The Crossing

"The Crossing" tells of two Dutch girls in 1970 who come looking for work on the DFDS ferry- it is In North Shields they meet Mickey Boom Boom McCabe a local boxer who helps them find digs in Whitley Bay- one of the girls becomes romantically involved with Nigel Worthington a local business man and crook when she is working with her friend in the Rex Hotel as a receptionist. Worthington set up another boxer Jeff Decker when Jeff goes to collect a strange package he opens it to discover two kilo's of coke. He recuts the coke and sells it. Worthington finds out and Jeff ends up in hospital with a broken jaw and several ribs. Mickey McCabe rallies his boxing friends together where they mete out their kind of punishment- Mickey is forced to move to London and gets involved with the underworld after Worthington seeks revenge- Can Mickey fulfil his dream and become the welterweight champion of the world- in this story which will take you around the North East - London and Zaandam in Holland.


28. 28

The boxing game is a short one Britta and I want to make enough money to set us up for the rest of our lives. If I can win the British title in six months that will make me a contender for the European title and that is where the bigger money comes in.’

I could earn twenty five thousand for a European title fight and more if I win it. I could defend it for possibly £70.000.

“Wow! I never knew that there was so much money involved.’

“This is why I have to keep fighting Britta; I have to make the money whilst I’m young then when I retire I can sit back and enjoy it. I want to buy my own house in the country and own a small farm or something.’

“What do you know about farming?

“Nothing, but it cannot be as hard as boxing is.’

I know a little about farming because my uncle has a small holding in Zaandam.

Perfect we can set it up together and you can teach me all about how to take care of the animals.

“I want to finish my degree Mickey.’

“Okay that accountancy degree will come in handy when we do start a farm.’

Mickey stopped at a set of lights then drove around a round about then carried on.

It would take about three hours before they got back to Whitley Bay.

The traffic was starting to build as they came to Leeds. Mickey spotted a service station and he pulled in.

“Come on let’s go for a cup of coffee; I need a break

They drove into empty parking space and got out. Mickey opened the door for Britta then led her to a small café where he ordered two coffees and a sandwich each.

He sat down at the table after picking up some sugar sachets and a spoon.

He opened them and poured them into the large espresso cups and stirred.

“Would you like to go out when we get back or do you just want to relax with some music?’

Anything Mickey, I’m happy to stay in if that’s what you want.

“It’s not all about me Britta; it has to involve you if this is to work between us.

“I am quite tired Mickey; I would rather we just stayed in. I have an early start in the morning too so can we just watch some TV or listen to some music.’

“Suites me fine, I have to do my run at 4:30a.m. So I don’t want a late night.

“I’m going to miss you to cuddle up to you know that.’

“Me too but I must be disciplined, just think of the fun we will have next Saturday night.’


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