The Crossing

"The Crossing" tells of two Dutch girls in 1970 who come looking for work on the DFDS ferry- it is In North Shields they meet Mickey Boom Boom McCabe a local boxer who helps them find digs in Whitley Bay- one of the girls becomes romantically involved with Nigel Worthington a local business man and crook when she is working with her friend in the Rex Hotel as a receptionist. Worthington set up another boxer Jeff Decker when Jeff goes to collect a strange package he opens it to discover two kilo's of coke. He recuts the coke and sells it. Worthington finds out and Jeff ends up in hospital with a broken jaw and several ribs. Mickey McCabe rallies his boxing friends together where they mete out their kind of punishment- Mickey is forced to move to London and gets involved with the underworld after Worthington seeks revenge- Can Mickey fulfil his dream and become the welterweight champion of the world- in this story which will take you around the North East - London and Zaandam in Holland.


14. 14

The next morning Mickey awoke at 4a.m. he put on his clothes then took his toilet bag down to the bathroom he washed quickly then came back. He left the girls a note asking them to wait upon his return before trying to move anything. He went to the sorting office in his car then drove to the Ridges Estate where his round was. The round was simple because he knew the streets off by heart. He practically ran around the streets until his sacks were empty and then drove back to his flat.

It was just gone 8:30 a.m. when he returned. He expected the girls to be still in bed but they were up.

They made him coffee and toast before they took it in turns to go to the bathroom for a shower. Mickey gave them clean towels to use. He sat talking with Britta whilst Dani was in the shower. He tried to find out all about her and her family and she in turn asked many questions about him he told her that he had a younger sister called Lauren who was still living at home with his mother and that his father had died when he was eight. His mother was now living with the gas man who came around to empty the meters. Mickey didn’t like him not because he didn’t like boxing, but because he thought he was a cut above him because he was better at mathematics. Mickey didn’t excel in school and was in the lower stream in his class. It wasn’t because he didn’t have the aptitude for knowledge; it was because he was a day dreamer and hoped to forge a career as a boxer.

He had walked into gym at the old North Shields Boys Club where Joe Myers the head coach and Eric Clarke stood with open mouth as he got in the ring with the school boy boxing champion Eddie Leonard whose upright boxing stance made him look taller than his opponents but Mickey got underneath his man the way he had seen the old fighters of the past do on “The greatest fights of the Century” with Ruby Goldstein.

Mickey set about him like a hungry lion and punched the living daylights out of the champion. He floored him three times until Eric and Joe called a halt to stop the young pretender from killing his opponent. Joe and Eric had never seen anything like him in all the years they had been coaching boxers. Mickey McCabe fought with a fire in his belly that no one could instil or train him to do. He was a changed man when he put on a pair boxing gloves. His eyes became wild and his hands unleashed a fury that even the top professionals didn’t possess. Yes; it was crude raw even; but with schooling on how to punch correctly and with timing Mickey McCabe could be a World beater.

For all they tried to keep Mickey out of the ring for a few more months to polish his skills he pestered them week after week until they relented.

They put him in the Schoolboy Championships where there were five in his weight class.

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