The Crossing

"The Crossing" tells of two Dutch girls in 1970 who come looking for work on the DFDS ferry- it is In North Shields they meet Mickey Boom Boom McCabe a local boxer who helps them find digs in Whitley Bay- one of the girls becomes romantically involved with Nigel Worthington a local business man and crook when she is working with her friend in the Rex Hotel as a receptionist. Worthington set up another boxer Jeff Decker when Jeff goes to collect a strange package he opens it to discover two kilo's of coke. He recuts the coke and sells it. Worthington finds out and Jeff ends up in hospital with a broken jaw and several ribs. Mickey McCabe rallies his boxing friends together where they mete out their kind of punishment- Mickey is forced to move to London and gets involved with the underworld after Worthington seeks revenge- Can Mickey fulfil his dream and become the welterweight champion of the world- in this story which will take you around the North East - London and Zaandam in Holland.


22. 22

Mickey weighed in then went to see the doctor who passed him fit to box he then went to the ringside where he had put two reserved seats cards on the table. He spotted the girls sitting so he went to the bar and bought them both a drink then sat with them a while.

Isaac Decker was up first against Neil Fannon and his butterfly wings as we called them were flying into the face of Fannon as he tried to cover up. Isaac came to sit on his stool after the first of three one and a half minute rounds contest. Isaac listened as Joe gave him encouragement and Eric washed his gum shield and handed Joe a towel so he could waft it in the face of Isaac to clear the air of cigar smoke.

Isaac came out and repeated what he’d done in the first; he was clearly ahead on all score cards. In the last minute of the third and final round Isaac dropped his hands and imitated his sporting idol Muhammad Ali; regarded as the fastest heavyweight ever.

He danced around the ring throwing punches at dazzling speed, he was articulate, a poet and a philosopher. He predicted the rounds that his opponents would fall. He was regarded by some as the greatest heavyweight of all time. He transcended boxing and brought it out of the gutter. He made boxing entertaining to watch. There were a lot of fight fans who just never got what Ali set out to do. They had stripped him of the world title and kept him out of the ring for three and a half years. Who knows what he could have achieved. They robbed him of his prime. Isaac did the Ali shuffle as the bell sounded and walked back to his corner.

It didn’t take long before Isaac was announced the winner by unanimous decision.


“How many fights are there to go before you go on Mickey the girls asked?’

“I’m first up after the interval. I will watch a couple of the bouts then I will go and get changed and warm up for my bout.

Mickey sat and watched Billy Wilson and Jeff Decker win their bouts then left the girls.

Once inside the dressing room Mickey looked at his opponent as he went through his drills Glen was taller than Mickey by a good three inches and had a slightly longer reach.

Mickey was broader across the shoulders and the muscles in his legs more defined. All those hours of running from Whitley Bay to North Shields around the streets near Clifford’s Fort, sprinting up the Tiger stairs and the library steps would tell if the bout went into the later rounds. Mickey slipped into his gold and black striped shorts over his foul proof protector then pulled on his whit singlet with the club badge in the centre. The next four contests saw Paul Harper lose to Michael Garrity of St Edwards ABC. 

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