When The Moon Shines

Rose is a seventeen year old who has curiousity. She has social issues and her parents put her in a school until she gets removed and put in a new one.


1. The Necklace

I hate parties but when your best friend invites you over to her New Year's party it's hard to say no. Kira is that bestfriend everybody dreams of having. She's that party girl who is all about living in the moment. I sighed as I buttoned my navy blue shirt and pulled up my black skinny jeans. I slipped on my combat boots and walked out of my apartment. My brother works tonight so he won't care if i'm at a party. I touched my rose quartz necklace that has a latin word engraved into it that my mother had given to me at birth. Holding it takes the edge off things. Kira's blue honda pulled up next to the curb. 

I opened the door to see her dirty blonde hair pulled up in a bun. She had a black and white striped crop top on and white skinny jeans. I got into the car and turned on the music. I leaned back in the leather seat and put my feet on the window. "Who knows maybe you'll meet a guy tonight." she said. I laughed. "I'm serious Rose." she claimed. I looked out my window to see the cars and houses pass by. She pulled the car into her driveway and we got out. There were a lot of cars here already. The people inside welcomed her. No one talks to me everyone says I'm just a tag along in order to make Kira look good. 

I beg to differ because I've known her since we were kids. I sat down on a velvet couch and put my feet on the coffee table. People came in and out and partied however they please. I'm eighteen so drinking is not my thing. A lot of these people are Kira's age which is from twenty to twenty three. I put my head back and looked at the ceiling. I decided to get some fresh air and went into the backyard where the pool was. It was a beautiful night the moon was close to being full and the stars shined brightly. 

Then I noticed him in the corner of my eye. I don't know him but I gazed at him for a while. His eyes were green like grass and his short straight black hair had his bangs parted to the right. He had a blank white shirt on and jeans. He's so ordinary not like everyone else here. Then my eyes laid sight on his necklace it looked similar to mine. Our eyes then met and I suddenly felt scared of him. He started walking in my direction and I stumbled back tripping then falling onto the ground. I scraped my elbow on the patio and it started to bleed. Suddenly he saw me then walked in another direction. A guy who was next to him ran over to me and told me he was training to be a doctor and to let him take care of it.  

I sat on the bathroom counter wincing as he applied a small first aid kit. "I apologize if you expected my younger brother to talk to you. He's not very social." he continued cleaning my scrape. "My name is Joel what's yours?" he asked. I looked at him. He looks similar to the guy from earlier and he did say they were related. I think the only difference was he has curly hair that falls a little below the ears and his brother has straight hair. He was still waiting for a reply from me. 

"My name is Rose. Um thanks for helping." I replied. 

"It's not a big deal by the way I love you necklace." He flashed a smile. 

"Yeah? Thanks my mother gave it to me when I was born but I don't know what the word engraved into means. I know it's latin though." I sighed. 

"The word Lupus is engraved into your necklace. Lupus means Wolf in latin." He finished attending me. "Well I must get going and find my brother. It was nice meeting you Miss Rose."

Then he left me sitting here wondering how he knew latin. I went back into the party and found Kira kissing her boyfriend. I went into the kitchen to grab a water bottle. It's hard to mingle in my opinion. If it was my choice I'd just stay home. I decided to call my brother knowing he'd be home by now to pick me up. He sighed when I asked him. He said I should try to talk to people but it's a lot harder than it seems was what I wanted to say back to him. He came to get me and I said goodbye to Kira and we drove off. The ride was quiet to the point where you could hear the noise coming from outside. 

My brother has a necklace like mine as well but he stopped wearing it a while ago. His was Agate and it had a different word engraved into it. The necklace used to be fathers and he gave it to my brother. I noticed he wasn't wearing it today. "Jack how come you're not wearing your necklace?" I asked. He didn't pay attention to me. He practically ignored my question. Ten minutes later he muttered "I don't see any reason to wear it all the time like you do. You practically worship that necklace mother gave you." I clenched my fists and bit my tongue. 

I fought back the tears. "Just because you don't care about our parents still doesn't mean I have to forget about them too." 

Then everything fell silent. He pulled over a block from our apartment. "Get out." he said. I opened the car door and got out. I watched him as he drove away. I looked at the sky. We fight or argue a lot. He's kicked me out of his car one or two blocks away from where we live four times over the past two years. I walked into the "Little Creek" cafe that I heard my brother worked at. It was the closest place to find shelter considering it started to rain all of a sudden. I walked in and sat down in a booth. The waitress looked around my age. She was staring at me for a while until she came over. "What's your name?" she questioned. I was too busy looking out the window to care. 

"You have beautiful long red hair." she told me. "I love your necklace too. My name is Agnes may I have your name?" she said so gently that I gave up ignoring her and took a real look at her. 

Her dark brown hair was chin length. She had hazel eyes with a hint of blue around the outside. Her ears stuck out a little but they were pretty small. She had purple stud earring in all up each ear. Her lips were so red like a rose and she had light freckles going from one cheek to across her nose and finished on the other cheek. She wore a waitress uniform and black flats. She was pretty. "My name is Rose and my mother gave me this necklace." I answered her. She smiled a little and went to get me something to drink. She came back with a coke and sat down across from me. 

