Deadly sins find 7 suitable hosts across time.


1. Prologue





Aidan Close


Taryn McCoy




     “He’ll be fine, Vektor, let’s just enjoy ourselves for one night. Get away from the responsibility that comes with it all.”

     “Are you sure he’ll be all right with the sitter?”

     “I’m positive Vektor, let’s just go, we’ll be late.”

    Vektor sighed, sending a cloud of warm fog into the air. The world outside was dark, except for the lights of the car waiting in the driveway. Vektor wore a black suit and Dina wore a delightful white gown, that was covered by her blue jacket. She assuringly smiled at him, but he could tell that she was as concerned as he was.


- - - -


     Gary Finnick didn’t have any plans next week, or the week after, or for the rest of his life. In fact, Gary Finnick wouldn’t be alive next week because Gary Finnick was going to jump from the new Manhattan Bridge. No job, no wife, nothing was keeping him afloat anymore. Gary Finnick kept looking over his shoulder, his ring finger refusing to stop twitching. Gary Finnick suddenly felt something quickly disappear from his pocket, his wallet.


- - - -


     Nala Smith walked into the bar, the bell ringing as the door flew open. She sat down on a stool and took out her phone.

     “Ey’ Kyle, the usual please.”

     “I dunno if we have anymore Nala, anything else if I can’t find anymore?”

     “Well then you better find it.” she said with a smile.

     “If you insist.” Kyle said smiling back.

     Kyle opened the fridge to look inside, the drink wasn’t there.

     “So, Randy still in?”

     “Nah, left about an hour ago.” Kyle said while check the cupboards.

     “Find any?”

     “None up here Nala, I’ll go check th’ basement”

     “You do that.” Nala said, pulling a cigarette out of her pocket, lighting it, and slowly sucks on one end of it, the tip glowing bright red.

    Kyle twisted the metal knob, pulling the door back. Wind flew up the stairs, hitting Kyle in the face. He started down the stairs into the blackness of the cellar.     

    Kyle turned the light on when he reached the bottom of the creaky old stairs, there, on the wall, was a naked girl strung up. Blood was all he could see, it was everywhere. “What in the ever-loving fuck.”


- - - -


     “Get back to work!” The young man screeched, reaching for his dad’s whip. His eyes were filled with disgust, anger, and fear. He was afraid, very afraid, scared out of his pale, white skin.

     “I know,” Henry said, then paused, forgetting the word, “th-that you are not bad in here.” He pointed to his chest.

     “Y-You don’t know anything you-you filthy ape! Get away from me, get back to work or I swear to God that I will make sure you will regret this rebellious act.”

     The giant slave’s expression darkened, home to nothing but hate and venom. The small boy looked at him in surprise, then looked down at the hoe that was gripped in the hand of his property.

    “You gonna regret sayin’ that boy!”


- - - -


     The world became blurry and hot, tears streaming down the boy’s face. His arm was broken as he squealed and gasped in pain. He was being dragged on the ground dirt and rocks cutting into his face, leaving a path of blood in his wake.

     “Ple-Please, I-I don’t want to die!” He screamed as he was slammed against a tree in the middle of the plaza.

    Everyone looked at him, he even saw some smiles on the dirty faces of the crowd surrounding him. Everyone in the crowd was shouting, spitting into his open cuts that were bleeding through his shirt.



- - - -

     “It is just not fair! Sitre has absolutely everything mother!” Muyet complained. She had been keeping her anger in all this time and was now unleashing it upon Dedyet, her mother.

     “Calm now Muyet, you know Sitre will be a fine queen.” Dedyet replied, placing her hand on Muyet’s clenched one.

     “But what of me, mother? I am of the same blood as she, am I not fit to be queen? What of all I have done for these lands? Does that mean nothing?”

     “You are easily persuaded by the naive state of your mind, find peace within your own head before you complain to me again. Slay your own demons.”

     “Mother, what will become of me if I am not royalty? Would you prefer me as a wife, instead as a ruler such as you? Should I instead be cast off to some foreign lands to become a mother of princes and a wife of kings? Have I not shown my loyalty to both you and father? I have fed the sick, mended the wounded, and have given coins to the poor. Even if I do not have the silken voice and smooth body of Sitre, I am more worthy in all ways to be the ruler of this land.”

     Dedyet was silent, watching Muyet with a thoughtful look. “If you wish to be a queen, you must rid yourself of these hateful thoughts, just as Sitre has. You would be a fine queen, yet you are not more worthy than Sitre. I am done with you, do not summon me again.”

     Muyet stared at the floor, clenched her fists,  then glanced toward Sitre’s room. “I will slay my demons, just as you insisted Mother.”  


- - - -

     Benjamin laid next to his friend, Thomas, bleeding out on the cobble street, the blood weaving through the cracks in the street like rivers. He tried to get up, but the glass in his hand created too much pain. He collapsed to the ground again, defeated.    

     “It’s been too long, you two. Bet you thought you’d seen the last of me, ‘ey?”

     “Well,” Thomas retorted through clenched teeth, “I was hoping not to, but you know, we can’t always get what we want.”

    “Thomas!” Benjamin whispered to him, “Shut up!”

    The man standing above them was a very big, plump man with a bald head. He looked down at Thomas and hit him with his cane right where a shard of glass was sticking out. Thomas screamed with pain and held his arm, looking back up at the man. Next to the man was a girl with a black eye and a busted lip. She looked down at Thomas worriedly.

     “You two remember this girly, right? Apparently you both got what you paid for, as did she” He laughed hysterically. He then looked at Benjamin, fury filling up his eyes.   

     “Listen here, I don’t care how much you payed her, how dare you even touch my daughter!”

     “Oh,” Benjamin said with a smirk, “we did more than just touch her.”

     Benjamin’s blood filled the street, turning the red rivers into oceans. The cold, night air was then silent, just the sound of weeping could be heard.

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