taylor caniff and our long history

my name is Shelly i'm your avridge 18 year old, but i know some thing you don't. while all the other girls obsess over magcon i know one of them by heart. can you guess which one? you guessed right it's taylor caniff it all started in 5th grade when he was just another normal kid.


2. on coming feelings

*5 years later*

*taylor's p.o.v*

well life has been good for me because i just turned 17 and i am in a group that travels all over called magcon. me and some of my closest friend had started this. i was browsing thru my old phone from middle school and i found one girl's contact that was special because she was my first kiss, the girl i feel in love with before i knew what love truly ment. her name is someones name i could never forget. shelly. even at 12 she was beautiful. i wonder what shes up to now.the reason i wonder is because after that summer i started ignored her because i was more worried a bout my friends that we never spoke much anymore. i hope on twitter and look her up and surprisingly she had popped up quick i could tell it was her because of her eyes,they never changed.i messaged her hoping she would answer.

*shelly's P.O.V*

i had just got out of the shower and checked my phone and nearly screamed but couldn't get anything out. taylor from 5th grade had just messaged me on twitter.

*hey Shelly remember me Taylor well i just wanted to know how your life was going and asked if you wanted to meet up at the mall and just hang and catch up message back if you would like to.-love Taylor Caniff*

 i replied saying i would love too. i found a black lacy crop top with white skinny jeans and a pair of black and white janowskis. i put my hair up in a bun with the ombrenated part showing. i grabbed my phone and jumped in my car  and drove to the mall.i saw him waiting at the corner and when i walked up i could feel butterflies in body all over. hr had really gotten cute over the years,like HOT. he sees me and can't stop staring. i greet him with a hug and we walk inside.spending the rest of the day together as i slowly start to cave and slowly fall in love for him again.


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