Deadly sins find 7 suitable hosts across time.


2. Chapter 1- Lust

Chapter 1




The smell of wine, dust, and blood


     A young woman slowly opened her eyes that felt like they were sewn shut and rubbed them. The only word that swirled in her head was a name, Jessica. No, it was her name, it had to be. Jessica laid on the ground, her cheek against the stone floor and her body clad in a purple t-shirt with blue skinny jeans. As she slowly drew herself up, she heard many voices mumble in the distance.

     “Oh thank God!”

     “Or Ra”

     “Or… whatever m’lady!”

     That’s when Jessica realized she was in a cage, slightly rusted iron bars surrounded her except for the wall behind her, which was the same stone as the floor. Six other cages surrounded her cell, all home to six different people, who were all pressed against their cages, looking at her. In the middle of the ceiling, in between all of the cells, was a key hanging by a string, taunting them. Right across from her cell was a young red-haired girl with short hair, freckles, and bright blue eyes that were brimming with excitement. She had a giant toothy smile, well one tooth was missing, and an orange long sleeve shirt that she rolled up along with baggy track pants that almost covered her bare feet. Behind her was a giant stash of food piling up behind her, most with big chunks eaten out of them..

     She looked to the cage next to her and nearly gasped when she saw a young child. The little boy was looking at her confused, glancing at her with very wide and innocent eyes. He had curly blond hair that looked like it had never been combed in his life and had dull blue eyes that seemed like they were fading into an even duller grey. He was wearing  a one-piece, light blue snuggie that seemed a little too big for his body. Next to him was a soft, brown, and fat teddy bear with one button eye missing.

     Across from him was a young man who was sitting against the wall of his cell, eying her curiously. He was trying to keep a straight face but a smile was faintly accumulating at the corner of his mouth. He had long dark hair that dropped in front of his face so you could only make out the dark irises that were staring her down. He was wearing a red hoodie and black pants that were rolled up into combat boots. His hands were twitching, putting Jessica on edge and yet his faint smile kept the creepy factor relatively low.

     Next to the young boy with the bear’s cage was a young teenager which was also leaning against the bars looking at her intently. He had short blond hair, chocolate brown eyes, and a smirk that seemed to be set on his face. He had a look of finally as he stared at Jessica and she didn’t know why. Why were people relieved to see her? He wore a yellow t-shirt and a golden pair of jeans that seemed to not work on anybody, but he kind of pulled it off, kind of. Across from his cell was a plump teen who was standing in the middle of his cell, looking at her, eying her down. His green eyes looked relieved to see her and his smile confirmed it. He had short, brown hair that clearly wasn’t clean, and tan skin that was definitely not clean either. He didn’t look like he was in the best shape he could be in, with sweat dripping down his forehead and chin, dampening his dark indigo undershirt and grey sweatpants.  

     At the end of the room sat a lone cell. In the cage sat a young woman with dark skin and bright golden eyes. She was beautiful, with soft skin and luscious, long black hair. She looked tired and weary, with purple bags under her gorgeous eyes. She wore a green t-shirt and black leggings with boots. She looked at her, picking her apart with her eyes. She slowly stood up, staring at Jessica, and leaned up against the bars.

     “Finally,” She said, “another girl.”

     “Damn right!” Replied the red-headed girl.

     “Amen!” Said the blond teen, who raised his eyebrows and smiled.

     “Shut up Joseph.” The beautiful girl in green snapped.

     “Does this mean we get to go!” The red-head screamed at the ceiling, calling for someone or something.     

     “All the cells are finally occupied Anna, as if they wouldn’t know. Try screaming louder, that might get their attention.” Joseph replied

     “They said that once the last has arrived, we could finally leave. Well she’s here ain’t she!” Anna snapped back.

     Jessica was watching the events unfold before her, trying to figure out what was going on.

     “Hi,” She said quietly, “what are you guys talking about?”

     Everyone quieted down and looked at her.

