People always leave traces. No person is without a shadow.

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3. second



n o t     e d i t e d

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hello loves! Thank you for reading onto chapter two.. This really does mean a lot. 'Stitches' by Shawny-poo, is such an amazing song so I HAD to upload it with this chapter.

So without further ado, here is chapter two. I hope you enjoy!

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{ p.s. I think that the actress who plays Olivia is so pretty! ❤️ Also, this isn't my best chapter - it's my break from school :) - so, yeah, just to warn you. }


|| For Mae Mae, who is truly, absolutely beautiful, inside and out. ||


s e c o n d


[ o l i v i a ]


Thunderous laughter escaped Liam's lips as he doubled over clutching the rock. My lips twitched, trying to suppress a grin while I looked up at him, staying to the ground.

My eyes danced over the rippling lake which surrounded the field of grass we were sitting in. I looked at Liam, his deep laughter creasing his gorgeous eyes, a broad smile plastered to his face.

"Why is that so funny?" I questioned, a smirk tugging at my lips.

"You, woke up naked in a shopping centre."

"My cousins made it happen!" I defended, my hands flailing in the air.

He cocked an eyebrow, showing his perfectly white teeth. "But you gave in."

I blushed, and his eyes glittered as he knew he was right.

"Whatever." I mumbled, picking at the grass, tugging it out of its roots.

He slid off the rock he was sitting on and slung an arm around me, pulling my waist up against his. My hand pressed up against his chest, our eyes widening.

Ever since we had grown up as best friends, the way we came into contact with each other could sometimes be awkward.

Both of our cheeks flushed, and his blue eyes met my hazel ones.

I stepped away, chuckling nervously.

We slouched against the rock, deciding to stay longer. Liam laced our fingers together and I felt a quick tickling sensation in my stomach. "How's your mum?"

I stared down at our hands. Whispered, "She's in a coma."

"Oh." He said in the same level of tone. "Shit."

I nodded mutely, tendrils coming loose.

I fiddled with the ends of my brown hair, and Liam wrapped an arm around my shoulders, his cheek resting on my head.

"She had a brain tumour." I continued, "I visited her yesterday and asked the doctors when she would wake up. And they estimated around a year."

He kissed my hair, squeezing my shoulders. "I'm sorry Liv," I threaded my fingers through my hair, glancing up sadly. "Hey," He turned my chin to face him. "Your mum is going to wake up. I can promise that."

I smiled a wistful smile, Liam bent his head, sighing heavily.

"But.." I breathed, noting the positives. "I'm going to find her bucket list and save up money, so we can complete the list when she wakes up."

Liam hesitated.

I frowned, "What?"

"Don't you think that maybe, it all seems a bit, fanciful?"

My face fell. "No. I don't. She is going to wake up, you even said so. And I am perfectly capable of saving up money to travel."

"I'm sorry."

"God. Liam, you are seriously confusing." I rested my palm over my forehead.

My phone vibrated and I picked it up, swiping the message across the screen. It was from the hospital.

'Dear Miss Corelli, We hope you are well. Our observations show that your mother is healing effectively. Her STATS are in order and she may be released sooner than later.'

My eyes scanned through the text, my eyes lighting up and a small smile lingered on my face.

"Looks like I may be starting work shortly."


          I knocked on the shop window, gazing in delight at the Christmas mince pies. My tongue darted out to wet my lips, as a beautiful young man came to open the door.

My eyes stuck to his bare chest.

Dragging my eyes away from the ridges of muscles on his abdomen, my gaze trailed up his body, sheepishly. He was lean but not skinny - agile, but with plenty of muscle. Long and dark lashes framed his sparkling green eyes, the corners showing slight sleepy dust. A smattering of freckles dusted across his nose. His golden brown hair was tousled as if he had just woken up.

And a frown was on his face.

"What?" He said, in a sleepy tone.

"Is there a manager I can speak to?"


I shuffled from feet to feet. "I would like a job here."


He let me in, his eyes watching me cautiously. I fiddled with my fingers nervously, trying to ignore his intense gaze.

"Mum!" He called out through the cafe, "Some girl is here for a job!"

A short blonde lady walked into the seating area, a warm and welcoming smile curling at the corners of her lips.

"Olivia Corelli, right?" 

I nodded, a grin forming in my face.

"Oh, how lovely. I'm Mrs Heath, or you can call me, Diana."

"Diana." The name rolled off my lips, memorising it.

"Do you have any preferred nicknames?"

I tucked a brown loose strand behind my ear, blushing, my eyes briefly glancing to the floor and at her eyes. "Livvie, please."

Her response was a nod.

"This is Jesse, he's my son and he works here too so he can help you. If you need it, of course." Diana looked over at her son and slapped him with the tea towel she was holding. "Go put on some clothes, you twig."

Jesse shielded himself, chuckling heartedly. "I'm going, I'm going."

A gentle smile outlined my lips, gazing at the strong bond between her son and his mother.

He stalked off, his laughter filling the cafe.

"We do need extra help around here so I don't need to look at any CVs or anything." Her grin warmed my heart.

"Thank you."

"Have you had any experience around making coffee?"

I bobbed my head, my brown locks swishing behind me.

"Great!" She exclaimed, clasping her hands.

"I'm a little rusty but... I just need a quick reminder, that's all." I shot her a quick smile and she grinned understandingly.

"No problem." 

The rest of my time went like a blur. Jesse helped me memorise how to use the coffee machine and ended up 'falling in love' with the coffee I made. So, I blushed. We lounged around in their cute and cosy house which was attached to the shop. The smell of baked cookies and sweet puddings settled in their living room. 

I sat comfortably in their huge storytelling armchair, my slender fingers tracing the rim of a mug.

I took a sip of tea, the soothing liquid tasting delicious in my mouth.

"Why isn't the cafe open today?" 

"It's a Friday.. We don't open on a Friday nor the weekend either." Jesse's eyes met mine, filled with intensity.

"Oh." I stammered, my eyes flickering to the floor.

Silence fell.

Which soon turned awkward.

"What's your full name?" He blurted out and my gaze snapping up to his.


"I said, what is your full name?"

"Olivia Grace Corelli." I frowned, wondering why he wanted to know. Asked, "What is yours?"

A faint smile played on his lips, "Jesse Sebastian Heath."

I nodded, some of the uncomfortable tension disappearing.

"Why did you want to know?" 

He shrugged, "No reason."

"Okay." I murmured, sending him a shy smile.

I felt someone walk into the room so I turned around before gasping and jumping out of my seat.

The mug smashed against the floor, the too warm tea spreading over my shoes.

"J-Jimmy?" I stammered.




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