taylor caniff and our long history

my name is Shelly i'm your avridge 18 year old, but i know some thing you don't. while all the other girls obsess over magcon i know one of them by heart. can you guess which one? you guessed right it's taylor caniff it all started in 5th grade when he was just another normal kid.


1. 5th grade

this all started in 5th grade i was 12 years old and starting my new school. i walking and i can feel all eyes on me moving with me as i walk to the teachers desk.the teacher then walks in front of the class and announces''attention class we have a new student.'' ''what is your name''. i could feel my cheeks turn bright red i pretended to cough and said very clearly''hello my name is Shelly , moved to Indiana for a new start. i am originally from Virginia. i like to skateboard,i like to ride four-wheeler and i hope one day to be known for something.'' 'great' the teacher had said why don't you sit in any open seat. i move to a boy who's name tag had said Taylor. the teacher had made everyone line up just to introduce themselves,she had went first. she said her name was mrs.lakes. next was the boy i sit next to he announced his name and he liked a lot of what i did. he was booted off by a boy named Nash he was a blue eyed brunette and was adorable. a couple others had came up like a boy named Cameron,Shawn,Carter they were all so cute. 

*a few hours later*

all right class its time to clean up and get ready to go home. as i'm getting my stuff out of the desk i feel a light tap on my shoulder. it was taylor. ''hey so um i know we just met but since you came close to the end of the year i wanted to know if you wanted to come to my graduation pool party on the 20th. you could see the shyness in his face as it turned bright red. i said i would get back to him when i can. i get home and tell my mom and she accepted of me going.

*the 20th*

i had gone bathing suit shopping i ended up getting a blue polka dot two-piece. i grabbed my towel and put on a 21 pilots tee and some shorts with flats i was driven to his house and was the first one there he greeted me with a hug and invited me in. i told my mom to pick me up at 6:00 pm. he gave me a tour and we sat an hung out till nash showed up then a couple other guys came and i was pretty much the only girl there. i sugested we play chicken but all of the boys wanted wanted me to be with them. we had just ended up swimming as i took off my tee shirt and shorts all i see is the guys looking at me. i did a flip in the pool and all the boys jumped in. 6:00 was right around the corner and taylor told all of us to come to his room. as all the other boys were ahead when he pulled my arm and had motioned me to another room. i could feel the tention between us. I then start to melt when i feel a soft touch crash into my lips. we were kissing. it hadfelt lime hours lightly trapped in a cloud of joy ,rush,excitement had filled up,but popped when i could hear nash call for us. taylor had smiled and handed me his phone i took it and put my number in. he took my phone and added his number in. i was dying inside because i had developed feeling for taylor over the last few weeks but i didnt think he had them back for me.our eyes were locked in a gaze but broken when i got a text from my mom telling me she was here.

*end of our friendship**

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