All of a sudden I heard a bell coming from the door and the two guys from the party walked in. They stopped and stared at me for a while. Joel waved at me. "Hello Miss Rose! Funny to run into you here eh?" I shrugged. Great just great now I have to mingle with a few people. I should probably get going though. I started to get up. "I see you met Agnes. I'm surprised to find you at our family's cafe." I started to walk towards the door. Joel grabbed my wrist. "Tell Jack I said hello." I shook him off of my wrist and left. When I walked out my heart was beating twice as fast. Too much to process. I took deep breaths as I walked into my apartment complex. 

I walked up the stairs and to my door. I took another deep breath and knocked on it. Jack opened it and looked at me with very angry eyes. I walked right past him without saying a word. My relationship with my brother hasn't been the same for two years now when he started to wear dads necklace less and less. I went straight into my room and shut the door. "I'll be going to a friend's house." He yelled as I heard the front door slam. That's what he always says. At least one or three times a month he goes over to his friend's house. This has been going on since the whole necklace thing. 

I mean what's wrong with our parent's necklaces? What's so bad about wearing them? I don't understand. I gripped my necklace tightly. People today have complimented mine a few times which I do think is odd but it's probably normal. "Tell Jack I said hello." echoed throughout my head. He knows my brother because his family owns the place that's probably the only reason why. I sighed. I need to stop over thinking things so much. That's it I've had enough. I took off my necklace for the first time since I was six years old. Suddenly everything felt fuzzy. I started getting a headache and I couldn't understand why. "You practically worship it." Popped up into my head and I suddenly felt very angry. 

I left the apartment to get some fresh air. It had stopped raining and the dark night sky was clear again I could once again see the moon and the stars. The moon was full now and I started feeling light headed. My body started to ache and if I had money I could go to the drug store and buy a painkiller but I don't have money and that frustrates me. I feel like I'm going to explode right now. My body is in so much pain and distress. I suddenly felt my canines become sharp against my tongue. I could feel my muscles move or twitch. I started to panic and told myself to stay calm. I need to go somewhere private and alone so I can think through this and rationalize being on the street will not help me whatsoever. I went to the nearby woods. I paced back and forth trying to rationalize the situation. 

Suddenly a huge bolt of pain surged through me and I fell to the ground. I could feel the cold grass beneath me. My muscles and bones ached and my eyes burned. I screamed so hard and so loud that I prayed nobody heard me. Suddenly I felt like my body was being torn and my canines were growing sharper against my tongue than before. I could see my muscles in my hand twitch. What's happening to me? This has to be a dream. Wake up! Wake up Rose! Wake up! Finally I had passed out from the pain and drain it was doing on my body. I woke up naked in a pile of leaves nearby houses. I was shivering and snuck into someone's backyard and stole their clothes from a laundry line. 

I started to walk back to the apartment trying to recall what happened last night. I then remembered that my brother should be working right now and I don't have a key on me. I walked into the cafe and people stared at me. Agnes saw me and ran over to me. "Oh honey look at you! Your face is dirty and you're wearing really big clothing for your size." She stated. I so didn't need that kind of attention. Then my brother walked out of the kitchen and saw me. He dropped the two plates he was carrying and they shattered on the ground. "Do you have a key so I can get inside the apartment?" I huffed. When he didn't answer I got angry. "Fine don't answer like mom or dad would've. Just don't even bother taking care of me anymore then again you never bother anyway." I walked out crying. 

I'm an emotional wreck. I just sat in the alley next to our building and cried in a corner. I've never made a scene in public before. Sure he and I fight but never in public. Plus what I had said had crossed the line for him. I wouldn't be shocked if he never talked to me again. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. I had woken up from being passed out with paws and could feel the ground under them. I could hear everything and smell so many things at once. I had sharp teeth and I felt like howling. I started panicking and running amuck around the woods. When I heard something coming near me I growled but it turned out to be a rabbit. I wanted to kill it and eat it knowing that made me afraid of myself so I ran off and starved. I had found a pile of leaves and rolled in it for a while and tried to rest in it. 

I felt a tap on my shoulder and my eyes slowly opened. I remembered what had happened. I was a wolf. I had been in severe pain and something happened to me. I can't fully understand it. I looked up to see Jack standing over me. He held out his hand and I took it. He helped me stand up and pulled me into a hug. He held me for a while. "I'm so sorry Rose." I didn't reply so he went on. "I haven't been a good brother to you. I've barely bothered parenting you or being a family member. I shoved you away and for that I am sorry." He admitted. "If I hadn't said anything about the necklace towards you this would've never happened." He brushed my hair behind my ear. 

That's right. I took off my necklace because of what he had said to me. Then it hit me. "You knew what would happen if I took it off?" 

"No not completely because it's a fifty guess of if it would happen to you or not. Rose listen to me. Those necklaces are protection for us if you don't wear it that'll happen every once in awhile. Please put it back on?" 

"What happens if I don't?" I looked him in the eye.

"You will have to join everyone else like us then." 

"I don't want to do either." I muttered. 

"That's not really your choice. You won't be able to survive on your own." 

"Watch me prove you wrong." I started to head back to our apartment and my brother followed me. 

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