     “Who wants to tell ‘er?” The boy with the red hoodie said, still leaned against the wall. Everyone was silent, looking around trying to pass the burden of bad news to the next.

     “I’ll do it.” The girl in the green t-shirt replied, “Well everyone, with me at the beginning, has been ferried in and laid in a chamber. Whenever we ask when we may touch the rays of the sun again, they say that ‘When the demons have found their souls, then you will carry the burden of death on your shoulders’. The cages are filled, so we presume that we will taste freedom once more.”

     Everyone was silent for a moment.


     “Basically we think now that you are awake, we can go and be free and stuff.” Anna simplified, winking at Jessica.

     “How long have you guys been waiting?” Jessica asked.

     “Well,” The beautiful girl replied, “I stopped counting after two hundred years.”

     “Two hundred years!”

     “I’m the newest before you,” Anna exclaimed, “I’ve been here around eighty years, that’s nothing compared to Muyet or Seraphinus.”

     Jessica slid down the wall, suddenly feeling sick. She threw up in the corner of her cell, chunky vomit sliding up her throat and splattering against the floor. It slid across and found it’s way into the little boy’s cell. He started crying and gripped his little bear. Everyone looked annoyed but sympathetic, Jessica guessed that they had the same reaction.

     “We’re all going through what you are going through,” Seraphinus, the plump kid in the back, said, “we all wake up with no recollection of what we have done in the past and what we want to do in the future.”

     “Do you guys remember anything?”

     “Our names,” Muyet said, “and some flashes once or twice of our lives.”

     “And the dreams the first night are a bitch!” Anna cut in.

     “Anna would you kindly shut your mouth.” Muyet said, glaring at her. She turned her attention back to Jessica, “Listen, I know you’re in a hard place right now, we all went through it. At least you have all of us here. You have no idea what it's like sitting in a cage for hundreds of years with no one to talk to but Seraphinus over here complaining and complaining about the bad food and ‘where’s the feast’ and all...” Her voice trailed off at the end as Muyet slowly looked down at the floor, her eyebrows crinkling as if lost in thought.  

     “Hey!” Seraphinus complained, “Though the food is awful!”

     “I-I’m sorry.” Jessica said, a softness to her voice, “I just don’t know what is going on right now.”

     “And we do?” The boy in the yellow shirt retorted. “The fuck if I know.”

     “Aw shut up Joseph.” The boy in the red hoodie said, slowly looking up from the floor.

     “Love you too.” Joseph smiled back.

     “Uh oh.” Anna whispered.

     “I’ve had it with your fucking attitude Joseph!”

     “My attitude? Thomas, you ain’t my mom.” He laughed.

     “You think you’re so mighty and royal don’t you, you fucking prick. Everything you do you think you’re so perfect, so-so omnipotent! I’ve been locked up in here with you for hundreds of years mate, and I am sick and tired of you looking at us like we’re your trash. You think you’re the best, you beleive that you hold the world in your hands. You think you’re God!”

     “And what if I do.” Joseph taunted, winking at him and giving a toothy smile. Thomas lurched up suddenly in a flash of red. The walls cracked behind his force, leaving a fractured spiderweb in the wall. Thomas rammed into the bars, driving his body forward with such strength that the bars caved in on themselves.


- - - -


     Jessica opened her eyes slowly, dust sticking to her face and blood leaking down her forehead as she slowly pushed herself up with her arm. Her heart was racing even faster now, her heart shaking and rattling in her chest with every breath she took. She looked through her bars at Thomas, who was kneeling on ground, covered in soot. Red steam protruded from his skin as he looked at his hands with wide, scared eyes.

     His door had crashed into Joseph’s cell, bending and twisting them into a giant hole in the middle of the cell. Dust was circling the room, slowly settling back down to the floor.

     “Holy shit,” Anna exclaimed “that’s new”

     “J-Joseph?” Thomas whispered, slowly glancing towards Joseph's cell. Joseph laid on the floor, breathing heavily, pain obvious across his face. He slowly started to laugh nervously, looking at Thomas who was staring back at him. He had been hit in the shoulder by the door that was now buried in his wall.

