Deadly sins find 7 suitable hosts across time.


3. Chapter 2- Lust

Chapter 2




The smell of wine, dust, and blood


     “The fuck?” Anna exclaimed, “Wha’ did he just say?”

     Jessica’s knees weakened and she felt like fainting. She felt like this was a prank but she didn’t know how someone would make a door talk, that definitely, the last time she checked, was impossible. Everyone beside her looked confused, their brains scrambling for explanations.

     “I’m not lying to you,” the door sighed, “I never lie, then again, I don’t say much but ‘this cell is occupied’, ‘you may not pass’ and stuff like that, y’know.”

     “You’re a talking door.” Thomas said with a dropped jaw.

     “No shit Sherlock.” The door laughed.

     “What is a Sherlock?” Muyet asked, looking confused.

     “Frankly, my dear,” The face said, “I don’t give a damn.”

     Jessica quietly laughed, getting the reference. Her father had shown her that movie only a couple of years ago. Her father! She remembered her dad sitting her down in front of a television and watching Gone in the Wind with her.

     The memory left as soon as it came, Jessica frantically trying to keep it, but then her mind was empty again, memories were nowhere to be found. She nearly cried, deep breaths rattled through her as she held in tears. She had a life, now it was gone.

     “Anyway,” The door said, interrupting her thoughts, “let’s get the elephant out of the room, you are most certainly dead. Dead, kersplat, finished, get it. I’m sorry, it must be a tough time you’re goin’ through, but honestly you should’ve figured it out by now. Especially you Mummy-”

     “-Whateva’. Listen, you’ve noticed that you don’t have your memories anymore, correct?”

     “What is it to you?” Anna calls, looking more defensive and lost, she looked like she was about to puke.

     “Listen here little lady, you may not realize but I’ve been here longer than all of you. Don’t you know that you should respect your elders” He laughed, Anna was quiet at that, for the first time in a long time, “Have you not seen the way I speak to everyone here, don’t you think respect is what I’m going for here?”  He was annoyed. His etch marks turned to rough lines as he grew more irritated. He was silent for a moment, probably contemplating whether to shut for another millennium, he sighed.

     “We… we are listhening,” Ermolai said with a giant smile and lisp. He seemed fascinated with the talking door.

     “Aw,” The door said, “he’s a cute one, looks like you haven’t aged a day.” He laughed once more, very pleased with itself

     “I haven’?”

     “Oh that’s adorable!” The door said, addressing everyone else in the room.

     “What about our memories?” Jessica said, getting back to the point.

     “Oh yes, about that, your memories will slowly return bla bla bla,” He said in a monotone, as if he was reading a list that he’d read a hundred times before, “you’ll figure the rest out on your own. Oh! By the way, you can die here, you’ll go into a purgatory, as you would call it, and your mind will be alone, just your thoughts will accompany you. Though you can’t die from old age, you can only die when someone else forcibly kills you. That’s useful information right? Anyhow, why you’re here! That’s what you want to know, am I correct? Most people, when they die, get into a long line, trust me it is not fun. After the line, you are judged and you all got to skip that process, be grateful it’s terribly boring.”

     “Thanks.” Thomas said sarcastically.

     “Don’t start that with me! I don’t like your attitude!” The door replied.

     “Look,” Joseph interupted, “you guys are like mirrors, alwa-”

     “Shut up about the damn mirrors, Joseph!” Anna screamed from her cell, she was shifting through her junk pile. That shut him up. He sat back down and leaned against the bars, muttering about mirrors and lies.

     “Anything else you want to know?” The door said, wanting to just close again and relax, doors hated being open.

     “Yeah,” Muyet started, “What’s a Sherlock?”

     “Nevermind Sherlock!” The door yelled, “Seriously why do you wanna know!”

     “I wish to know what in the world a Sherlock is!” She said to herself. She turned to Joseph, “Do you know what a Sherlock is?” He shrugged, looking at everyone.

     “Oh my God!” The door shouted, “Is there anything else you wanna know!”

     “Why did,” Joseph then paused, looking at Jessica “Wait what’s your name?”


     “Yeah, I knew that, why did Jessica turning up matter?”

     “Ah,” The door said pleased, “that’s the golden question now isn’t it! That’s because Lust was very picky and couldn’t find a soul until Jessica showed up.”

