The Crossing

"The Crossing" tells of two Dutch girls in 1970 who come looking for work on the DFDS ferry- it is In North Shields they meet Mickey Boom Boom McCabe a local boxer who helps them find digs in Whitley Bay- one of the girls becomes romantically involved with Nigel Worthington a local business man and crook when she is working with her friend in the Rex Hotel as a receptionist. Worthington set up another boxer Jeff Decker when Jeff goes to collect a strange package he opens it to discover two kilo's of coke. He recuts the coke and sells it. Worthington finds out and Jeff ends up in hospital with a broken jaw and several ribs. Mickey McCabe rallies his boxing friends together where they mete out their kind of punishment- Mickey is forced to move to London and gets involved with the underworld after Worthington seeks revenge- Can Mickey fulfil his dream and become the welterweight champion of the world- in this story which will take you around the North East - London and Zaandam in Holland.


15. 15



Peter Vickers from Horsley Hill lasted just 42 seconds when Mickey bombed him out in the first with a left hook to the jaw.


In the North Eastern Counties semi final he fought Brian McLeod he lasted just 40 seconds and was floored with a right cross. Mickey proved that he could bang with either hand. In the final of the flyweight championship Mickey met the reigning champion Bobby Demone a veteran of over fifty bouts but it mattered not a jot to Mickey who chased him around the ring and belted him with rights and lefts to body and head. Demone survived the round by running away. Joe calmly told Mickey to cut his ring space down by moving his feet quicker. This he did in the next round where Mickey caught his man in his own corner and belted him in the belly then dispatched him with the same hand with a left hook. Now the press were taking notice of the kid with dynamite in either hand. He knocked out the Scottish Champion John Robert McGregor in the first round with a right uppercut to the jaw.

It had taken Mickey longer to walk to the ring than it had to knock McGregor out.

Mickey Travelled to Wales to box Dai Evans again the fight was over within a round.

Paddy Needham lasted two rounds before Mickey caught him with a body punch that had him rolling on the canvas.

Now he would meet Davey Lewis in the final. Davey was a clever boxer who was a counter puncher. For two rounds he hit him and moved away; Mickey couldn’t catch him with a clean shot.

Eric Clark popped his head through the ropes and told young Mickey It’s time to lower the boom on this kid Mickey; if you want this title you have got to take it off him; he ain’t going to give it to you.’

Mickey shot off his stool in the third he was like a man possessed he hit Lewis with everything; he was relentless, merciless.

There was only thirty seconds to go and Lewis dropped his arms because Mickey had been belting them so much they were sore. Mickey was on him in an instant and a left, right, left hook put Lewis down for the full count.

Mickey McCabe had won the Schoolboy title and already the managers were sniffing around offering large sums of money for the twelve year old for him to come and sign with them. Mickey Duff was the first; then came Harry Levine and even Don King from The United States phoned offering big money deals. They wanted Mickey to fly to America and box on the undercard of the World Heavyweight title fight against Joe Frazier and Jimmy Ellis. Muhammad Ali who was making his ring return against Jerry Quarry.

Mickey would fight the up and coming Black American flyweight Eddie Lyle.

Mickey now had won twenty contests all by knock out.


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