     “Hey, why didn’t you do that years ago?”

     “I-I,” Thomas stuttered, “I ‘ave no clue.”

     The little boy in the pajamas was now crying louder, a red cut now bleed down his arm. He banged his fist against the floor and screamed loudly.

     “Ermolai, hush now.” Muyet said nervously, her voice shivering, “Thomas, could you care of Ermy please!”

     “Oh, y-yeah sure Muyet.” Thomas said, slowly rising to his feet and walking over the the child. “Hey, Ermy, come ‘ere and let ol’ Thomas here fix you up.”

     Thomas grabbed the key in the middle of the room, ripped it from the string, and unlocked Ermolai’s cell. He went to scoop him up, kneeling down and reaching his arms out. Ermolai screamed louder and cried harder, tears rolling down his face. Terror filled his eyes as he moved away.

     “Ermy,” Thomas whispered quietly, “I didn’t mean to hurt you Ermolai, no, Thomas didn’t mean it.” On the last comment, he raised his voice, addressing everyone.

     “Thomas, could you please unlock me, maybe Ermy would prefer someone who doesn’t try to kill him.” Muyet said through a fake smile.

     “Oh,” Thomas glared at Muyet, anger seeped out of his voice and into the air, “sure.” He stood up, unlocked her cage, and ripped it open. Thomas went around the room and unlocked everyone’s cell, finally landing on Jessica’s.

     Jessica felt like crying when he opened her cage. Muyet was beside her, calming Ermolai down, and it seemed to be working. Thomas glared down at Jessica, regret and sorrow in his eyes. He seemed to be thinking, ideas crashing through his brain like water swirling around in his brain.

     “Thank you, Thomas.” Jessica rasped, suddenly realising her dry throat. He said nothing and stalked off to Joseph’s cell. Jessica stood up and inspected everyone. Anna stood in her cell, wobbling then leaning against her wall. She was eating part of a piece of bread that didn’t look safe to eat. Ermolai was sniffling in his cell, red eyes and cheeks now filled his face. Joseph was talking to Thomas, clutching his shoulder and laughing. Seraphinus looked shellshocked, still in a daze and probably wondering what was going on. Muyet had left Ermolai and was now talking to Thomas, scolding and yelling at him. Thomas said nothing, still looking confused.

     The door to the cell suddenly swung open, dust shooting out from under it, slamming against the wall next to it. A face was engraved on the other side, etched with shut eyes and a sealed mouth. Above the face were engraved words:


Derexi Hense


     “That’s latin,” Seraphinus spoke, stepping up and getting a closer look, “it means, in English, seclusion.”

     “That’s weird, we aren’t secluded, I’ve been hearing Joseph complain about the lack of mirrors since I’ve arrived.” Anna said, smirking at Joseph who looked genuinely offended.

     “Oh shut up!”

     “Why should I, you goin’ to wink me to death.”

     “Excuse me? How dare you! I’m not going to wink you to death, how would that even work!”

     “I dunno, that’s all you can do right?”

     “STOP TALKING!” A gravely voice shouted.

     “Who was that.” Thomas said, looking around. Jessica knew who it was, she had seen the face on the door’s lines move and twist as if it was being recarved over and over at great speeds.

     “It was the door,” Jessica said nervously, “the f-face moved.”

     “It’s okay guys,” Anna said, “we’re all a bit loopy on our first day.”

     “Yeah Jessica are you feeling okay?” The door asked, then proceeded to laugh at it’s own joke. Everyone went dead silent, looking at the door in horror. “What, never seen a door talk before? Oh wait,” The door laughed again, “you’re new here!”

     “Did that door just talk?”

     “I think it just talked.”

     “I’m going mad!”

     “That’s probably the case,” The door chuckled, “we all go a little mad when we die.”

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