The Crossing

"The Crossing" tells of two Dutch girls in 1970 who come looking for work on the DFDS ferry- it is In North Shields they meet Mickey Boom Boom McCabe a local boxer who helps them find digs in Whitley Bay- one of the girls becomes romantically involved with Nigel Worthington a local business man and crook when she is working with her friend in the Rex Hotel as a receptionist. Worthington set up another boxer Jeff Decker when Jeff goes to collect a strange package he opens it to discover two kilo's of coke. He recuts the coke and sells it. Worthington finds out and Jeff ends up in hospital with a broken jaw and several ribs. Mickey McCabe rallies his boxing friends together where they mete out their kind of punishment- Mickey is forced to move to London and gets involved with the underworld after Worthington seeks revenge- Can Mickey fulfil his dream and become the welterweight champion of the world- in this story which will take you around the North East - London and Zaandam in Holland.


19. 19

Both girls took the arm of Mickey whose hands were placed inside a warm sheepskin coat. He felt good knowing he had two beautiful girls on his arms. The tide was coming in he said as they walked along the sands. The waves crashed onto the sand and the fizz and foam came ever closer as they walked along the waters edge.

They neared the dunes beside the light house when Dani suggested they all go for a swim. “I haven’t got a costume with me announced Mickey.

“Neither have we.’

The girls started to undress and placed their clothing on the dry sand where the water didn’t reach. Mickey watched as the two now naked women ran into the surf and tuned to watch as Mickey removed his clothes.

He unashamedly ran down to the water then dived into the surf.

Mickey was used to the cold water as he would often go for a swim after his early morning run but he always wore his Speedo swimming costume.’

The girls got ever closer to him and the three of them were jumping about naked over each wave until they were far enough out to swim. The moon cast a shiny ripple on the water as the two women began to tread water. They waited until Mickey caught them up then pounced on him forcing his head under the water then swam off.

Mickey surfaced and then shook the water from his hair and put his hand across his eyes and nose where the water had got into.

“Right you two he shouted; you want to play rough do you.’

Mickey was a strong swimmer, within a few strokes he had caught them up. He lifted Britta clean out of the water and threw her over his head her naked body glistened in the moonlight until it crashed back into the sea. Then he caught Dani and threw her too. Mickey had never felt the freedom that these two girls had. Their inhibitions were completely forgotten as they played around in the surf.

Although the water was cold he felt warm with the two girls as they wrapped their legs around him as he stood up in water that was just below his shoulders. They lay back using their arm to help them float. Their breasts bobbed up and down in the water and their nipples were erect; the sensation was so erotic. He wanted to make love to them both but he restrained himself thinking that if he made a move on them that they might be offended.

Maybe he was reading the signals wrong and in Holland this was normal behaviour.

He made his way back to his clothes and used his vest to dry himself off.

The girls quickly followed. When they were all dressed again they walked slowly back to the dome where they entered the Spanish City.


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