Okay then."



"Ha Loser!" I yelled and he looked utterly defeated but impressed. I could tell he wanted to use his teacher instincts to give me detention but he was much more relaxed and chilled in drama. He didn't want to ruin the vibe of the class laughing and having fun, after all no one wanted him to be our drama teacher and he knew that. He proceeded to call another volunteer to the stage and we played the same game for about half the lesson and a few people in between to make it interesting. He wasn't an awful drama teacher just a mean English teacher.

At the end of the lesson it was finally time to go home and today I had to wait for my mum to pick me up from work to take me out for ice cream. It was a first since she never really did anything with me but wanted to celebrate my first day of Junior year. I stepped outside the school gates and waved all of my friends goodbye as I watched them leave. Dylan drove passed and I simply sent him a kiss and a smile. Just as the whole school departed except for the teacher I was still waiting.

I put my earphones in and swayed to the beat, still waiting. Hometown Pride by Allday was blasting through my ears and it had a good beat so I enjoyed the song. It had been about twenty minutes from when school finished but my mum said she didn't mind running a little late. I sat of the dry grass leaning against the gate of the school with my hands shoved in my pockets.

One by one I watched the teachers leave and it was already about four o'clock. There was one particular teacher who was going home on foot and he just happened to see me sitting there.

"Anastasia?" Mr.Styles asked looking at me with a questioning look confused as to what I was doing.

"My mums running late." I abruptly said not wanting to talk to him about it of all people. Instead of just carrying on he decided to take a seat next to me. He opened his leather messenger bag and started rummaging through it looking for something. I watched closely as he pulled out a packet of cigarettes and a lighter. He flipped open the box and smoothly took two cigarettes. He handed one over to me and put one in his mouth. I immediately pulled it into my mouth and he leaned over. His eyes were sparkling as he pulled up the lighter to light both ends at once as the cigarettes say in our mouths. We sat in silence for a few minutes just taking random puffs here and there.

"What does your mum do?" He asked breathing out the fog that was locked in his throat.

"Executive at a publishing company.". I replied simply taking another drag afterwards.


"Which one?."

"You have two?" He wondered and I simply nodded in response and gave him a second to think about it.

" A biological asshole and the father that raised me."

"Well that sounds complicated." He stated not pushing any further because he could tell it was a touchy subject.

"Why are you talking to me?" I asked cutting the conversation short. "It's your first day as an English teacher and you walk in like a sex God with your hair and muscular arms then you act like a strict asshole to everyone." I was letting my anger out on him even though I wasn't angry at him, I was angry at my mother.

"I'm not a strict asshole to everyone."

"Oh really who are you an asshole to then?"


That made me think for a second. He wasn't a strict asshole to me the whole day.


"You remind of someone I went to school with Anastasia." He blew smoke into the air after he had spoken. I didn't understand him one bit and I thought I never would.

"Tell me about her." I took another drag trying to relax myself a but more. He chuckled in response and j furrowed my eyebrows at him trying to guess what was funny to him. "What?"

"Nothing." He smiled. "She was the most beautiful girl I had ever met." Well then. "She looked much like you, quite short with light blonde hair and blue grey eyes. Her smile was my addiction and her lips were like cocaine l, always left me wanting more that I couldn't have."

"Why couldn't you?" I asked quite curious about this girl.

"She had a boyfriend." He said looking at me.

"Well seems like history has a way of repeating itself." I laughed realising how ironic the situation was except we weren't in love nor anything close by it.

"Seriously? All the guys I've met so far are douchebags, so college I'm assuming?"

"Nope Dylan Sprouse he is one of the twins, senior." I explained putting out my cigarette and resting my head against the wall. He did the same and we continued to sit in a comfortable silence for a few minutes.

"Hey, not wanting to be a buzzkill but I don't think your mum is going to pick you up." He laughed trying to not offend me which he wasn't.

"Oh, I know but I live on the other side of town and I'm going to wait here for her to prove a point." I just grinned and he chuckled at my childish behaviour. He didn't get up and leave, he didn't go anywhere. He sat and waited with me.


"Anastasia." I heard my name being whispered and I can barely open my eyes.  I noticed it was already dark out we must have been here for a long time,  Mr styles were still sitting next to me. there was a bright light shining on my face it was my mums car. I quickly sat up realising that my head against his shoulder. He stood up first then he leaned down and reached out he pulled me up with him. We were agonisingly close but I quickly stepped way avoiding the awkward contact with my teacher. He used one hand to cover his eyes from the lights and watched as my mother tumbled out of the car.

"Anastasia it past Seven O'Clock! Did you not get my message?" My mother screeched quite angry with my behaviour.

"My phone is at home." Her face softened for a second but then she looked at Mr Styles.

"And who might you be?" She asked then grabbed my arm pulling me close to her, "And where is Dylan?" She whispered.

"You must be Mrs.Pearce I am your daughters teacher, Mr.Styles ma'am." He introduced himself quite properly and reached out to shake hands with my mother.

"Well you certainly didn't look like her teacher when you were all cuddled up." Both of us almost lost it when my mother said that but we were so shocked we had no words. "I'll talk with the school tomorrow." My mother dragged me into the car looking positively angry. I rolled my eyes and waved a goodbye to Mr.Styles that was left standing like a statue as we drove away. I blocked out my mums blabbering until we got home and she must have realised I was listening to a single word she was saying. She threw her keys and handbag onto the bench and stood there impatiently waiting for me to look at her.

"Yes mother?" I asked in a very sarcastic tone.

"What am I going to do with you?" She wondered out loud as she softened her expression. My mother and I always got along but we had a rough life so nothing really went our way.

"First of all Mr.Styles and I did absolutely nothing I fell asleep whilst waiting for you and he didn't have a car to take me home." I lied about the last part just so she would calm down. "He waited with me to make sure I got home safe. Secondly, maybe I just really needed a father figure growing up."

"I know you did." She sighed rubbing her eyes. She was tired and stressed and I was adding on top of that but she never put me first. "Make sure you don't plan anything for Sunday." She stated.


"I'm going to take you to see your real father."

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