     Jessica looked down at her body, “L-Lust, my soul?”

     “Yes, your soul, did none of you stop to think about what the guards said everyday, ‘When the demons have found their souls, then you will carry the burden of death on your shoulders’?”

     “We’ve had hundreds of years to think about it! We have no idea!” Wrath screamed, his skin turning a tint of red until he breathed slowly, calming himself down.

     “Ah,” The door declared, “this is what I’m talking about. In your normal life, Thomas, you wouldn’t freak out like that, but with Wrath attached to your soul, you got very angry, very fast.” Thomas looked down at his boots, he looked paranoid, he wasn’t alone in his shoes anymore. His eyes we wide and tears slowly dripped down his face. Everyone in the room suddenly started looking at themselves. Jessica looked at herself, her heart beat was her own, her hands were her own, but her body suddenly didn’t feel like hers. Tears also came rolling down her face, she wiped them away, she didn’t want the others to know she was crying. Her crying slowly turned to laughter.

     “Face man, What’s a wath? Is it bad? Why is Tommy crying? Does a wath hurt? Is a lust worse?” Ermolai asked the door, spitting out questions.

     “Woah little guy!” The door interrupted, “I’m pretty sure you guys are wondering what lust and wrath are, am I right?”

     Jessica searched her mind, the words felt familiar. “They are two of the seven deadly sins.” She said, connecting the words that randomly floated in her mind.

     “Well,” The face sighed, “that is how humans look at it. I hate when humans come back to life, they totally take things the wrong way! Anyway, Wrath, Greed, Pride, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony, and Lust are not sins, but demons. Physical beings that latch to souls that meet the requirements of each demon, some are quite high, like lust. You seven just happen to be the ones who fit the requirements. They have symbiotic relationships with the hosts, giving the demon a soul, while giving the soul extra… talents to accomplish their goals. There are side effects though, you will have more mood swings, when the demon feels the need, which may not be at the right times. Though these mood swings allow the demon to grow stronger when the mood grows.”

     “So, we each appeal to one of these, demons?” Seraphinus asked.

     “Well,” The door said, out of breath which was weird because he didn’t have lungs.

     “Which of these ‘demons’ do I appeal to? Don’t think I’m much for Envy, nor Gluttony.” Anna asked impatiently.

     “Oh, I’m not going to spoil all the fun for everyone.” He smiled at his own mischievousness, “You’ll know when you are ready.”

     “Don’t pull that shit! You can’t just not tell us!” Anna shouted, “Come on! I’ve been here for eighty years with barely anything to hold onto, don’t you dare take the stuff you know away from me!”

     “Girlie, if you knew how to hold your tongue maybe you would know already.” He said, winking, “Well, maybe it’s time to be off, I just really want to close now! So could you do me a favor and get out? Unless you wish to be locked in here for another era?

     No one moved. They couldn’t move after what they just heard, they had more questions then answers.

     “If you all insist.” The door said, threatening to close.

     “Wait! At least let me grab my stuff!” Anna exclaimed, shifting through her pile rapidly. Everyone turned to the open door, looking at the open door. Anna grabbed Ermolai by the hand, leading him out of the door. Everyone left through the door except Jessica and Seraphinus.

     “This cell has been my home for thousands of years, I don’t know anything other than its chiseled floor! I know how many cracks are in the ceiling, the walls. I know the feel of its stone on my fingertips. I’m not ready to leave this place behind.”

     Jessica looked at Seraphinus who was staring at the open door, light flooding through the opening.

     “Well, maybe you should just take one step in front of the other.”

“You just got here, I spent years here. You didn’t get the chance to call this place home, no matter how horrid it looks. You didn’t get to become used to the bickering between Thomas and Joseph when they arrived, you didn’t hear their cries because they felt something missing. This place has held all of our secrets we know, every scream in frustration because we remembered a blink of our past lives before they were gone. I remember when it was just Muyet and I here. We sat here, counting the tiles over and over again, making stories and telling jokes until men in masks  carried another body in the cell, bringing torment to another soul. I always wondered what we did to deserve this, years and years of just, waiting.”

     Seraphinus sighed and walked, one step at a time, out of the dark cell.

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