Dreams: A Second Hello

(Sequel to "Dreams") After one long summer, it is time to go back to Hogwarts. People find out things. Should Deanna go back to Hogwarts? Or Not?


1. Reason's For Crying

I haven’t changed as much as Harry, Hermione, and Ron. I think Draco has forgot about me. Wait. Scratch that, here he comes.

    “Hello scar heads, weasel, and mudblood.” he said. I know he didn’t mean to be mean to me, we talked about it before break.

    “What do you want, Malfoy?” Harry said in a very mean way.

    “Just want to talk to my girlfriend.” Malfoy replied.

    “Girlfriend? All the girls in this compartment are too good for you. Wait scratch that. All the girls in the whole world are too good for you, Malfoy.” Harry said.

    “What are talking about, Potter? My girlfriend is right next to you.” Wait. I thought we weren’t telling anybody.

    “DEANNA!” Harry screamed. Oh I am done for.

    “Stop shouting, Harry,” Hermione said, “Sides I already knew.” she added. I felt all eyes on me. I also felt what was coming next. Tears. I felt the hot liquid run down my cheeks. So I ran. I ran and ran and ran. I eventually found an empty compartment. I sat and cried. I cried my heart out. I heard someone come in the compartment.

    “Deanna?” they asked. I didn’t turn around to see who it is.

    “What?” I replied. I choked back tears trying to sound strong but it didn’t work.

    “Deanna, turn around and look at me.” they said. I turned around and saw Harry.

    “Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked.

    “I thought you would hate me forever.” I replied.

    “I wouldn’t hate you if you if I knew you were happy.” he said. He held out his hand and took me back to the compartment. I asked Draco if we could talk alone and he said yes. We went and found an empty compartment. Once we got inside, he started talking.

    “I am sorry. I know you didn’t want them to know ab-” he started but I cut him off by connecting our lips. I had another vision. I was in some snatcher’s arms and I looked dead. I saw Harry in Hagrid’s arms. He also looked dead. I heard a scream. I then saw Draco on his knees.

    “Draco! Get up, boy. She was just a girl. You can find another one. This one is dead.” his father said. So I am dead. He then got up and walked over to me. He grabbed me out of the snatcher’s arms, cried some more, then went and stood by his mother.

    “Harry and Deanna Potter are dead!” Voldemort yelled with a grin on his ugly face. This redheaded girl yelled and screamed.  She looked like she could be related to Ron.

    “You silly girl! They are dead!” Voldemort said. Then Harry fell from Hagrid’s arms. I fell from Draco’s arms. Harry and I got up! We cheated death again.

    “You can’t kill us, Tom.” Harry said. Spells we made and I was being pulled away by Draco.

    “Thank goodness you’re alive. I missed you. You know I love you right?” he said. I nodded. The vision ended when I pulled away.

    “I love you.” Draco said and he left. I walked back to my compartment and there was Harry, Ron, and Hermione waiting.

    “Come on, the train stopped. Here are your bags.” Harry said and handed over my bags. Ron ran over to this girl who looked like a younger version of the girl in my vision. They came over to us.

    “Guys this is Ginny, my younger sister. This is her first year at Hogwarts. Ginny, this is Harry, Hermione, and Deanna.” he said after pointing to each of us. Ginny kept staring at Harry. I wonder what is going on inside of her head. Oh wait, I can easily find out. I looked her right in the eye and stared at her long enough for her to look back at me. I felt like I was being pulled into a redheaded dream land. I skimmed through her thoughts until I found what I was looking for. Harry is so cute! But now his sister is giving me the creeps! She keeps staring at me even though I already noticed her. I looked away from Ginny and easily left her train of very confused thoughts.

    “Hi Ginny.” I said after pulling away.

    “Hi Deanna.” she said.

    “DEANNA!” Who’s that?

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